Nikki Haley writes “Finish Them” on Israeli bomb days after Rafah massacre

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Photo: Office of MK Danny Danon

Just days after Israeli forces bombed a Palestinian refugee camp, killing 45, American politician Nimarata “Nikki” Haley scrawled the words “Finish them” on an IDF bomb during a publicized trip to Israel.

  • Haley, a failed presidential candidate and former UN ambassador, was said to have visited a Kibbutz in northern Israel and the infamous ‘Nova’ Festival site in Re’eim on Memorial Day. Haley was accompanied by Israeli Knesset member and former UN Envoy Danny Danon.
  • During the trip, Haley can be seen writing the message “Finish Them, America ♥️ Israel Always!” with a purple marker on what appears to be an IDF munition.
  • In an interview with Israeli media, Haley made overtures about the continued displacement of Palestinians and appeared to handwave alleged Israeli war crimes. She also visited illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Further context: During Haley’s trip, the politician signaled her support for the regime in Tel Aviv, and visited a Jewish Kibbutz near the northern border.

  • According to political donation records maintained by OpenSecrets, as of March 20th, 2024, Nikki Haley had received $1,550,101 from the Zionist lobbying group AIPAC.
  • “America stands by Israel. Israel is fighting the enemies of the U.S. today. Don’t stop until you win…Israel is fighting the enemies of the USA. You must win this war,” said Haley during the trip.
  • “Finish them! This is what my friend, the former ambassador, Nikki Haley wrote today on a shell during a visit to an artillery post on the northern border,” said Danon via social media.
Infographic: StopZionistHate

The conversation: Online, Haley’s actions received widespread pushback from commentators, who interpreted her message as a ghoulish defense of an ongoing genocide.

  • “While Americans watch Israel burn Gaza alive, and Palestinian children are beheaded, Nikki Haley writes love notes on bombs that drop on civilians. Let the world bear witness to your moral depravity…” Said Dr. Omar Suleiman on X/Twitter.
  • “There is nothing more Nikki Haley than autographing a BOMB with the words ‘Finish Them.’ This woman has a war fetish the likes of which I’ve NEVER seen,” said podcaster Joey Mannarino on X/Twitter.

Why it’s important: Mainstream support for Israel and its mission to “destroy Hamas” has increasingly become tone-deaf as casualties and accusations of war crimes continue to mount.

  • According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, over 34,000 Palestinians have been killed via indiscriminate Israeli strikes against the Gaza Strip. Bombings and other military incursions into Gaza have also left millions of people displaced into the equally dangerous south.
  • The Israeli government referred to a bloody strike it launched against a civilian tent camp this weekend as a “tragic accident” that would culminate in the deaths of roughly 45 civilians.
  • Strikes like these have so far resulted in arrest warrants against top Israeli leadership—including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—issued by the International Criminal Court. According to ICC chief prosecutors, Israel has and continues to commit serious war crimes, including starvation, civilian killings, and other crimes against humanity.

In the headlines: Haley is not the only American politician willing to hurridly support the interests of the nation’s troublesome Jewish ally.

  • In May, Jewish Florida state Rep Randy Fine angled to get a local Imam fired from his dentistry job all for an anti-Zionist sermon that was live-streamed on Facebook.
  • On Holocaust Remembrance Day, President Joe Biden and House Speaker Mike Johnson condemned antisemitism, and bizarrely equated pro-Palestine protests in the United States as “gas chambers.”
  • Also in May, a gang of 12 Republican senators penned an alarming “mob-style” threat to the ICC Chief Prosecutor and his family, warning of sanctions and other penalties if his office executes arrest warrants for Israeli leadership.

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