Killer migrant arrested for 2023 murder of Maryland mom

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Bel Air, Maryland – The unhinged killer of a White mother has finally been arrested, police say, after they tracked him across multiple states—and even countries—before placing him into custody.

The Justice Report has now learned that 23-year-old Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, is believed to have carried out the brutal rape and murder of White 37-year-old Rachel H. Morin in 2023.

Morin, whose story and photographs made headlines after she was found naked and beaten to an unrecognizable pulp at Bel Air’s MA & PA Heritage Trail in August of 2023, was a single mother of five.

23-year-old Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez (left) and 37-year-old Rachel H. Morin (right). Collage: Justice Report.

Law enforcement began a manhunt for the suspect early on, releasing only a single known photo of a man whose DNA evidence was said to have matched a crime scene in Los Angeles months earlier.

Police were so deadlocked in the case that they doubled their reward for more information to $20,000 in September of last year.

On Friday night, however, police finally arrested a suspect miles away in Tulsa, Oklahoma, officially naming Martinez-Hernandez as a person of interest. The El Salvadorian illegal is now facing charges of first-degree rape, first-degree murder and currently sits inside a Tulsa jailhouse awaiting extradition.

Martinez-Hernandez (left) was said to have entered the US illegally, drifting around the country doing odd jobs and committing crimes. He was recorded on video leaving the site of a home invasion in Los Angeles, where his DNA would later be tied to the murder of Rachel Morin (Left). Collage: Justice Report.

Authorities say the process could take 10 to 60 days. He’s also been issued a detainer by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

At a press conference, representatives of various law enforcement agencies, including members of the FBI, provided further details.

“Rachel’s murderer is no longer a free man and, hopefully, he will never have the opportunity to walk free again,” said Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler.

Addressing the Biden Administration and the US Congress directly, Sheriff Gahler raised awareness of the disastrous state of the nation’s crumbling southern border and alleged that Martinez-Hernandez had entered the US to escape murder charges in nationalist hardliner Nayib Bukele’s El Salvador.

The press conference announcing the arrest of Martinez-Hernandez by the Harford County Sheriff’s Office and law enforcement heads. Video: WABL-TV 11 Baltimore

“We are 1800 miles away from the southern border, and American citizens are not safe because of failed immigration policies,” said Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler during the press conference. “This is the second time in two years that an innocent Hartford County woman has lost her life to a criminal in our country illegally.”

“Victor Hernandez did not come here to make a better life for himself or for his family. He came here to escape a crime he committed in El Salvador; he came here to murder Rachel and, god willing, no one else,” he continued.

FBI Special Agent William DelBagno announced his agency’s role in capturing Martinez-Hernandez, which involved working with a foreign “legal attache” to investigate leads in the suspect’s home country. Martinez-Hernandez had killed a woman just one month before he entered the United States, which placed him on an Interpol “Red Notice” list.

Rachel Morin was a mother of five children and operated a home cleaning business before her death in August of 2023. In the wake of her murder, many accused her new boyfriend, Richard Tobin (pictured), but police quickly exonerated him as a potential suspect. Photo: Inside Edition.

DNA analysis sourced from Martinez-Hernandez’s living relatives was said to have assisted with the investigation. It also helped tie him to an incident in March of 2023, where the globe-trotting illegal allegedly attacked a 9-year-old girl and her mother during a home invasion in Los Angeles.

Notably, it was revealed that Martinez-Hernandez had spent months on the run living as a ghost throughout the United States. Gahler asserted that Martinez-Hernandez worked odd jobs, living a “cheap life” as he drifted around to places like California, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Hartford, and Prince George’s County in Maryland.

He was believed to have allies with local street gangs and had criminal connections in Washington, D.C. Maryland State Attorney Alison Healy said she would personally lead the prosecution in the case.

“I never want him to leave Maryland again,” said Gahler. “I want him to die in the Maryland prison system.”

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If convicted and sentenced to life in prison, it could take decades for the 23-year-old illegal immigrant killer, Martinez-Hernandez, to die of old age. According to the Maryland General Assembly’s website, the Department of Corrections currently spends approximately $5,030 a month to house just one convicted felon.

Assuming Martinez-Hernandez lives past 80, this means American taxpayers could spend well over 3.5 million dollars to fund his lifelong correctional stay. Some have speculated that the real solution to migrant killings is not prison time, but a strong border coupled with rigorous mass deportations from the American homeland.

“I never want him to leave Maryland again. I want him to die in the Maryland prison system.”

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler

According to data sourced by the White Papers Policy Institute (WPPI), there are well over 22 million illegal aliens in the United States, with 7 million additional legal “migrants” entering the country since 2021.

WPPI insists that a coordinated deportation program carried out over the course of a decade or so could result in up to 31 million Hispanics, or 47.5% of the entire Hispanic population, being sent back to their countries of origin.

Unless drastic policy measures are taken, White people will continue to reel from the consequences of unchecked demographic change. In the state of Maryland, where the 5’2″, 107-pound Rachel Morin was raped and killed, Whites only make up 47.2% of the population, down from 83% in 1960.

Infographic: The White Papers Policy Institute

According to the American Immigration Council, roughly one in seven Maryland residents was born in another country, while one in eight is a native-born American who has at least one immigrant parent. Most of Maryland’s immigrants come from countries such as India, China, Nigeria, the Philippines, and El Salvador.

The tragic and bloody outcome of racial diversity is no better evidenced than Rachel Morin’s majority-White home of Bel Air, Maryland. Despite the demographic edge, the city once became the woeful center of a rape and knife murder of two separate White victims.

The suspect in that abhorrent crime, identified as Black 24-year-old Angelo Terrell Spencer, was said to have repeatedly stabbed a 73-year-old White grandmother to death after breaking inside her home in February. Reports allege that Spencer then raced upstairs to violently rape the deceased’s granddaughter before fleeing the premises.

In July of 2022, just months before the death of Rachel Morin, police say 20-year-old Kayla Hamilton, from Maryland, was brutally raped and strangled to death by a 17-year-old illegal immigrant who also hailed from El Salvador.

According to reports, the suspect in that case was identified as having membership to MS-13, an infamous criminal gang, and had once entered the United States through the southern border as an "unaccompanied minor."

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