Teenage Rwandan ‘refugee’ arrested for threatening to shoot up High School and drunkenly kill cops

Merci Habimana, a refugee from Rwanda, was said to have drove drunk, threatened to kill cops, and later, threatened to shoot up his High School after being told he was going to be left back. He later confessed to the crime during police interrogation. Collage: Justice Report.

A Rwandan teenager living in Indiana was arrested twice in two weeks, once for drunkenly threatening to kill cops during a DUI stop, and the other for threatening to shoot up his High School on social media.

  • 18-year-old Merci Habimana, who was described in reports as a “refugee” from the East African nation of Rwanda, is facing felony intimidation charges for numerous violent threats in Brownsburg.
  • Last week, he was taken into custody after Brownsburg High School received violent threats on Instagram. Police say Habimana used an anonymous account to comment, “I shoot 1000 students before they going in summer break.”
  • A week before this arrest, Habimana was taken into custody for drinking Christian Brothers Brandy and Stella Artois beer while behind the wheel of a car. As officers made the arrest, he apparently became belligerent, accused officers of being racist, and threatened to grab their sidearms and shoot them.

Zooming out: Prior to the threats, the Black teenager was known to have numerous run-ins with law enforcement between December of 2023 and May of 2024.

  • A school principal reportedly held Habimana back a year, and he was informed that he would not be able to graduate alongside his peers in 2025.
  • That same night, police investigators say Habimana, using the name “unknown_202473774″ on Instagram, posted, “Fc (Brownsburg High School) I hate you all maybe 1 day in dis week I wish to shoot 1000 students before they going in summer break see you gloom Sunday.”
  • During a police interview, Habimana confessed that he had made the threats to the high school’s Instagram page, with the excuse that he was “angry and upset” for being left back. His primary language is “Swahili-Tanzania,” and is believed to be from a family of so-called African “refugees.”
  • Due to his age of 18, he was charged as an adult with “intimidation with threat of a forcible felony.”

In the headlines: Black Americans continue to be implicated in horrific mass shooting plots, and in some cases, manage to successfully carry them out.

  • On Sunday, a bloody mass shooting in Akron, Ohio, erupted at the home of Darshawn Spragling, known as “Boo Sprag.” Authorities say the attackers shot into crowds, injuring 27 people, most of which are Black.
  • In May, federal authorities arrested a Black marine for an unhinged plan to commit an anti-White race massacre in his home state of New Jersey.
  • In July, a deranged Black man in Hampton, Georgia, shot and killed three of his White neighbors, before leading police on an hours long manhunt where he was ultimately gunned down.

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