Prolific Antifa doxing account ‘Anonymous Comrade Collective’ revealed: ex-journo Hilary Elizabeth Sargent of Roslindale, MA

Disclaimer: The Justice Report utterly denounces the act of “doxing” and recognizes it as a tool widely used by bad actors to intimidate, harass, and divide communities for strictly dishonest purposes. The subject of the following article is so prolific in its doxing of innocent, private people, however, that we feel morally and ethically compelled to report on their identity. Our communities deserve the right to know about the individuals they might share space with.

Hilary Elizabeth Sargent, of Roslindale, MA aka the “Anonymous Comrade Collective.”

The identity behind the prolific “Antifa” doxing blog, the Anonymous Comrade Collective, has finally been revealed. Thanks to the combined efforts of Justice Report staff as well as data obtained by a concerned citizen employed in the tech industry, we were able to confirm beyond a reasonable doubt that the user behind the salacious Twitter handle and left-wing extremist blog site is none other than the infamous former Boston Globe journalist, Hilary Elizabeth Sargent, of Roslindale, MA.

Sargent, a licensed Massachusetts private investigator and a marketing analyst for the temp hiring company, Kelly’s Services, regularly engaged in behavior that was unbecoming of either position. Under the “Anoncommie” pseudonym, Sargent would go on to insult, slander, and release in detail, the private information of ordinary citizens who simply exercised their first amendment right to freedom of speech.

Hilary Sargent of Roslindale, MA present at court for failed sexual harassment accusations. Photo WBZ-TV

Some examples of her morally reprehensible handiwork include harassing and intimidating a pregnant woman in her third trimester, waiting to dox an underage girl in Kentucky until the day of her eighteenth birthday, and threatening the livelihood of a low-income worker employed at Family Dollar. At one point, after she was confronted with the obituary of a right-wing activist, Hilary Sargent ghoulishly commented via Anoncommie “one down…”

A collage of just some of Hilary Sargent’s vitriolic hate expressed towards her White targets.

By uncovering the places of employment and preening through social media for family ties, Sargent would coordinate raids and targeted harassment alongside other Antifa accounts in order to get people fired from their jobs, destroy personal relationships, and make life miserable for those with whom she disagreed with politically.

Jewish Antifa agent, Talia Ben Ora aka “Talia Jane” collaborates by amplifying an Anoncommie dox of a pregnant woman.

“to publicly identify or publish private information about (someone) especially as a form of punishment or revenge”

“Doxing” definition per Merriam Webster Dictionary

To make matters worse, Sargent would publish many of these dox reports and slanderous tweets while actively on the clock for Kelly’s Services. Simply put: her anti-White hate was being paid for with company time. The fruits of her unfettered leftist extremism, when combined with her access to the vastly powerful public records database, LexisNexis, have been sourced by public-facing journalists at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

An example of two SPLC “Hatewatch” articles that clearly sourced Hilary Sargent’s Anoncommie blog for their own “research.” All sensitive information has been redacted to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

What was long speculated was now confirmed: that there exists a veritable information laundering ring, with Hilary Sargent of Roslindale, MA doing the lion’s share of unethical doxing under an anonymous cover, allowing journalists at the SPLC to formulate career-killing news articles against innocent people which could then be proliferated worldwide.

All of this could only be made possible, of course, with the unethically gathered information first published by Anoncommie’s prolific blog and Twitter posts.

The Background

Thanks to a tip submitted to us by a protected source in the IT industry, the Justice Report was able to track a verified Comcast IP address of Anoncommie to a physical location in Burlington, MA. The address—which was independently confirmed that it couldn’t be spoofed by a 3rd party VPN service—was tracked to a very specific two-mile radius around an area of North Boston that contained Hilary Sargent’s office park.

Alongside an overwhelming amount of evidence accrued through simple investigation techniques, we were able to confidently confirm Sargent was the source behind a years-long campaign of targeted harassment and malicious behavior aimed exclusively at White people.

Hilary Sargent, an ex-journalist for various publications including the Boston Globe and left-wing extremist site, The Informant, once made a name for herself on Twitter by covering the emergent alt-right movement in the wake of President Donald Trump’s electoral success. Her fame culminated with a series of articles breathlessly covering the life of right-wing influencer Christopher Cantwell after his 2020 arrest by the F.B.I.

