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14-year-old stabbed by young ‘freaks’ hailed as hero for saving girlfriend

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Casper, Wyoming – A young man was fatally stabbed after he rushed to the aid of his girlfriend at an area shopping mall. According to reports, the victim was targeted by a pair of rivals wearing “shiestys,” who police say killed him with a kitchen knife stolen from a nearby Target.

Despite claims made by many on social media, the suspects involved in the killing appear to be White, according to recent social media posts.

The incident began last Sunday at Casper’s Eastridge Mall, where the victim, 14-year-old Bobby Maher, is said to have come to the defense of his girlfriend from two 15-year-olds wearing balaclava-style masks, popularized as “shiestys” in the Black community. Mayer’s girlfriend had called him after she reported the two teens, later identified as Dominique “Dom” Antonio Richard Harris and Jarreth Joseflee “JJ” Sabastian Plunkett, both 15, had been harassing her.

14-year-old Bobby Maher died in defense of his girlfriend from two masked boys. Reports allege that Maher had called the two rivals “freaks” after he witnessed them come out of the same bathroom stall together in a park during Spring break. Photos: X/Twitter.

Investigators say the suspects both discussed a possible future attack on Maher at least three days before his death. Plunkett had said he was “going to get that dude,” according to an arrest affidavit. State prosecutors assert that this meant the murder was premeditated.

“The level of violence is immeasurable here,” said Chief Deputy District Attorney Blaine Nelson at a court appearance on Monday. “They were seen laughing and pointing as they ran through the parking lot while witnesses attempted first aid.”

According to Nelson, the motive behind the attack stemmed from a schoolhouse “beef.” Maher had allegedly once referred to Plunkett and Harris as “freaks,” after he had witnessed them walk out of the same portable toilet at a park in Evansville during Spring break.

Bobby Maher and girlfriend. Maher is said to have heroically come to the girl’s aid at Eastview Mall after reports of two masked men harassing her. He later died. Photo: Facebook.

Nelson states that when the suspects learned Maher had arrived at the mall, they then shoplifted knives, candy, and Redbull from a local Target in preparation for a deadly attack.

When confronted, Maher reportedly said “Put the knife away, this isn’t fair,” to which Plunkett said, “I don’t play fair.” The fight was captured on video, which reportedly shows Harris bodyslamming Maher onto the ground and punching him, while Plunkett can be seen plunging a stolen knife into Maher’s chest and abdomen.

For the crime, police arrested Plunkett. He now faces first-degree murder charges as well as conspiracy to commit murder, and will be tried as an adult. Likewise, Harris is also charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. During an initial court appearance, the state asked for a $1 million bond for both suspects, but the court set the bond at $500,000.

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If convicted, the two teenage suspects could be facing the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Meanwhile, Maher is being hailed as a hero for rushing to the aid of his girlfriend. A candlelight vigil is scheduled for today, taking place at David Street Station in Casper from 7:30 to 9 p.m. A GoFundMe has also been set up to aid the Maher family during these times and to cover the cost of a burial.

15-year-old Jarreth Joseflee “JJ” Sabastian Plunkett is alleged to have stabbed Bobby Maher twice with a shoplifted knife, once in the chest and abdomen, before fleeing the scene of the crime. Photo: TikTok.

“Bobby loved his family and was not only an amazing kid in school but in general,” read a post on the GoFundMe page. “He had such an amazing passion for playing basketball. We are heartbroken and will never be the same without him. Any help will be greatly appreciated by his family.”

The unfortunate circumstances behind Maher’s death have left many to speculate about his alleged attackers. Numerous accounts on X, formerly Twitter, have alleged that both suspects are Black, emphasizing their use of balaclava masks as a trait exclusive to Black Americans.

While details about them appear slim due to their status as minors, an independent Justice Report investigation has learned that both Plunkett and Harris appear to be White teenagers.

Statements by those who knew the victim and the accused claim all three involved were White males, contradicting premature claims by many on social media. Screenshot: TikTok.

Photos of Plunkett, who was accused of actually stabbing Maher dead, can be found on Facebook and TikTok, which reveal his White ethnicity. Photos of Dominique Harris do not appear as readily available, but locals who claim to know all three boys assert that Harris is also a White male.

While White children have increasingly become the targets of savage acts of Black violence in recent years, social media posts and statements made by those who knew Maher, Plunkett, and Harris assert that this was not one of them.

Demographics support the claim. According to DataUSA, the former oil boom town of Casper, Wyoming, is listed as 86.4% non-Hispanic White. White residents currently make up roughly 50,600 of its total population of 58,547 in 2021.

The tragic story of Bobby Maher is evolving, and the Justice Report will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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