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Elon Musk’s Twitter jettisons pretense of Free Speech – BANS the Justice Report, NJP, and prevents users from posting links to third-party websites

Twitter HQ, CA- Last Thursday, the Justice Report’s Twitter account was permanently suspended for allegedly breaking the Terms of Service of Elon Musk’s Twitter, though no specific tweets were cited as the reason behind the censorship. Despite having a flawless record since the account was first established back in June of 2022, the account was swiftly purged from the social media platform without ever receiving a temporary suspension, or being forced to delete a sensitive tweet.

The Justice Report Account permanently suspended from Twitter

At first, the Justice Report team thought that the permanent suspension may have been due to our recent exposé on the Antifa doxing account, the Anonymous Comrade Collective, as Hilary Sargent of Roslindale, MA. The article, which went viral the week prior, triggered a string of erratic responses, copes, and shallow critiques from fellow Antifa personalities in an attempt to downplay her obvious involvement. After sifting through our inbox, however, we discovered that despite numerous reports from Antifa in Germany, Twitter had determined that the Tweet promoting our exposé was found not subject to removal due to the article not violating the terms of service.

Email from Twitter stating that the viral Tweet sharing the Antifa doxer Hilary Sargent expose was not subject to removal under Twitter’s rules

Despite this evidence, Musk’s Twitter still saw fit to run cover for the disgraced journalist and malicious Antifa doxer, Hilary Sargent, from further scrutiny days after the Tweet had already gone viral. This was achieved by redirecting links to our exposé to a boilerplate warning message which falsely stated that the link “may be unsafe.” At the time, we found that the censorship was unique to the exposé, as all other links to the Justice Report’s main website and articles worked without issue.

The warning that Twitter displays when the link to the article on Antifa doxer Hilary Sargent is clicked on Twitter

After the Justice Report’s Twitter account was permanently suspended, however, concerned Twitter users soon reported that it was no longer possible to post links to the Justice Report at all. Instead of allowing users to post links to the Justice Report, Twitter will now report an ‘error’ that states that they “can’t complete the request because the link has been identified by Twitter or their partners as being potentially harmful.”

Musk’s Twitter, rebranded as a ‘free speech’ platform, preventing a link to the Justice Report from being posted

By censoring independent media outlets such as the Justice Report, Twitter is stifling the distribution of factual information cultivated by the same ‘citizen journalists‘ that CEO Elon Musk claims to be a “big fan” of, and who he claims to want to elevate and promote on his new platform. In the last few months, the Justice Report has enjoyed great success performing acts of citizen journalism—from being the only media outlet to accurately cover the trial of BLM terrorist, Darrell Brooks, to releasing a viral article exposing a cover-up of a Black-on-White knife attack at a high school in Forth Worth.

The Justice Report was also one of the first outlets to report on the ‘Gay Data‘ dissertation of former Twitter trust and safety czar, Yoel Roth, weeks before Elon Musk personally retweeted the same piece of information from Roth’s dissertation after sanitizing it for a mainstream conservative audience.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk claiming the goal of Twitter is to elevate citizen journalism

While Musk claims to have purchased Twitter to restore free speech on the platform for the ‘future of civilization,’ some believe that free speech on Twitter has actually worsened since Musk took direct control. According to the Telegram channel Striker Unfiltered, run by fellow citizen journalist, Joseph Jordan, “Twitter has less free speech now than when the ADL ran it.”

The move towards an even more tightly controlled public square appears to be the grim reality of the situation, however. Reports from the independent Canadian outlet, the Daily Rake, have revealed that the account of the right-wing podcaster, Alex McNabb, along with others promoting the rapidly growing, White civil rights organization, the National Justice Party, were purged from the social media platform on the exact same day. The Justice Report was one of the only media outlets to report on the National Justice Party’s numerous protests against Black on White violence in 2022. Links to the National Justice Party’s website, along with that of their podcasting network, The Right Stuff, have also been permanently banned.

Musk’s Twitter preventing a link to the National Justice Party from being posted on the alleged ‘free speech’ platform

When asked for comment, National Justice Party Chairman, Mike Peinovich, said “It’s unfortunate—but not surprising—how fast Musk reneged on his promise to restore free speech. It seems the pressure campaign by the ADL and various Jewish interest groups has paid off.”

Peinovich was of course referencing the advertiser boycott launched by the Jewish activist group, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in early November after Musk first purchased Twitter, and at the time, appeared to be delivering on his promise to restore free speech to the platform. The ADL stated that one of the main reasons for initiating the boycott was that members of the National Justice Party were being allowed to share “racist and antisemitic content” on Twitter. Musk himself revealed the financial toll of this Jewish-led boycott on the same day the ADL announced its advertiser boycott.

“What Musk has done is opened the door for some of the more paranoid and outlandish conservative conspiracy theorists, while closing it even harder on real world criticisms of the Jewish power structure and serious White Nationalist political organizing”

National Justice Party Chairman, Michael Peinovich

The replatforming of controlled right wing voices purged by the old hyper-partisan moderation team and the continued exclusion of real dissidents on Twitter following Musk’s acquisition is something that the Chairman has warned about multiple times in the last year.

One of Elon Musk’s ulterior motives for purchasing Twitter might be to give space on the platform for the creation of a controlled right as a relief valve for dissent ahead of the 2024 presidential election. Musk has already expressed political support for the Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, in the 2024 presidential race. He has also publically stated that he thinks that if the race is between Biden and DeSantis, DeSantis will “easily win.” Although technically unannounced, the looming DeSantis campaign has already been thoroughly astroturfed over the past few years via exposure on mainstream media as well as through the Republican party, marketing DeSantis as a “Trump without the baggage.”

On The Right Stuff’s Strike and Mike podcast, the National Justice Party’s Joseph Jordan has been warning voters for some time about a possible DeSantis presidential bid as an attempt by the Jewish ruling class to placate White America from seeking real revolutionary change in their lifetimes.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk expressing his support for Florida governor Ron DeSantis in the 2024 presidential race

Regardless of Musk’s intent in purchasing Twitter, the change in leadership at Twitter has not fundamentally changed the way the platform is run. Any company in the business of shaping public discourse is going to come under the pressure of the ruling class to make arbitrary moderating decisions to suppress dissent, as pointed out by David Auerbach in his recent article on Twitter’s new management.

Musk’s release of the Twitter files—which highlights how the old Twitter regime ruthlessly moderated the website on behalf of those in power—only serves to prove how things actually operate behind the scenes. When Elon Musk personally banned rapper Kanye West for posting a mixed Swastika/Star of David symbol as ‘incitement to violence,’ it only highlighted how those with political power can force their will—even over billionaires in control of their own companies!

Now that Twitter has purged the Justice Report, the National Justice Party, and many other voices from the social media platform—even preventing users from sharing links to their websites—the writing on the wall has become clear. There will be no free speech on Twitter regardless of who runs the company, especially when powerful Jewish groups such as the ADL can successfully demand someone be removed for simply challenging the status quo and, most importantly, Jewish political interests.

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