White mother beaten, buried in shallow grave by NAACP supporter and ‘Black-owned’ business owner

Limerick, PA – A special needs child is now without his mother after a local Black activist allegedly killed a White, 43-year-old mother in her own home, wrapping the body in plastic and dumping her in a shallow grave. The reason? Police allege it all stemmed from finances relating to a failed business venture.

On January 3rd, a local mother, Jennifer Brown, was reported missing after she failed to show up to collect her son from school. That’s when 33-year-old Blair Watts, Brown’s business partner, showed up to pick the child up in her stead.

Jennifer Brown (left) and business partner, Blair Watts (right)

Watts would later tell police during interrogation that he picked up Brown’s son for a planned sleepover with Watts’s own three children, as Brown and Watts were friends. But the claim appeared suspicious since Brown hadn’t sent her son to school with his usual doses of medication which the boy has to take twice daily.

Montgomery County Attorney General Kevin Steele cited the missing medication as evidence during a recent press conference. While still unclear, locals never called the police when they witnessed a strange Black man take a special needs White boy into his car, possibly due to an underlying fear surrounding White complaints of suspicious behavior in Black Americans.

The search for Jennifer Brown finally concluded when her corpse was discovered on the 18th when Police, together with a specially trained cadaver dog, found the body and matched plastic debris inside Watts’ house alongside a smashed hair clip nearby.

Blair Watts is confirmed to be the same individual as Anthony Watts-Richardson.

“That became significant to say this likely happened [the murder] in her house and then she was taken to this shallow grave,” said Kevin Steele from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

“There’s no gunshot, there’s no knife, and no toxicology that would explain her death,” Steele continued. “But you have broken ribs while she was still alive and that leads to the conclusion this was a homicide by unspecified means.” 

A close neighbor of Brown, Nancy Decker, said of her friend’s death, “It’s shocking, you don’t know what to expect and by now we’re numb.” Decker claims she has lived next door to the late Jennifer Brown for five years. She even spoke with her the day before she was reported missing.

But while local police and prosecutors are puzzled as to the potential motives behind the violent, premeditated killing, the Justice Report discovered that less than two years ago, Blair Watts openly celebrated what some have called the “public lynching” of three White men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery on the social media platform, Facebook.

Watts, who was slated to open a restaurant with the late Jennifer Brown, also posed proudly with the President of the Pottstown NAACP. On another occasion, he wore a shirt saying, “I Am Black History.”

According to Steele, several of Brown’s possessions—like her keys and phone—were in Watts’ physical custody after Brown’s disappearance. Most notably, police claim that $17,000 were transferred using the money exchange application, Cashapp, after Watts was able to successfully turn off two-factor authentication.

“But you have broken ribs while she was still alive and that leads to the conclusion this was a homicide by unspecified means.” 

Kevin Steele, Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office

Watts and Brown were partners in a soul food restaurant venture. However, they do not appear to have been romantically connected due to a Police investigation with a person identified as Watts’ girlfriend. His girlfriend’s vehicle was apparently used to transport Brown’s body, but the female is not named as a suspect at this time.

Watts’ restaurant, “Birdie’s Kitchen”, bills itself as a Black “soul food” restaurant.

Almost exactly one year before covering Watts’ alleged murder, CBS Philadelphia actually featured and profiled Watts’ “Big-Hearted Hospitality” in a promotional news article. Despite his friendly and warm media presence, Watts now faces charges of first-degree murder, third-degree murder, device fraud, and other related charges, including tampering with a corpse.

Watts has been placed in custody at the Montgomery County jail and was denied bail.

Unlike the popular media caricature of the jolly, soulful Black entrepreneur, Black Americans increasingly are making news with their actual accomplishments: soaring murders of Whites. Just this month, an accomplished surgeon and pediatrician, Michael John Mammone, was allegedly rammed by a car and subsequently stabbed to death by a 39-year-old Black man ranting about “white privilege.” In January, two teenagers were executed by a Black career criminal armed with a silenced pistol in Wisconsin. The suspect was released from prison seventeen years early after getting locked up for a different crime.

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