Black suspect executes 16-year-old White girl with handgun for refusing to pick up a bag of marijuana off the floor

Burlington, KY- A 16-year-old White girl was executed on Tuesday after being shot in the head at an area home in northern Kentucky. The reason? She refused to retrieve a fallen bag of marijuana after an 18-year-old Black man demanded that she pick it up off the floor.

Boone Country deputies first responded to reports of a shooting in Burlington a little after two in the morning. That’s when they found the body of White, 16-year-old Scarlett Tucker, dead from a gunshot wound in the bedroom of the domicile.

16-year-old Scarlett Tucker, the latest casualty of black violence. Photo courtesy of Facebook

With the help of a group of cooperating eyewitnesses, investigators eventually pieced together the story, placing 18-year-old Demarkus Hedges—who is Black—as the main suspect in this particularly gruesome crime.

Initially reported by Local 12, Police claim that the hours leading up to Tucker’s shooting death was a simple night out on the town. A group of people, which contained two 18-year-olds, a 17-year-old, the suspect, Demarkus Hedges, and the victim, Scarlett Tucker, traveled together to Cincinnati and Covington before finally retiring to a home in Burlington belonging to another 18-year-old woman. The names and races of these witnesses have so far gone unreported.

18-year-old Demarkus Hedges

The unnamed witnesses then told Police that at some point after they arrived, a small bag of marijuana had fallen to the ground in a bedroom of the home. Demarkus then demanded that Tucker pick it up off the floor. When she refused his request, the witnesses told police he then aimed a handgun at Tucker’s head and pulled the trigger, killing her instantly.

After delivering the fatal blow, the witnesses asserted that Demarkus then fled the home, speeding away in a 2010 maroon Nissan Maxima. For a time, Demarkus was on the loose and evading law enforcement, but he eventually turned himself into the U.S. Marshals Service in Covington. For his alleged role in the murder of 16-year-old Scarlett Tucker, Hedges has been charged with murder, tampering with evidence, and unlawful transaction with a minor.

Scarlett Tucker, Facebook photo collage

Since Kentucky law defines “unlawful transaction with a minor” as “assisting or causing a minor to engage in illegal controlled substances other than marijuana or salvia” (unless that offense involves commercial sexual activity), the broad wording of the statute could be interpreted that Demarkus may have enticed the 16-year-old Tucker with drugs in exchange for sex at some point before her slaying. The Justice Report could not verify this theory, however.

The suspect remains in custody at the Boone County Detention Center on a justifiable 1 million dollar bond.

Demarkus “Mooksters” Hedges, headshot courtesy of WKRC Cincinnati

While the alleged anti-White killer currently sits behind bars, the murder of Scarlett Tucker has left a crowd of friends and family to mourn her sudden, tragic death. “Scarlett, my 16-year-old niece, was murdered last night in a crime so unimaginable we are having a hard time processing what happened,” said Darina Estep, the victim’s Aunt. “Our family is devastated. The loss of a child is something no parent should have to endure.”

“My sister Kelly is still adjusting to the loss of our mother, who passed less than 2 weeks ago. She now has to plan a funeral for her child.”

Darina Estep, Aunt of Scarlett Tucker

But while many have shown their love in the wake of this savage north Kentucky murder, not everyone is sympathetic to Scarlett and her family. Elsewhere on the internet, friends of the suspected killer, Demarkus “Mooksters” Hedges, have stubbornly tried to deny his involvement and, in some cases, have even taken to blaming the victim for her own slaying.

Facebook post containing several pro-suspect comments.

“It wasn’t on purpose,” read one Facebook comment from an anonymous account that suggests they have unreported knowledge of the incident. “The clip wasn’t even in the gun.”

“Mark basically lived at my house for the past year… I went to his high school graduation,” Said Erica Norton, a White conservative Trump fan and member of the “Republican Women of Warren County” Facebook group who purportedly had an intimate history with the suspect. “…his baseball games, took him on vacation with my kids. He called me mom, and was always good to my kids. I have a really hard time believing he would do this on purpose. He doesn’t have that in him.”

Erica Norton, MAGA mom conservative and pro-Black Facebook activist.

“The media is twisting this into something that it definitely was not. This baby just turned 18 not that long ago. I personally took him to take his temps test, and he was so excited when he passed.. calling his Mom and Nanna, so we could all share in his accomplishment.”

“This is a young kid, who made a poor, deadly decision. Unfortunately, it cost a beautiful child her life. Which I do not discount in the least and cannot imagine what her family is going through. It could have been one of my daughters.”

“But I cannot sit by and let him be portrayed as some monster who shot a ‘16 year old girl in the head for not picking up a bag of weed..”

Trump Republican, Erica Norton, Facebook Post

The worst comments of all, however, came from several accounts that recklessly attempted to shift blame away from the adult Black male and back onto the underage, White victim.

Additional gaslighting provided by White Facebook user Christina Emmons Taylor.

It’s currently unknown if area prosecutors plan on issuing hate crimes charges to the accused Black murderer Demarkus Hedges. The Justice Report has reached out to law enforcement officials for comment but did not hear back for an immediate response. In the meantime, in order to cover the costs of a funeral, a GoFundMe has been set up to assist the Tucker family in their trying times.

According to the US Government data aggregator, Data USA, Burlington, Kentucky, still stands as a supermajority White city, clocking in at a respectable 86.5% non-Hispanic White. But with only 4.33% of the city’s population represented by Blacks, violent Black crime still manages to find a way to blossom deep within predominantly White spaces. Simply put, despite the seemingly minuscule amount of African Americans that happen to live in Burlington, Scarlett Tucker still found herself victimized by Black crime, and her family must now find a way to live on without a prodigal daughter, caring sister, and beloved niece.

Facebook comment from concerned local

Acts of despicable anti-White gun violence at the hands of Black men are nothing new in regions of the United States hit hardest by the opioid epidemic. In 2021, a talented White tattoo artist, Jesse Reynolds, was gunned down over a cigarette in nearby Louisville, Kentucky. The alleged Black murderer, Laron Spalding, was once arrested for making terroristic threats and had a laundry list of prior crimes under his belt. In May, a father-to-be was gunned down by a Black shoplifter at an Ohio Walmart for attempting to stop a robbery in progress. The suspect was out on bond for a different crime, no thanks to an activist Republican judge.

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