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Black man poisons baby with antifreeze to skirt child support

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South Fulton, Georgia – A Black man has been sentenced to 50 years in prison after he attempted to kill a baby to get out of paying child support, sources say. The savage act would be the latest headline linking Black Americans to unspeakable acts of child abuse.

According to reports, Curtis Jack was sentenced to 50 years, with 40 years in state prison, after he was found guilty of first-degree cruelty to children and criminal attempt to commit murder on Thursday. The conviction stems from an October 2020 incident where Jack—who is Black—poisoned his newborn daughter with antifreeze-laden breastmilk.

Curtis Jack was convicted of attempted baby murder after he was found guilty of trying to poison an 18-day-old baby with antifreeze. Photo: Mugshot

Jack was said to have tampered with two bottles of breastmilk he picked up from the mother of his child, who had been hospitalized after giving birth to their daughter. Jack had insisted during all nine months of the pregnancy that the woman have an abortion, who police say was a coworker of his at the time.

Jack later delivered the tainted breastmilk to the child’s grandmother, who helped care for the newborn and another daughter. The 18-day-old baby, identified as Madison, is said to have fallen “critically ill” not long after, with authorities suspecting foul play due to how quickly the illness came about.

South Fulton police previously said that the child’s tests came back positive for ethylene glycol, a chemical compound commonly found in antifreeze.

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During interrogation, Jack confessed to the poisoning. He later explained he did so in order to get out of paying child support. As soon as Jack realized he was facing attempted murder charges, detectives said Jack took back his confession.

“It’s beyond getting a confession. We still have to prove someone committed the crime. You still have to prove that the person is guilty,” said Sergeant Dickerson of the SFPD in a request for comment by Channel 2 Action News.

At trial, Madison’s mother, grandmother, police, and medical professionals testified against Jack, demonstrating how easy it is to poison breast milk with a chemical like antifreeze. Thankfully, the child survived the murder attempt, and according to the mother, Madison is doing well four years later.

“A special thanks to Madam Fani Willis and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in obtaining justice for the victim and her mother,” read a statement by the South Fulton Police.

Curtis Jack is said to have confessed to poisoning a baby’s breastmilk because he “didn’t want to pay child support.” Collage: Justice Report, Curtis Jack Facebook

The city of South Fulton, Georgia—a part of the Atlanta metropolitan area—is no stranger to the ill effects of Black crime. According to the 2020 US Census report, Black Americans make up 89.79% of the total population. In the same year, the city was ranked as having the “highest African-American percentage of any U.S. city over 100,000, surpassing highly African-American cities such as Detroit and Jackson.”

The abhorrent poisoning of a newborn baby is just the latest headline to implicate Black men in increasingly sick crimes against defenseless children.

In December, an 8-year-old White boy was shot in the head with an AK-47-style assault rifle while riding in a car looking at neighborhood Christmas decorations. For the crime, police arrested a Black man—later identified as Julian Phillips, of Lawton, Oklahoma—who shot twice believing the car contained his enemies.

In Oil City, Pennsylvania, the search for a missing 2-year-old White boy came to a shocking close, after authorities found his body stuffed in a canvas bag. For the crime, police arrested a Black man said to be the victim’s mother’s boyfriend. When the youngster was removed from the bag, authorities noted extensive injuries to the 2-year-old’s face and head and burns to the child’s groin.

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