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‘Racism’ declared after 2024 ‘Black Spring Break’ results in 60 arrests

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Biloxi, Mississippi – A popular beach spot erupted in chaos last weekend during Biloxi’s annual “Black Spring Break” event, resulting in roughly sixty arrests, according to authorities. The miniature crime surge is said to have sparked accusations of racism after police were suddenly embroiled in dozens of drug and gun “incidents.”

Biloxi’s Black Spring Break, an annual tourist destination for many Black Americans seeking “good vibes,” is said to have culminated in a grand total of 61 drug and 31 gun incidents, according to Biloxi Police Chief John Miller. One incident even stemmed from a Black attendee possessing an illegal gun “switch,” which allows for fully automatic handgun fire.

2023’s Black Spring Break in Biloxi, Mississippi, resulted in one dead and several others injured after shootings and other crimes took hold of the popular Black tourist destination. This year, Police came heavily armed with long rifles and arrested 60 in drug and gun sweeps. Photo: Hannah Ruhoff, Sun Herald

The report stated that, in total, the three-day-long celebration of “people of color” generated a whopping 740 calls for police service, which included one report of a man wandering the beach with a gun.

“Some of this is spring breakers calling us,” Miller said in a request for comment by the Sun Herald. It’s not just us—it’s all across the country.”

“We had about 2,500 calls for service for the entire week. Over 700 of those calls were for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday alone. And out of that 700 calls, we had 61 drug seizures and 31 different incidents with guns. 31 instances with guns in that small area on the beach. So yeah, we felt compelled to arm ourselves,” he continued.

The phenomena of exclusively Black seasonal festivals has only exploded in popularity in recent years, often devolving into hotbeds of violence, gang activity, and other acts of Black criminality. The resulting chaos has even forced many cities—like Miami Beach, Florida—to institute city-wide curfews, stifling parking fees and other regulations to maintain order.

During Biloxi’s Black Spring Break in 2023, one person was shot and killed during the festivities. In another incident, five people, including 1 police officer, fell victim to an unhinged mass shooting outside a surf shop on Highway 90. For the crime, US Marshalls ultimately tracked down and arrested Dontavis Magee, a wandering Black criminal who had been facing charges of kidnapping and robbery in Georgia.

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Seven other eventgoers caught aggravated assault charges in 2023, with the majority of them stemming from attacks on Biloxi police, said Miller. This year, law enforcement came to Black Spring Break armed to the teeth, preparing to meet violence head-on if—and when—it erupted.

At the end of the event, Police estimated that 15,000 to 20,000 people attended the celebration, a stark contrast to the roughly 30,000 who attended last year. The underwhelming turnout was blamed on social media rumors warning others of possible violence and on steps taken by the City Council to hinder the outbreak of crime.

“(We had) 31 instances with guns in that small area on the beach. So yeah, we felt compelled to arm ourselves.”

Biloxi Police Chief John Miller

Despite these crackdowns, the looming threat of shootings and other racial issues now synonymous with Black Spring Break appeared to keep some police officers away. According to reports, only one officer from a neighboring city agreed to lend a hand in patrolling the area, down from 7 who were originally tapped for voluntary service.

“Not a lot of people want to come work spring break,” said Miller.

Meanwhile, Black organizers said they would address what they called “blatant discrimination, misinformation, and unethical mistreatment” of Black Spring breakers due to a heavy-handed police presence. They also hinted that a lack of an invite to the city’s special events committee meetings could be a byproduct of racism, although reports indicate that no special event permit was ever obtained.

Biloxi police are said to have towed cars and kept eventgoers from walking on Highway 90, which presented a safety hazard for both drivers and pedestrians. While the dread of Black criminality kept Police volunteers from working the contentious beat, a lower turnout may have reduced violent incidents in 2024. Photo: Hannah Ruhoff, Sun Herald.

“We are absolutely committed to providing an organized, safe and enjoyable experience for everyone that attends our organized and promoted events regardless of color or racial background,” said Black Spring Break organizers Maurice Bryant and Derrian Burns in a statement.

“The fight to continue our culture and to celebrate people of color being able to use and enjoy the public beaches on the Mississippi Gulf Coast starts now…It starts with all of us demanding equal treatment and calling out unethical practices,” it continued.

In the United States, mass gatherings of African Americans quite often devolve into scenes of chaos, criminality, and, in some cases, death. In February, a rap concert headlined by Memphis rapper Big Boogie resulted in a horrific shooting that killed one and injured 11 others. The event was planned as part of a Black Easter celebration titled the “2nd Annual Epic Easter Bike Out & Field Party,” which boasted a kid-friendly venue. The event concluded with a man dying of a gunshot wound to the head, which he sustained in front of 2,000 other attendees.

Miami’s controversial “Spring Breakup” video announced crippling regulations on eventgoers in 2024, including 100-dollar parking fees and stifling curfews aimed at suppressing crime, gang activity, and violence now inseparable from the city’s beaches. Video: City of Miami.

In January, six people fell victim to a mass shooting at a rap concert in Eugene, Oregon. The concert was headlined by rappers Lil Bean and Zay Bang, and due to the resulting chaos, authorities found it “difficult” to restore order. Black eyewitnesses were also said to be tight-lipped about the identities of the shooters, which only added to frustrations.

Even everyday activities as simple as going to school have been made strenuous with the introduction of Black Americans. In February, a local school board in Brockton, Massassachusets requested security assistance from the Army National Guard, in response to a marked uptick in violent gang activity from the school’s majority Black student base.

According to the White-Papers Policy Institute (WPPI), American schools like the one in Brockton have become “unsafe” for White students, due entirely to the presence of Black Americans. WPPI insists that Black male students are also 1.5 times more likely than White male students to bring a firearm to school.

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