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‘Antifa’ infiltrator unmasked as network administrator and aspiring cop

This article was made possible in part by extremist Discord leaks published by our friends at the William McKinley Institute. The leaks in their entirety are now publicly available and can be accessed here.

Greece, New York – An antifascist activist who once maliciously targeted a local mother in an attempt to get her fired from her job has been successfully identified.

Thanks to information first obtained by the online activist groups Patriot Youth and the Appalachian Archives, the Justice Report was able to name 37-year-old Zakarij Wallace, aka “Zig” of Greece, New York, as an aspiring cop turned network administrator belonging to the terror-linked American Iron Front (AIF).

The AIF, an international ring of anti-White extremists commonly referred to as “Antifa,” had their private chatroom leaked to counter-extremist researchers in the latter half of 2023. The contents of the chat have, so far, been used to profile numerous anarchists, communists, and militant neoliberals who once enjoyed anonymity on the internet

37-year-old Zakarij Wallace, aka “Zig,” or “ZiggyDubz” would be unmasked as an antifascist infiltrator targeting conservative mothers in his local community. Alarmingly, Wallace is a network administrator and aspiring police officer, per an unearthed LinkedIn page bearing his face and name. Photo: Facebook.

Wallace is just the latest member of the AIF to be identified. A skilled computer tech, “Zig,” would contribute to the group by designing several unique Rochester-themed “three down arrow” logos to be used as stickers or flyers and placed on public property. The very same logos would later be classified as indicative of “anarchist violent extremism,” according to a FBI report on domestic terror.

Additionally, he appears to have worked with others to infiltrate a local conservative mothers’ group to “gather intel” on what he called “fascists.”

“Age 35, male, I work in IT and have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in sociology,” said Wallace in an introductory post dated 2022. “I enjoy video games, tinkering with tech, and hating fascism. I’d like to get more involved with anti-fascists in my area.”

“I joined this discord because I hate fascism and despise its slow creeping rise across the world,” he continued.

For Wallace, the fight against this “slow creeping tide” began with the stalking and harassment of conservative women in his hometown. Very quickly, Wallace would link up with the BLM agitator and fellow Rochesterian, “Eightman,” to hatch a plan to get Penfield school board candidate Dana Marrer “fired” from her job.

According to now-leaked chats, Zakarij Wallace once targeted a Mom’s for Liberty endorsed school board candidate in Penfield and worked with others to try and get her fired from her job. Photo: Facebook.

“Dana Marrer is a Mom for Liberty in the Rochester area, and I want to get her fired,” he stated in a post dated June of 2023. “I need to infiltrate the private Facebook group so I can gather more intel on her. What’s my best bet of getting this done. Should we collectively make a fake FB profile to use for these purposes going forward or something?”

“Also, anyone have anything on Concerned Citizens Alliance? They backed her in her school board run,” he continued.

Eightman replied, offering a rare glimpse into some of the tactics used by Antifa to spoil the grassroots organizing of their perceived enemies. A veteran anarchist with links to fiery riots in 2020, Eightman—a middle school art teacher whose real name is Adam MacIntyre-Ross—even suggested that he already had an unidentified “comrade” inside the Mom’s for Liberty private chat.

“Best bet is to make a sock puppet account on Facebook with bogus personal info and follow a bunch of similar accounts,” said MacIntyre-Ross to Wallace. “Don’t be too quick to follow and friend, because it will be too obvious.”

“We’ll want to find evidence of her saying/doing egregious shit. Bigotry, racism, etc. Then we can contact ARC and dump her awfulness to their HR,” he continued.

Wallace’s X/Twitter account is peppered with overt support of anti-White extremism and has condoned the use of violence against his perceived political opponents. Photo: X/Twitter.

Marrer, a pro-decency candidate who ran for Penfield’s school board in 2023, had earned a Mom’s for Liberty endorsement for her common sense policies and hardline against illicit material in school libraries. For that alone, she would be targeted by some of the AIF’s worst extremists, and ultimately lose the election.

Wallace would also use his X/Twitter account to opine about “fascists,” appearing open to the idea of using violence to take out people like Marrer. In one post, Wallace makes an implied threat of violence, uploading a drawing of a French guillotine and the quote, “Fascists deserve a platform.”

“This is good. Any time anyone encounters a Nazi, you should absolutely yell and make them uncomfortable as fuck,” he said in another.

Despite being White himself, Wallace has applauded the idea of violence being used against average White people. During Black History Month, he once endorsed a post that celebrated a violent attack on a crowd of White people at a pier, infamously known as the “Battle of Montgomery.” In another post, he even ran cover for BLM rioters like Eightman by shifting the blame entirely onto “boogaloo boys” for wanton violence that shook the country after the death of George Floyd.

Wallace’s desire to inflict physical, mental, and financial pain on his political opposition is not uncommon among members of the Antifa movement. Using Discord to organize, Wallace would be at home alongside several particularly violent characters, including Alex Blum, a wealthy plastics tycoon and documented financier of an Antifa street gang in Texas, who was present during a deadly riot that claimed the life of Garrett Foster in 2020.

