Viral video of young Germans singing nationalist lyrics to Eurodance song triggers ‘witch hunt’ across Germany

The Pony nightclub in the island town of Kampen. Image: Schoening/picture alliance

German police are now investigating a viral video taken outside the Pony nightclub in the island town of Kampen after it led to ‘outrage’ from Germany’s liberal establishment.

  • The video shows young Germans dancing to Italian DJ Gigi D’Agostino’s party hit “L’amour toujours” but changing the lyrics to: “Foreigners out, foreigners out, Germany for the Germans, foreigners out.”

Reaction: After going viral, the video triggered ‘outrage’ from Germany’s liberal establishment and a subsequent witch hunt to dox the participants.

  • “Quite clearly, such slogans are disgusting, they are unacceptable,” German Chancellor Scholz said. “There must be no tolerance. And that’s why it’s right that all of our activities are aimed at precisely preventing this from being a thing that spreads.”
  • German late night television host Jan B√∂hmermann shared the video on social media asked “Who and where are these people?”
  • A few hours later, the club announced that it had received “the names of these Nazis” and would “pursue legal action against this repulsive behavior with all available legal means.”

Youth pushback: The viral video highlights the growing opposition to mass immigration in Germany, particularly among the youth, in recent years. 78% of Germans feel that the integration of recent arrivals into the labor market and broader society is not going well, and 59% of Germans are concerned about the negative consequences of immigration.

  • The anti-migrant AfD is currently polling between 15-17%, with recent polls showing 22% of 14-29 years olds saying they would vote for AfD, a 100% increase compared to two years ago.

By the numbers: According to statistics compiled by the White Papers Policy Institute:

  • 24% of the German population was either born outside of the country or born in Germany to two foreign parents. 
  • Represents roughly 20.2 million people in a country of 84.6 million people whose native population has been experiencing fertility decline since 1969.

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