Jewish Orange County DA sees no motive after White doctor killed over “White privilege”


Dana Point, CA – On the afternoon of Wednesday, February 1st, White emergency room physician, Michael John Mammone, was brutally killed on the Pacific Coast Highway as he was riding his bicycle. The alleged suspect is none other than 39-year-old Vanroy Evan Smith, a mixed-race Black man and father of two with a lengthy social media history that espoused anti-White political ideology.

The incident began when Dr. Mammone stopped at a red light on his bicycle at the intersection with Crown Valley Parkway in the center-right lane. Then, without warning, a white Lexus appears to swerve out of the far-right lane striking Mammone—launching him 40 feet across the intersection where he and his wrecked bicycle landed in a heap.

Dr. Michael Mammone, left, and Vanroy Smith, right.

The driver, Smith—who is of mixed-race Jamaican ancestry—exited his car armed with a knife, as reported by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. But instead of offering aid to Mammone—as is required by California traffic laws after an incident—Vanroy Smith proceeded to stab Mammone several times as he lay stunned from the impact of the vehicle.

During the savage attack, a neighbor overheard Smith ranting and raving about “White privilege” as Mammone continued to bleed on the asphalt. Mammone would later succumb to his injuries in the very ER he worked in, at Providence Mission Hospital—Laguna Beach. Bystanders managed to detain Smith until Orange County Sheriffs arrived on the scene.

39-year-old Vanroy Evan Smith. Photos courtesy of Facebook.

He was later arrested and charged with murder and use of a deadly weapon, but so far has not been charged with hate crimes. The Sheriff’s Department stated they found no known connection between the assailant and the victim. When pressed about the potential anti-White animus on the part of Smith, they claimed to be unaware of the allegations.

Days later on February 10th, Smith admitted in an incoherent jailhouse interview that he had absolutely no regrets in the anti-White killing. Citing Biblical scripture-specifically from the Book of Revelation-Smith claimed that he was actually the “King of Kings” and entitled to commit the murder because he is both “God and Jesus Christ.”

“I have killed,” Smith, said in an interview while incarcerated at Orange County’s Intake Release Center in Santa Ana. “If they knew who I was, they would let me walk out of here. They would fulfill all my desires.”

Pleading not guilty, Smith is being held on only 1 million dollars bail. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 25 years to life. Should hate crime enhancements be brought, California judges have the discretion to add between one to four additional years in prison, plus an additional year if the defendant was previously convicted of a hate crime.

While mainstream outlets like Fox News reported on the racial motivation behind the attack, the racial aspect of the attack has been suppressed in other, more establishment-aligned press. One anonymous citizen, “Sam,” claimed he helped restrain Smith, who appeared to be totally calm after the attack. Calling into the John and Ken Radio Show, Sam describes how Vanroy Smith said, “This is just the first. You do it to us, so we do it to you. This will happen again.” Sam then claimed to be confused about whether the message was directed toward White people or cyclists in general.

Despite multiple witness accounts detailing the suspect’s use of anti-White language used immediately after the attack, Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer—who is Jewish—could find no motive whatsoever, saying:

An innocent man is dead because he took a bike ride to enjoy a beautiful California day along the beach and he was hit with a car and stabbed to death by someone he apparently never met. The murder of a complete stranger in broad daylight for what appears to be absolutely no reason is the stuff of nightmares. This unspeakable act of violence will forever haunt those who were forced to witness it and it will forever haunt all of those who loved Dr. Mammone.

The Justice Report has contacted the District Attorney’s office for comment but is still awaiting a response.

Google suppression of search engine results in the days after the attack first unfolded.

DA Spitzer, formerly a California Assemblyman, has earned a reputation as a tough-on-crime Republican politician and was previously accused of racism for comments made about a death penalty case and supposedly overcharging of Blacks (2% of the population and 6% of defendants). Spitzer, however, defended himself: “Spitzer reportedly ​​gave a tearful address in which he said he’s not a racist, noting he was born Jewish and once traveled to Selma, Alabama,” Voice of OC reported.

During his 2002 campaign for California State Assembly, the Jewish Journal profiled Spitzer and other Jewish Republican candidates. The primary issue, according to Bobby Zemel of the Republican Jewish Coalition, was not crime prevention or immigration but Israel:

I think recent events in the Middle East have really shaken American Jewry into understanding which party has the interest of Israel in mind. I think they are especially attracted to Jews in leadership within the Republican Party in Orange County.

Vanroy Smith’s alleged anti-White remarks align with many of his posts on social media. reported that Smith identifies with the Rastafarian Movement “the Twelve Tribes of Israel,” is a superfan of Marvel Entertainment’s Black Panther, and publically supported Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s calls for “racial justice” during the 2020 United States Presidential election.

The Justice Report reached out to the Chief of Staff of the National Justice Party, Tony Hovater, for his reaction to the story. “Crimes like this are going to happen more and more frequently. The system cannot, for one second, acknowledge this—particularly in cases where you have a Jewish District Attorney,” Hovater explained. “Todd Spitzer is in a bind, but they refuse to acknowledge the motive. If they do it one time, it means they must do it nationwide. Then, the truth of this anti-White system would be revealed.”

“Todd Spitzer is in a bind but they refuse to acknowledge the motive. If they do it one time, it means they must do it nationwide. Then, the truth of this anti-White system would be revealed.

Tony Hovater

The late Mammone has worked in an emergency room setting at Providence Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach since 2011. He graduated from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California in 1993. As a medical professional, he often worked with children, most notably out of Mission Viejo and the Children’s Hospital of Orange County in Santa Ana.

Dr. Mammone, in Pink, with his wife, Julie. Photo courtesy Facebook

‘We are stunned by this devastating tragedy,” The entire Mission Hospital family is grieving over the loss of an incredible physician and friend…We will honor Dr. Mammone’s dedication to our community and passion for medicine by continuing to provide exceptional care.’

Mission Hospital Public Statement

The state of California has a history of aggressively promoting “equity” policies based on “White privilege” narratives with the intent of marginalizing over one-third of the State’s population. Meanwhile, institutions that citizens rely upon only serve to actively cover up the violence, censor those who talk about it, or mobilize left-wing extremist groups to harass critics of systemic anti-White bias.

Still, the violence continues to ramp up. In the dawning days of the new year, a White teenage boy from Sharon, Pennsylvania, was gunned down by a Black man while riding his bicycle with his friends. Although the mainstream media focused on the killer’s admission of guilt and subsequent “apology” for the crime, locals in the community were left stunned by the incident.

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