Wallace proudly took his young child to an all-ages drag show, as evidenced in this X/Twitter post. Photo: X/Twitter

Alarmingly, Wallace appears to fully support the widely reviled concept of an “all-ages” drag show. At one point, the 37-year-old father even admitted to taking his infant daughter to one such show, uploading a photo to X/Twitter as evidence. In the photo, a young baby no older than 12 months can be seen in the arms of a smiling drag performer wearing a dress, makeup, and a green wig.

“I’m not going to show you my baby’s face, but this is literally all it is,” he said proudly in a post dated April 17th, 2023. “You should go to one instead of giving opinions about stuff you don’t understand.”

Wallace’s decision to expose his infant to such a display would prove to be a risky and unsafe decision in 2024. Just this month, a drag queen in Oregon was arrested on numerous charges of sexually abusing minors inside his part-time home salon. In 2023, an award-winning drag queen and “LGBTQ advocate” from Pennsylvania was sentenced to jail after pleading guilty to 10 counts of uploading child sexual abuse material (CSAM) to the internet.

The Investigation

Zakarij Wallace, aka “Zig,” or “ZiggyDubz” of Greece, New York, was identified after counter-extremism researchers tied his location and political profile to a personal X/Twitter account. In addition to other forms of social media, researchers were able to identify him in numerous photos uploaded to public-facing accounts like X, Facebook, and TikTok, each claiming to be located in Rochester, New York.

All of the accounts had shown evidence of support for anti-White extremism, including sharing and liking images containing the terror-linked “three down arrows.”

Proud of his background in criminal justice, Wallace stated in the AIF chat that his knowledge would be a “skill to bring” to the anarchist cell. With that knowledge in mind, researchers were also able to locate a LinkedIn page belonging to a “Zakarij Wallace” with the same face, location, and credentials that had been alleged in the chat.

Wallace, aka “Zig,” and MacIntyre-Ross, aka “Eightman,” have a close working connection and often reply to each other’s social media posts. This interaction on X/Twitter further confirms Wallace’s identity, as the two worked intimately behind the scenes to infiltrate local mother’s groups. Photo: X/Twitter.

“I would say having more knowledge than a layman of the criminal justice system and actually how it works in New York State could be a skill for me to bring,” he stated.

Shockingly, at one point, Wallace had aspired to become a police officer, earning a criminal justice degree from SUNY Fredonia in 2009. Before joining the academy, he would find employment as a security guard for a local clinic, and ultimately “pivot” into a career in IT.

It is currently unknown if Wallace still intends to join law enforcement. The alarming thought of an avowed anarchist and homegrown spy receiving a badge and gun is an ironic yet dangerous prospect. According to a list of “Best Practices” maintained by Colorado Springs Antifascists, “Don’t Work With Cops” remains one of their golden rules that all Antifa should follow. Becoming a cop himself would be a stark departure from this rule as well as the overall “ACAB” values of nearly every anti-White extremist cell in operation today.

Currently, Wallace is a Technology Development and Network Administrator for Blossom, a medical home care provider for the elderly and vulnerable. According to his LinkedIn, he started as a quality assurance manager at the firm in February of 2013.

Working with law enforcement is ill-advised in the world of anarchist extremism, and Wallace’s desire to join a career in law enforcement presents a moral dilemma. Still, the American Iron Front has been proven to be loaded with system collaborators, made apparent in subsequent JR investigations. Collage: Justice Report.

As Blossom’s head IT czar, Wallace once penned an article meant for the elderly titled “Bits and Bytes: Do’s and Dont’s.” In it, Wallace ironically informs readers not to “overshare,” post “inappropriate content,” or “cyberbully” others when using the internet.

Despite his extremist views and apparent hatred of White people—especially conservatives—Wallace currently lives in a modest home smack-dab at the center of a mainly White enclave of predominantly Black Rochester. Greece, New York, a northern suburb of the Flower City, is currently 78.7% White-alone, according to the most recent US Census Report. The location gives Wallace and his family a reprieve from the crime-wracked inner city, which, according to data aggregator AreaVibes, is 97.8% more violent than the national average.

A highly online individual, Wallace is an avid football fan, regularly taking to X/Twitter to post memes about his favorite team in between far-left political screeds. Wallace is also identified as having been one half of the failed “The Anatomy Of” podcast, a now-defunct show that revolved around reviewing obscure music tracks alongside another individual.

Wallace presents himself as a goofy sports lover on social media, but behind closed doors, he secretly plots against conservatives and other White working-class Americans. He currently lives in Greece, a predominantly White suburb of Rochester, despite his pro-Black views. Photo: Facebook.

Since the American Iron Front’s chatroom data was leaked to counter-extremism researchers, numerous infiltrators, police collaborators, and other bad actors have been unmasked in the name of public interest. In September, an OSINT specialist and key player in the AIF’s doxxing operation was unmasked as John Zack Ortiz, a Regional Coordinator for the ADL’s Central Pacific branch. Ortiz had forwarded advanced copies of the ADL’s “hate reports” to the group, providing intel on nationalist groups and other prospective targets.

In December, an independent Justice Report investigation revealed the identity of a chatroom infiltrator and prolific FBI informant, “6L3THAL,” as 19-year-old Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin of Richmond, Virginia. Baldwin’s exceptionally violent nature and willingness to collaborate with the state would elevate him as one of the AIF’s most despicable agents, who has since gone dark on social media.

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