When she was still publically facing, Sargent would often stalk and report on high-profile right-wing activists and report her findings on her now gutted Twitter account, @lilsarg

Then in the early 2020s—seemingly overnight—Hilary Sargent went semi-inactive, no longer tweeting original content on her main account @lilsarg. The account, which had accumulated a massive collection of over 7,000 tweets made since 2009, went dormant, only “retweeting” or “liking” other tweets made by similar left-wing journalists, activists, and personalities.

While taking a step back from social media is not exactly breaking news, what was curious was the rise of a new Twitter account that had entered the Antifa scene which appeared to fill the void in Sargent’s absence. Enter the “Anonymous Comrade Collective,” an account that posits itself as a group of left-wing “citizen journalists,” which quickly began to dox, harass, and intimidate White Nationalists, America first conservatives, southern secessionists, first-amendment protected protestors, legitimate businesses, and even innocent families.

At the time of this article, the blog, which serves as an archive of private information, photographs, public information records, and residential information, had collected the identities of well over 40 private people across different posts. Many of the articles openly encourage readers to call in and “register a complaint” with their employers.

So far, not a single person doxed in this manner is non-White.

Hilary Sargent under the Anoncommie pseudonym would often launch malicious call-in campaigns, urging their leftist followers to harass and intimidate the employers of right-wing citizens in an attempt to provoke a termination. She would then brag when it worked.

Included in the long list of racially and politically-targeted individuals chosen by Anoncommie a.k.a Hilary Sargent of Roslindale, MA, were those with significant prominence, fame, or influence in their respective political spheres. The first of these doxes, interestingly enough, were individuals who once had regular engagement with the previously mentioned, Christopher Cantwell.

To add to these growing suspicions, Anoncommie’s tweets and blogposts often read as a direct mirror to the inactive @lilsarg, complete with an uncanny writing style, left-wing vocabulary, and a tendency to use expletives and “all-caps” lettering to evoke an emphasis. Another trait that we were quick to connect between the two—supposedly different—Twitter users, was their braggadocious, often over-confident demeanor when it came to tweeting. The account always makes sure it has the last word in any interaction. The headstrong demands, quips, and emoji-laded attempts at humor were so similar, it was almost a foregone conclusion.

A collage of @lilsarg and @anoncommiestan’s many sadistically anti-White tweets

While the evidence was still circumstantial at best, the Justice Report, armed with a leaked IP address, believed it had enough to test the theory and find out if the long-suspected identity of the “Anonymous Comrade Collective” was correct.

The Investigation

Our investigation began by simply looking up Hilary Sargent’s current place of employment, which was made public on the business networking website, Linkedin. Per the “experience” page, Sargent openly flaunts her position as a Strategic Marketing Insights Consultant for Kelly’s Services, a career she began in 2020 and is currently employed in.

A quick search on Google Maps revealed that Kelly’s Services at one point operated a Burlington office, however, it closed due to Covid and switched to a work-from-home setting roughly the same time our IP address was first leaked. The location of the office fell within the two-mile radius gleaned from the Comcast IP address submitted by our confidential source. But we couldn’t end our investigation there!

In addition to Twitter, Hilary Sargent takes her leftist talking points and engages in prolonged political debates in the comment sections on LinkedIn

In order to prove that Anoncommie, aka Hilary Sargent of Roslindale MA, was still employed at Kelly’s Services, the Justice Report contacted the company and very quickly confirmed with several employees—including some managers—that Hilary Sargent was indeed still employed and, in fact, retained the same position as listed on her LinkedIn profile.

Through a few phone calls, we obtained her internal email address, position, and even a rundown of employee benefits (up to four weeks of PTO, 4 mental health days, a chance to join “Alliance Groups” and the company’s new push for better diversity, equity, and inclusion.)

When we publically confronted Anoncommie on Twitter using information that proved without a shadow of a doubt that the mysterious, radical leftist behind the Twitter handle was indeed Hilary Sargent, a curious development happened. The usual cocky hubris was gone. Instead, we were blocked immediately.

While “Anoncommie” has a long history of trolling those that comment negatively on her posts, we were banned instantly for being supportive and using her real first name.

Simultaneously, Sargent’s original Twitter account, @lilsarg, which had thousands of tweets and engagements since its creation in 2009, had changed its profile picture to a black field and had begun to frantically scrub many of its tweets and “likes” from the platform—including likes she had made to her own posts on the Anoncommie account which occurred quite frequently.

