Republicans dealt sweeping defeats in latest U.S. elections

United States – Republicans were dealt a series of defeats in US on Tuesday despite the declining popularity of Democrat President Joe Biden.

Earlier this week, the results of a new NYT/Sienna poll were released that showed former Republican President Trump leading over President Biden in five out of six battleground states and a generic Republican candidate leading in all six battleground states by an even wider margin.

Those polled in these states believed Trump would do a better job on the issues of “economy” and “immigration” while Biden would do a better job on the issues of “abortion” and “democracy.”

Polling data from the NYT indicates Biden has lost favor with young, non-White voters but has retained support from older, White voters who research claims are more reliable at the polls. Chart: New York Times

While polling has so far hinted at Biden losing favor with younger, non-White voters to Trump over his handling of the economy and the Israeli war in Gaza, it also shows Biden retaining the support of his older, predominantly White voter base. According to studies, older White voters consistently have higher voter turnouts than younger non-White voters, which could stand to benefit the incumbent Biden.

In the older and predominantly white northern battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, Democrats could rely on this advantage, even as Mr. Trump builds a more comfortable lead in the more diverse states in the American Sun Belt.

The Republican lead in 2024 election polling, however, does not appear to translate into results. Instead, their capacity to win elections appears bleak, as noted by analysis conducted by the New York Times. Biden and the Democrat position on abortion proved to be a decisive factor in Tuesday’s elections. In Ohio, voters decided to establish a constitutional right to abortion and the legalization of marijuana.

Female voters in favor of abortion rights cheer at a watch party on election night, Tuesday in Columbus, Ohio. Photo: Sue Ogrocki, Associated Press

“Ohio’s resounding support for this constitutional amendment reaffirms Democratic priorities and sends a strong message to the state GOP that reproductive rights are non-negotiable,” said Heather Williams, interim president of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, in a statement.

In Pennsylvania, these trends continued, with Republicans narrowly losing a critical statewide Supreme Court election. In Kentucky, a Black Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate, Daniel Cameron, lost against current Democrat governor Andy Beshear. Finally, in Virginia, Republicans lost both the State Senate and the House of Delegates, dealing a serious blow to controversial Republican Governor and potential presidential candidate Glenn Youngkin.

Virginia’s off-year election was widely considered a political bellwether for the mood of American voters. Democrats and their organizers on a national scale will likely take note. Their victory in the state of Virginia will be viewed as a winning strategy to be replicated across the United States in the run-up to 2024.

“What an epic failure by Governor Youngkin,” lamented conservative Fox News pundit Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends. “This is a huge loss for him, who everyone looked at if not in 24, which I thought was a long shot, definitely 28.”

Republicans did not go entirely without victories. In a historic New York City win Tuesday night, Republican Kristy Marmorato won a Council District 13 race in the East Bronx. Marmorato secured nearly 53% of the vote, thwarting incumbent Democrat Marjorie Velázquez, who served just one term. Marmorato’s victory is the first time a Republican has been elected to a public office in all of the Bronx since 2004, and was achieved after making the issues of crime and immigration her top concern.

“I’m not a politician. I am a healthcare worker. This is my first time,” said Marmorato in a comment to NY1. “We need to suspend the right-to-shelter for migrants because we cannot sustain this, and the federal government is not stepping in to help us out, and it just doesn’t look like they will do.”

Republican Kristy Marmorato, pictured with family, eked a stunning victory against an incumbent Democrat in the Bronx, a borough of New York City that has not seen a Republican politician elected since 2004. She ran on the issue of rampant Black crime. Photo: Emily Swanson

National Justice Party founding Central Committee member Joseph Jordan attributed Marmorato’s historic win to “running on an anti-immigrant and anti-black crime platform.” Jordan continued, asserting that Republican failures around the country were due to “ignore(ing) Whites and play(ing) to religion.”

“Another humiliating night for the GOP. Looks like Evangelical Zionists with black sons are not a big enough voting bloc to even win a statewide race in Kentucky,” said Jordan to the social media platform Telegram

“Republicans may never win again. The viability of a conservative candidate in a swing state is not much different than an NJP one,” he continued in a follow-up post. “Let the GOP whither away. It will be bad news for Likud and Evangelicals with black sons, but good news for normal White people desperate for something new.”

The Justice Report will continue to provide objective election coverage as the seemingly chaotic 2024 election season commences.

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