The National Justice Party protests, demands justice for White family after racially motivated shooting

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Gastonia, North Carolina – Local supporters and Central Committee members of the pro-White advocacy organization, the National Justice Party (NJP), marched to demand justice for the White family on Saturday.

The latest round of on-the-ground political action comes in the wake of a racially motivated shooting in Gastonia, where a 6-year-old White girl and her family were allegedly shot by a Black man after he admitted he didn’t “like White people.”

Sources on the ground reported over forty pro-White activists in attendance, supported by NJP Central Committee members Warren and Alan Balogh. The gathering of support for the White family would prove to be the NJP’s largest protest for White civil rights in 2023.

Warren Balogh delivered a speech with NJP volunteers and supporters in front of the Gaston County Courthouse. Photo: Justice Report.

“The National Justice Party protests the shooting of Kinsley White and her father by a Black thug who made hateful racial statements about White people before opening fire on the family and children playing in the area,” read a post from the official National Justice Party Telegram channel. “So far neither local law enforcement nor the federal government have put hate crime charges on the table, despite the shooter’s clear racial motives.”

Marching in front of the Gaston County Courthouse, volunteers and supporters of the NJP chanted “Justice for the Whites” and “Anti-White violence, media silence” while carrying signs that read “Jamie White is a hero,” and “Hate Crimes Charges NOW!”

Warren Balogh on the megaphone. Photo: Justice Report.

Among the protestors were prolific pro-White activists Carson Kilgrey and Warren Balogh, a central committee member of the National Justice Party and co-host of the podcast Modern Politics on Odysee. “Protect our children!” Shouted Kilgrey from the megaphone as protestors walked without opposition in front of the Gaston County Courthouse. “Justice now!”

“They will call it tragic, and they will call it random, but they will never call it anti-White,” said Kilgrey during an emotional speech. “The media has compared this attack to other events where shooters wrongfully believe they are under a threat. But the media is doing what it always does, covering the anti-White bias of a Black attacker.”

Carson Kilgrey on the Megaphone. Photo: Justice Report.

“The people that run our media cannot allow white Americans to see the truth. The truth is that White Americans in this country are acceptable targets for violence and retribution,” he continued. “We demand hate crimes charges, and to accept any less is to accept the lie from the media, that this was a ‘wrong place’ shooting and not an anti-White attack…National Justice now!”

“We are the National Justice Party! We’re here in Gastonia to demand Hate crimes charges for Robert Singletary, who shot a little White girl nine days ago and who made anti-White statements,” said Warren Balogh. “Jamie White is a hero, he took a bullet in the back for his little girl. The Associated Press edited out his anti-White statements, and it’s a media cover-up.”

“White civil rights are being violated all across the country. Protestors at January 6th…are currently rotting in a Washington DC Dungeon under Merrick Garland’s justice system,” he continued. “When that little girl caught that piece of shrapnel in her cheek, they saw her as White, and that’s why she didn’t get invited to the White House like Ralph Yarl. We’re here not just for Kinsley or her hero father, but for all White kids.”

Warren Balogh on the megaphone. Photo: Justice Report

“You say we’re out here for ‘white supremacy?’ We’re White advocates, and all we want is equal justice under the law,” said Balogh. “Right now, we don’t have that. We have a two-tiered justice system. If you’re a working-class White person in this country, you have a big target on your back.”

The protest concluded without any opposition or counter-protest and was considered generally well-received. During a live stream broadcast of the protest, dozens of passing cars could be heard honking their horns in support of the NJP action. At one point, a local pedestrian approached and agreed with the calls for justice.

Informational flyer distributed by NJP activists at the scene of the protest. Photo: Justice Report

Meanwhile, on Telegram, many users began to report a sudden influx of hefty donations made to the White family GoFundMe campaign in the wake of the protest. As of 6:43 pm, a disclaimer appeared on the page which read, “314 people just donated,” followed by an anonymous donation of $10,000 dollars, and one $500 donation from a user named “National Justice Party Supporter.”

By the end of the day, the campaign had amassed over $113,000 for the struggling family.

“…If you have any doubts in your mind if the NJP is effective or not. I will tell you right now that the GoFundMe campaign for the White family has been highly successful in the past several hours,” read a widely forwarded post from one Telegram user. “I guarantee you that the efforts done by our men in the NJP like Carson Kilgrey are why this family will be able to at least pay medical bills so they can physically heal and not live under debt.”

The NJP’s decision to march in support of the White family came on the heels of a violent shooting spree that erupted on April 28th. Police arrested a 24-year-old Black man, Robert Louis Singletary, in Florida after a days-long manhunt involving multiple Police agencies. Singletary was charged for allegedly opening fire on a neighbor after it was widely reported that a basketball had rolled into his yard.

Singletary then turned to Jamie White, told him he didn’t like White people, and then fired some more, reportedly hitting Mr. White in the lungs and liver as he shielded his 6-year-old daughter, Kinsley, from deadly harm.

Warren Balogh on the megaphone. Photo: Justice Report.

“I said, ‘Man, that’s crazy.’ And he said, “You white? I don’t even like white people. I’m going to shoot your a–,” White said in an interview with the Gaston Gazette after being released from the hospital. “He fires three shots…My daughter’s right in front of me. I look and see, and he’s pointing straight at my daughter and I just run towards my daughter… and that’s when he got me.”

“They will call it tragic, and they will call it random, but they will never call it anti-White,”

National Justice Party organizer, Carson Kilgrey

White Americans often fall victim to bouts of horrific gun violence at the hands of non-White people. On the 18th, two White men were shot and killed at two different locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Police arrested a Black man who confessed to the shooting spree not long after his second attack. In January, a 16-year-old White girl was brutally shot to death after refusing to pick up a bag of marijuana off the floor. Police arrested an 18-year-old Black man who had a social media history of lionizing firearms and domestic violence.

The National Justice Party and its supporters have marched on behalf of the civil rights of White Americans multiple times this year alone. In January, the NJP protested outside of a Tennessee-based craft brewery hosting an all-ages drag show. Due to ramping political pressure, the brewery was forced to change its venue to over 18 years of age and permanently close its doors weeks later. In March, NJP volunteers marched in Knoxville, Tennessee, to demand the unredacted release of the transexual mass shooter Audrey Hale’s manifesto and called for a “trans-free” Tennessee.

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