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14-year-old White girl shot to death in her own bedroom

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Lima, Ohio – A 14-year-old White girl was shot dead in her own home after police say a Black suspect confessed to opening fire from outside her bedroom window.

According to reports, 18-year-old Malik Dennis is accused of shooting and killing 14-year-old Lauralye Sterling at a home on Greenlawn Avenue in Lima. Court documents allege that Dennis—who is Black—scaled a television antenna to gain access to the second floor of the residence. He then allegedly fired one .40 caliber round into a bedroom, hitting Sterling in the chest.

She was found dead at the scene.

18-year-old Malik Dennis (left) and 14-year-old Lauralye Sterling (right). Collage: Justice Report.

At a court appearance on the 23rd, detectives working the case said that, during interrogation, Dennis said he had been robbed by two juveniles minutes before the shooting. He is also said to have issued police a written confession to the crime as well as an apology note to Sterling for “messing up.”

“He admitted to firing a shot inside of the house after climbing on the antenna,” said Detective Jesse Harrod of the Lima Police Department. “(He fired) a shot through the window, which there was one hole through the window. She was shot one time.”

Currently, Dennis is facing a charge of murder for the death of Sterling, but the case could go before a grand jury for additional charges. He is currently being held in lieu of a 2 million dollar bond.

“I am sorry for what I have done out of anger. Now that I am calm I realize I messed up… I’m really sorry. I didn’t want anything to happen to her,” read Dennis’s apology.

Meanwhile, Sterling is remembered as a cheerful young girl who loved drawing, basketball, and social media. She was a freshman at Lima Senior High School and is survived by her immediate family and twin sister, according to an obituary.

The killing of Lauralye Sterling is part of a recent spate of interracial murders involving the White community's most vulnerable. On the 22nd, an illegal immigrant was charged with the kidnapping and murder of White 22-year-old Laken Riley in Athens, Georgia. Authorities say the suspect, originally from Venezuela and inside the US illegally, targeted a nursing student on her morning run. He is then alleged to have dragged her off of a wooded trail, and killed her.

The bombshell revelation has since sparked national outrage and heated debate over America's lax immigration policies, which has so far resulted in 7 million migrants being admitted into the US since 2021.

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Lauralye Sterling was killed when Police say a black suspect scaled a TV antennae outside her house and shot her with a .40 caliber pistol. He later confessed to the crime during interrogation. Collage: Obituary, Facebook, TikTok.

The racial replacement of Whites from their ancestral homelands continues to be a cause for concern for many in the United States. According to the White-Papers Policy Institute, over 40% of Americans believe that the country's rapidly changing demographics “pose a threat to White Americans and their culture and values."

The think tank further alleges that Black and Hispanic populations are vastly overrepresented in crime, and unless drastic political measures are taken, it will likely worsen over time. According to data analyzed by White-Papers, Black and Hispanic populations are currently responsible for 71.4% of all rapes, 58% of all sexual violence cases, 72% of all aggravated assaults, and 76.5% of all murders in the Lone Star State.

Malik Dennis, a Black 18-year-old, claims he was robbed by two juveniles in the home minutes before the shooting, and had returned with a gun. He later apologized for allegedly killing Sterling, stating he "messed up." Photo: J Swygart, The Lima News

The White population of Lima, Ohio, where Lauralye Sterling was found dead in her bedroom, is slowly experiencing the creeping effects of demographic change. As of the most recent estimates by the US Census, Lima is 62.4% White, down from 71.30% in the year 2000.

White women and children falling victim to perverse acts of Black brutality have been a perennial issue in the United States. Just this month, a Black killer was condemned to life in prison for the savage knife murder of a 31-year-old White mother and schoolteacher in Monroe, Georgia.

On Christmas morning of 2023, a pair of White teenage tourists from Brazil were targeted in a violent stabbing attack by what police say was a deranged Black suspect. Over the course of his spree-slashing, the suspect was said to have shouted, "I want all the White people dead" inside a restaurant in New York City's iconic Grand Central Terminal.

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