Identities of non-White teens charged for the ‘lynching’ of Jonathan Lewis revealed

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Las Vegas, Nevada – Four out of the eight non-White teenagers linked to the beating death of 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis Jr. on November 1st, have been charged with second-degree murder, according to court appearances Tuesday night. All are officially being tried as adults after their cases were automatically sent to the adult court system last week.

Dontral Beaver, Gianni Robinson, Damien Hernandez, and Treavion Randolph are all facing murder charges for their alleged role in the beating death of White teenager Jonathan Lewis. Lewis had aspirations to join the military after school and follow his grandfather’s footsteps. Photo: LVPD Mugshots.

The teenagers, 16-year-old Dontral Beaver (Black), 17-year-old Gianni Robinson (Black), 17-year-old Damien Hernandez (Mestizo), and 16-year-old Treavion Randolph (Black), made their first appearance in adult court on Friday and will be tried together.

According to newly released police documents, Beaver, Robinson, Hernandez, and Randolph are believed to be members of multiple criminal gangs, including Young Rich Team, Murder Block, and 2100 Block. They will be held in custody until their next hearing.

Of the ten people believed to be involved, eight have been identified and arrested. All ten were students of Rancho High School, aged between 13 and 17. The remaining four suspects are still in the juvenile court system and are facing charges of second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit battery resulting in substantial bodily harm. Their next court date is scheduled for December 6th.

The now infamous attack first occurred on November 1st in an Alleyway near Rancho High School, where Lewis fell victim to a savage beating by up to 15 non-White teenagers. The attack, which was caught on film and circulated throughout social media, placed him in critical condition. He was rendered unconscious during the attack and later died from his injuries on November 7th.

Doctors determined that he had suffered what they called ‘non-survivable head trauma.’ His cause of death was listed as a complication of multiple blunt force injuries, which were deemed a homicide. Despite Lewis’s death, Police appeared slow to act, taking fifteen days to announce arrests or charges for any 15 of the alleged suspects caught on film.

Authorities claim the “fight” broke out over a pair of stolen wireless headphones and potentially a vape pen. An outraged community, however, has been quick to label what happened to Lewis as a hate crime, with some even referring to it as a modern-day “lynching.” Regardless, in a controversial press conference on the 14th, Las Vegas Police claimed there was “no evidence” of a hate crime in the case.

“Jonathan Lewis was a 17-year-old child. A White child that was beaten to death by 15 Black kids,” said TikTok user @trentallen90 in a viral video raising awareness for Lewis. “Every time the role is reversed, the race is brought up…Their stories are shared, there are candlelight vigils, there are protests, but when Jonathan Lewis lost his life doing something honorable, protecting his friends, nobody cares.”

“I know damn well if he were an African American child getting beaten by fifteen White kids, you would not be able to escape this story,” he continued.

Outrage on behalf of Lewis’s apparent “lynching” even took an international form, grabbing the attention of pro-White activists in the United Kingdom. Mark Collett, organizer for the English-based Patriotic Alternative, called what happened to Lewis an “act of bravery that ended in tragedy.”

“When 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis was beaten to death at a school in Nevada, the press used a number of euphemisms to describe his killers: ‘youths,’ ‘students,’ ‘bullies,’ ‘juveniles,’ and even ‘people,’” said Collett via Odysee and Telegram. “The entirety of the mainstream media chose to obscure the fact that this was a case of a White boy being killed by a black gang, yet if the races were reversed, you can be sure that the issue of race would have been mentioned in every news headline.”

The four suspects who are now facing murder charges are just some of the gang of 15 non-White teenagers accused in Lewis beating death. Police say others are still held up in Juvenile court, where they first must be approved to be tried as adults. Photo: Las Vegas Review-Journal

LVMPD Lt. Jason Johannson described cell phone video footage of Lewis’ beating death as “void of humanity.” Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson hinted that there are even more gruesome videos of the incident but noted that it will take a “few weeks or even months” before they are made publically available.

The schoolhouse killing of White teenager Jonathan Lewis appears to be just one symptom of a non-White violence epidemic that has taken hold of the American educational system. According to a study conducted by the pro-White policy institute, White-Papers revealed that Black students are 80% more likely than White students to engage in violence and are 1.5 times more likely than White male students to bring a firearm to school. Meanwhile, Puerto Rican Youth are 26 percent more likely to commit a violent act than White students, with Hispanic females more than twice as likely to bring a gun to school than White females.

Violence has become such a common feature of the American educational experience that between 2010 and 2020 the number of schools employing security staff increased from 43% to 65%. Today more than 91% of US schools have deployed security cameras and many school systems have begun to deploy metal detectors for the first time. Non-White students are armed, dangerous, and regularly violent against teachers and fellow students.

White Papers Policy Institute

An astronomical rise in race-based violence erupting in these institutions has caused White educators to flee the profession. Data obtained by White papers indicated that while White Americans are only 54% of their nation’s population, Whites constitute 80% of all qualified teachers. Since 2020, hundreds of thousands of American teachers have resigned from their positions, and as of 2023, a whopping 44% of American school districts lack sufficient numbers of teachers.

Along with Lewis, non-White violence has claimed the lives of countless young White Americans. Earlier this month, an 18-year-old College freshman in Tennessee was tragically shot dead after Police say a Black man open-fired and struck her in the head. The suspect, a Black career criminal who was deemed incompetent to stand trial in previous assault cases, led many to question the effectiveness of the criminal justice system. In May, A 15-year-old White girl was found dead inside a communal dumpster. For the crime, Police arrested a Black registered sex offender who they believe groomed and killed her.

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