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Police chief targeting White EMS workers lauded for radical anti-White policies in past

Springfield, IL – Two White EMS workers charged with murder in the alcohol-withdrawal death of a Black man now face an uphill battle after it has been revealed that Springfield, IL Police Chief Ken Scarlette is politically affiliated with anti-White causes.

Ken Scarlette was appointed in February of 2022 after interviews with the Springfield NAACP representative Robert Moore and the BLM-supporting Mayor Jim Langfelder.

Former U.S. Marshall Robert Moore of the Illinois NAACP.

Less than two months after being appointed, Scarlette oversaw the public shaming of an officer accused of posting anti-Semitic memes online. In a show of force, Scarlette used his position to order 75 of his officers to appear in uniform at a city council meeting to determine the fate of Officer Aaron Nichols.

For expressing his political beliefs, Nichols was ‘doxed’ as part of a campaign by the semi-anonymous antifascist “group” the “Anonymous Comrades Collective” who violated the 4th Amendment right of a law enforcement officer with whom they disagreed politically. Under this informal partnership with Antifa, police departments across the country are able to outsource political vetting to private groups like “Anoncommie,” which are outside the realm of public accountability and do not need to get warrants from courts.

A backup account for the Anonymous Comrades Collective, aka Hilary Sargent of Roslindale, MA.

At the political hearing before the city council, Scarlette addressed BLM activists both inside and outside the council, declaring that Nichols should be decertified as an officer. Black activist Aldermen Shawn Gregory and Roy Williams Jr. praised the proceedings saying “We’ll continue to push that hate’s not going to be accepted in Springfield.” During the BLM riots, Alderman Gregory’s pro-riot stance was defended by Mayor Langfelder, who once administratively punished an officer who tepidly criticized Gregory in a Facebook post.

In September of 2022, Scarlette was invited to speak in Pittsburg, PA at the “Eradicate Hate Summit.” Scarlette’s address to the conference is not available on the Summit’s website or public YouTube channel. The summit was organized by an array of anti-White political activists like Jeff Finklestein and Michelle Rosenthal.

According to the 2020 Census, Springfield, IL is a 20% Black city and 71% White. Blacks make up just 12% of the population nationally. Springfield is considered one of the most violent cities in the country, and one of the most likely places in Illinois for a person to be victimized by any form of crime. A resurgence in homicides specifically is being led by spiking crime among the Black population nationwide.

Despite the crime surge among Black perpetrators, anti-White political activism which blames White people for the world’s ills has never been higher. The activity ranges from petty, like in the case of a senior NAACP official berating and intimidating hotel staff as she called an Ohio State Senator, to absolutely life-changing, as in the case of the two Springfield EMTs charged with murder, as we reported last week.

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