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‘Antifa’ fears ‘right-wing’ Hungarian prisons following infamous hammer attacks in Budapest

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Hamburg, Germany – The parents of a fugitive member of a European “Antifa” cell, who now faces over twenty years in prison for her alleged role in a savage hammer attack in Budapest, now say their daughter will turn herself in after 13 months on the run.

But only—they stipulate—if she faces trial in Germany, not Hungary, fearing punishment from a so-called “right-wing populist” government led by Victor Orbán.

In February of 2023, the city of Budapest was rocked after a string of violent attacks were carried out by an international ring of anti-White extremists, commonly referred to as “Antifa.” Using hammers and other blunt force objects, police say members of the infamous Lina Engel “Hammer Gang” would ambush pro-White activists in the street, causing several life-threatening injuries to up to nine victims.

Violent attacks alleged to have been carried out in 2023 by the antifascist “Hammer Gang” in Budapest, Hungary, resulted in life-threatening injuries for multiple pro-White advocates. Suspects tied to the attacks have been on the run for months, afraid of jail under Victor Orbán’s “right-wing populist” regime. Collage: Bild, Antfawatch,

So far, three suspects have been indicted for the crimes, which Hungarian prosecutors assert were “motivated by extremist ideologies.” They now face hefty charges of endangering human life as well as membership in a criminal organization.

One such Antifa militant, 23-year-old Clara Judith Wittkugel, a German from Hamburg, is one of nine others wanted in court for the hammer attacks. Despite being on the run from authorities for 13 months, many are now considering turning themselves in, but only if they remain in Germany and skirt extradition to what they perceive as a “right-wing” Hungarian regime.

“We as parents demand a fair and legal process for our child,” said Wittkugel’s parents to the Hamburger Morgenpost. “…and a leftist, an anti-fascist in Victor Orbán’s right-wing populist Hungary is definitely not going to get that.”

Alleged members of the European antifascist “Hammer Gang” include Clara Judith Wittkugel (left), Johann Guntermann (center), and leader Lina Engel. (right). The gang has been responsible for numerous acts of left-wing terror all across Europe, including a violent attack on a Dresden firebombing commemoration in Germany and ambushes in Budapest, Hungary. Collage: Bild.

If convicted, Antifa militants like Wittkugel could face over twenty years in prison. The looming threat of the Hungarian criminal justice system has sparked several Antifa-led protests in Europe, with the aim of blocking extradition to Orbán’s Hungary. One of the criminals, 39-year-old Ilaria Salis, a northern Italian woman from an elite background, has remained in Hungarian custody for almost a year.

Salis, who had worked as a primary school teacher, reported to her comrades that Hungarian prisons had "horrific conditions." In addition to mice, bed bugs, and roaches, Salis argued the 3.5 meters (11 feet) of living space in a Hungarian prison cell was too little, despite it being much larger than many holding cells found in American prisons.

While it is unknown if Antifa will succeed in preventing Wittkugel and her co-conspirator's extradition, Article 16 of Basic Law states that no German citizen can be extradited. The statute does, however, allow for exceptions when it comes to fellow EU member states or the International Criminal Court.

Anti-White extremists have organized several protests with the aim of stopping extradition for suspects in hammer attacks, fearing Hungarian prisons and their alleged poor conditions. Photo: Antifawatch

Thugs tied to the infamous anti-White "Hammer Gang" have regularly carried out explicitly violent attacks against members of the European working class, some of which date back to 2019. In the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, authorities claimed three members of the gang used blunt weapons to critically injure three people they perceived to be "neo-Nazis" on the streets of Roßlau.

Lina Engel, the group's enigmatic female leader and "expert" on "far-right extremism," was convicted for orchestrating numerous highly sophisticated attacks, which included the bombing of a pub suspected to have once served "right-wing" patrons. Her gang was even responsible for attacking a commemorative event for the victims of the firebombing of Dresden, culminating in beatings and baton attacks by German Antifa on innocent eventgoers.

Victims of the gang's many violent attacks were said to have required inpatient hospital treatment, with one man's cheek having been ripped open by a carpenter's hammer and another having his skull crushed, requiring metal plates. For the crimes, police had issued charges and convictions of attempted murder and officially deemed the gang a criminal organization in May of 2023.

Anarchists, left-wing militants, and other members of the anti-White extremism movement have long resorted to violence as a way to deal with their perceived enemies. In 2023, an Irish Antifa was alleged to have driven his car into an anti-immigration protest, sending one man to the hospital. During a court appearance, the accused admitted to a judge that he had attended the event to livestream his counterprotest of what he called "vile, intolerant, and racist beliefs" among the native Irish.

In July of that same year, French antifascists kicked off a weeks-long race riot that culminated in street brawls, looting, and arson attacks all across the country. The violence had stemmed from the justified police killing of Algerian youth Nahel Merzouk, and despite a heavy response by French authorities, nationalists and other pro-White activists were forced to take to the streets to protect their own community.

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