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White children beaten, ‘left traumatized,’ forced to support Black Lives Matter at Ohio elementary school

Springfield, OH – Police are currently investigating whether a hate crime occurred after a group of Black juveniles forced a group of White students to affirm their support for “Black Lives Matter” against their will.

According to an incident report, one student was punched in the head while others were forced to kneel. Despite occurring at an elementary school, the ages of the victims are reported to be anywhere from 11 and 12 years old.

The Justice Report has reached out to the Springfield (Ohio) Police Department as well as Kenwood Elementary Principal, Evan Hunsaker, seeking clarification about the age and enrollment status of both the victims and the attackers.

A sign for Kenwood Elementary School showcasing a commitment to “Safe students.”

While the Justice Report has requested a copy of the police incident report, local media outlet “News Center 7” has obtained the document and stated that students were apparently “chased down and escorted, dragged, or carried to the playground.”

The victims, who have remained nameless due to their age, were reportedly filmed during the incident as they were forced to make pro-Black statements. It is still not clear, however, if the footage was uploaded to social media, but the Justice Report urges concerned citizens who may have access to the footage to share it with our news team who can be reached at [email protected]

According to News Center 7, Springfield Police Department is still investigating if White students being beaten and forced to say “Black Lives Matter” by Black students constitutes a hate crime or not. The Springfield Police Department is in touch with prosecutors, but so far has not decided to press charges.

Meanwhile, on the social media platform, Facebook, parents at the school are rightfully asking where the teachers were when the alleged politically-motivated violence began. According to one local Facebook commenter, Erin Hablitzel, the playground is small and easy to observe:

Photos courtesy of Facebook

Father Ryan Springer is quoted by News 7, asking “where was the school staff when all of this was taking place? And why? Why did it get so far?”

Dayton news site 247 Now quotes father Daniel Harr, saying “Just because it’s reversed, it’s still not alright.” Harr appears to refer to the theory that White mistreatment of Blacks is commonplace in America, despite a sea of incidents which appear to contradict the claim.

“He’s like he’s kind of traumatized… he’s not a very confrontational kid. He’s got one of the biggest hearts of any kid around,” said parent Ashley Henthorne in an Interview with WHIO7. Henthorne claims she was never notified when the incident took place on Friday and noticed a change in the behavior of her son. When she learned about the outrageous event on the following Monday, however, she then claims her son’s mood swing suddenly “made sense.”

Users on Krystal Harr’s Facebook page were livid at the apparent injustice and shared their own experiences from nearby Lagonda Elementary, where a child was once forced to kneel and bark like a dog.

Comments from Krystal Harr’s Facebook Page. Photos courtesy of Facebook

Remarkable in the above exchange is that parent Daniel Harr is isolated enough from mainstream sources that he still uses the antiquated “colored” terminology for Blacks, yet still managed to absorb the narrative that Black attacks on Whites are “reverse” racism.

“He’s like he’s kind of traumatized… he’s not a very confrontational kid. He’s got one of the biggest hearts of any kid around,”

Ashley Henthorne, Interview WHIO7

Despite thorough portrayals of Black Americans by the media as victims of senseless brutality by “evil” Whites, Blacks are responsible for incredible, persistent outbursts of violence towards Whites. According to the right-wing news site, VDare, Whites make up a vast minority of mass shooters while Blacks continue to dominate the list despite their relatively small population in the United States.

Just last week in New Jersey, high school freshman Adriana Kuch was driven to suicide after beatings and continued social media harassment by non-White students. The suspects uploaded videos of their planned attacks and tagged Adriana in videos repeatedly. Despite complaints to police and the school, father Michael Kuch lost his daughter to suicide the next day. While the superintendent resigned, no hate crime charges have been filed against the Black criminals in part because the father has requested that citizens be “colorblind” when the victim is White.

This interpretation of racial politics by the victim’s father has been largely panned by the public, who see the incident through a purely racial lens, with non-Whites lying about the incident and Whites demanding that hate crimes charges be issued to those responsible.

After a month of Black violence toward Whites in schools, parents are starting to keep kids home. Kenwood parent Krystal Harr said of her 11-year-old:

He’s not excited to go to school at all. He’s terrified.

Parents Ashley Henthorne and Ryan Springer said of their 12-year-old:

“I kept asking him all weekend, are you OK? And he kept saying, ‘yeah, I’m just tired’ And then when I got the phone call Monday about it, I was like, ‘that explained a lot.’” Henthrone [sic] said.

Their son has not wanted to return to school and Springer said he is “traumatized.”

“He’s like he’s kind of traumatized… he’s not a very confrontational kid. He’s got one of the biggest hearts of any kid around,” [Springer] said.

In an unusual turn, Springfield School District has completely refused to comment on the culture of anti-White violence in their schools saying, “this is now a police matter, no additional information is available at this time.” Per social media posts, parents feel that they have been left with no recourse other than pulling their kids out of school and seeking justice for the wrongs being facilitated by an anti-White system.

The Justice Report will follow this story closely and monitor the actions of Springfield Police and school administrators.

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