Exclusive: Black felon who killed three White men exhibited anti-White hate

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Burnsville, Minnesota – A Black felon—barred from owning firearms—was identified as the man behind a brutal shooting and SWAT standoff that killed three White men, reports say. Unearthed social media posts also revealed the now-deceased killer held a hatred of White people.

According to reports, 38-year-old Shannon Cortez Gooden shot and killed three White first responders during an intense SWAT standoff early Sunday morning. Gooden—who is Black—was believed to have barricaded himself inside a home in Burnsville, a suburb of 58% White Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Police were originally called to the home for a “domestic disturbance,” where they found Gooden armed to the teeth with a considerable amount of weapons and ammunition. A Police spokesman stated he took cover inside the home alongside his children, ages 2 to 15.

Adam Finseth (left), Matthew Ruge (center), and Paul Elmstrand (right). Photo: National Times

During a hostage negotiation, Gooden is believed to have opened fire, killing two police officers and a firefighter paramedic, all of whom were White men. The victims were later identified as Officers Paul Elmstrand, 27, Matthew Ruge, 27, and Adam Finseth, 40. A third officer, Sgt. Adam Medlicott, was also injured, but sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Reports indicate that when paramedic Finseth tried to render aid to the downed officers, Gooden shot him too. Superintendent Drew Evans said in a statement that the children were able to escape the home. Gooden died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head and was declared around 8 am on Sunday.

38-year-old Shannon Cortez Gooden, a convicted felon who shot and killed three White civil servants during a prolonged SWAT raid on Sunday. Photos: Facebook, X/Twitter

On social media, the three victims were remembered as heroes, and dutiful members of their community. Elmstrand joined the Burnsville Police Department in 2017 as a Community Service Officer, before being promoted to full Officer in 2019. He was a trainer, and part of the department’s mobile command, and Honor Guard. Ruge joined the Burnsville Police in April of 2020. He was a talented and highly trained hostage negotiator. Finseth was a Burnsville Firefighter and Paramedic since February 2019.

While the mainstream media has yet to officially identify Gooden as the suspect, social media sleuths and local news outlets were able to independently confirm his identity and unearth a history of troubling details. In a Facebook video uploaded before his death, Gooden can be seen firing a rifle alongside an unidentified individual, while stating that he’s “envisioning a white person” as his target down range.

In the video, he also appears to make a joke that a woman out of frame is “expendable.”

Black killer of three White men, Shannon Gooden, is pictured in a video shooting firearms while stating he's "envisioning a White person." Owning firearms would be illegal for Gooden, who was later revealed a violent ex-felon barred from their ownership. VIdeo: Shannon Gooden, Facebook
Despite "envisioning White people" when he shoots, Gooden appears to have a child through an interracial relationship with a White woman, per social media. Photo: Shannon Gooden Facebook.

In 2020, Gooden requested to have his firearm rights reinstated following a felony assault conviction in 2008. Copies of a now-unearthed legal petition for Shannon Gooden were uploaded online and submitted to a Minnesota court. The documents would reveal that Gooden had been convicted of violent felony assault charges in 2008 and subsequently had his firearm privileges revoked.

According to his Facebook, Gooden was also an activist in support of former President Barrack Obama, calling his critics "stay-at-home moms" who would only benefit from the Obama administration's policies on social programs and food stamps.

While details behind the "domestic disturbance" call are slim, users on social media alleged police responded after a family member reported him for an alleged act of sexual abuse against a minor. The Justice Report could not independently verify the claim but this article will be updated as new details emerge.

Facebook posts made by Gooden demonstrate anti-White hate ideology and a political admiration of former President Barack Obama. Collage: Facebook.

Public servants in the United States—particularly White ones—continue to face horrific acts of violence, death, and systemic anti-White policies, which only hamstring their ability to carry out their jobs. In the Minneapolis area, where Gooden massacred three White men, violent crimes have only increased dramatically since 2020, after the death of the career criminal, George Floyd, kicked off a riot-filled "summer of racial reckoning."

Meanwhile, Black Americans continue to be overrepresented in the fields of mass shootings, murders, and other abhorrent acts of violence. According to the most recent dataset maintained by Mass-shootings.info, Black Americans committed an alarming 71% of all mass shootings in the United States, with White and Hispanic suspects accounting for only 14%, each.

In July of 2023, a Black spree-killer in Hampton Georgia killed four White neighbors, breaking into their homes and shooting them in broad daylight. It would be one of 356 recorded mass shootings in the United States in 2023 alone,

In April of that same year, Police arrested Robert Singletary, a Black man who fled the state after shooting a White family in Gastonia, North Carolina. According to Jamie White, the heroic father who shielded his 6-year-old daughter from gunfire, the shooter said he "doesn’t like white people" as he used two handguns to commit the alleged attack.

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