Before scrubbing her main Twitter account, Sargent would regularly like her own posts made on the Anoncommie account

We would have walked away from the investigation had Sargent not acted so rashly on both Anoncommie and @lilsarg accounts. But by now it was settled: it appeared Hilary was sweating, and to our social media team, the self-censorship was appearing like an admission of guilt. The Justice Report had all it needed to go public with the discovery.

Anoncommie’s and her overly cocksure attitude once claimed they would never retreat, but when confronted with their true identity, they appeared to retreat almost immediately.

Profile of Anti-White Hate: Hilary Sargent

Hilary Sargent, the blueblooded daughter of clinical psychologist Susan Pickman Sargent and Architectural firm founder, Fitzwilliam Sargent, grew up in a version of the United States that is completely alien to most everyday people. Having a distant relative in the renowned English landscape painter John Singer Sargent, and “swindler and con man” Joseph Charles Van Ausdell, Hilary found herself a part of an elite, liberal New England aristocracy which was able to tap into a vast network of wealth, influence, and a life of abject privilege.

Alongside her brother George Sargent, the now CEO of Arnold Advertising, Hilary would quickly adopt a political worldview that would keep her well-rooted in the upper crust of American society: by gaining praise and prestige by advancing anti-White hatred online while politically oppressing White members of the lower class.

Sargent’s press ID during an internship. Photo courtesy of @lilsarg Twitter account.

Having attended the illustrious Milton Academy, whose alumni include Robert F. Kennedy and Anglo-American poet T.S. Eliot, Sargent would later be accepted into Boston College, where her studies would soon propel her into a career in journalism. From 1998-1999, she worked at the Boston Globe newspaper as an assistant, then as an intern, and eventually ascended to a senior editor in 2014. At one point, she was embroiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit with her lead editor, Brian McGrory. The investigation cleared McGrory of any wrongdoing.

Sargent was also the brainchild behind the infographic website Chart Girl, which tracked mainstream political stories, public figures, and events. Her gimmick involved making the finer details of these stories more easily consumable by the greater public in the form of stylized charts. The creation of such a site proved to be a grim foreshadowing of her future role as a salacious, leftist spymaster, switching gears from mainstream topics to focus instead on the private lives of American citizens exclusively for their race and political beliefs.

Hilary Sargent and Joseph Ramadei, photo NYT

In 2009, Hilary married Joseph Ramadei, a Cornell graduate and lawyer at an interfaith wedding ordained by Rabbi Mark Newton and officiated at the Harvard Club of Boston. Together, they would have a son, “Dash.” The marriage ultimately failed, however, and eventually, they would divorce. Ramadei would gain custody of their son as well as their lavish suburban home, forcing Hilary Sargent to seek living arrangements in her current neighborhood of Roslindale, MA.

It’s interesting to note that despite having come from such a prominent background and with access to near limitless opportunity, she chose the handle “Anonymous Comrade” or “Anoncommie” to masquerade as a communist member of the downtrodden workers that most Antifa claim to represent. According to one former victim of Sargent’s malicious doxing who was willing to speak on the record with the Justice Report, the irony is palpable.

“Imagine one of your distant ancestors is, Sargent, the painter, and your a dog mom who spends all day on Twitter. Ha!”

Anonymous former victim of Anoncommie

It’s unknown what lies in store for Hilary Elizabeth Sargent of Roslindale, MA, or the Anoncommie Twitter account/blog site, but according to a recent post on Twitter—which appeared recently after our investigation into her involvement with the extremist handle became clear—she may be attempting to dump whatever information she has on hand in a last-ditch effort to intimidate independent journalists and private citizens over the holidays.

Hilary Sargent aka Anoncommie’s threat of future dox material dated 12/15 which threatens unknown victims with the intent to ruin their holiday season. She calls it “Doxmas”

Self-proclaimed “anti-fascists” have long pretended to fight on behalf of the common man, only to be exposed as federal informants, capitalists, unhinged pedophiles, members of a trust fund elite, or common street thugs. In June, an Antifa radio host was arrested for the trafficking and rape of a Canadian child south of Portland, Oregon. In 2021, notorious Anti-fascist doxxer Christian Exoo aka “Anti-Fash Gordon” was embroiled in a sex abuse scandal that led to his ostracization from the greater Antifa scene. Exoo is currently being sued for doxing an innocent New Jersey resident and getting him fired based on his political beliefs.

The Justice Report reached out to Hilary Sargent, aka “Anoncommie,” aka the “Anonymous Comrade Collective” for comment. She denied any involvement.

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