Exclusive – Antifa ‘Stop Cop City’ organizer has ties to national security apparatus and federal government

Atlanta, Georgia – The identity of an Antifa “Stop Cop City” organizer, charged with the stalking and harassment of a law enforcement officer late last month, has been revealed.

After an independent investigation, the Justice Report determined that one of the suspects involved has intimate ties to a national security expert for the U.S. federal government—and according to a shocking report—was even being financially reimbursed by an antifascist fund to perform activism.

According to booking information first published by the Georgia Gazette, 36-year-old Caroline “Charley” Hart Tennenbaum (nee Appleton) was one of three antifascists arrested and charged with the harassment and misdemeanor stalking of an Atlanta police officer in Bartow County.

Abeeku Osei “Wednesday” Vassall (left), Caroline “Charley” Hart Tennenbaum (nee Appleton) (Center), Julia Dupuis (Right) Photos: Police Report & Georgia Gazette.

The incident began when Tennenbaum and two other anti-White extremists—including a California-based journalist who previously wrote for Vox—were allegedly cruising around Cartersville, a suburb of Atlanta, in a White box van painted with crude pictures of trees.

The three were reportedly distributing flyers around the neighborhood that contained the personal details and residential information of a local Atlanta cop, who was allegedly involved in the shooting death of the homosexual antifa militant Manuel Paez Terán, aka Tortuguita, back in January. In addition to personally driving by and pointing at his home, the report continues to allege that all three were observed placing flyers—which scurriously accused the individual of murder—directly onto neighborhood mailboxes in an attempt to intimidate and retaliate against the officer for actions occurring on duty.

“When I made contact with [VICTIM #1] at his residence, he advised me that he saw subjects in the van driving around the neighborhood handing out fliers,” said the report. “The fliers were being placed on the outside of mailboxes and were calling [VICTIM #1] a murderer for his actions in Atlanta during a protest of the Atlanta PD Training facility.”

Flyers like these were posted all over Atlanta, which showcase the full names and residential addresses of the police officers who allegedly shot and killed an armed Stop Cop City Antifa member Manuel Paez Terán aka “Tortuguita.”

On May 15th, however, two of the three Antifa were granted a $20,000 bond by Bartow County Superior Court Judge Suzanne H. Smith. Tennenbaum, however, was denied that bond after it came to light during a bail hearing that she was receiving payments to conduct this kind of harassment by the “Forest Defense Fund,” a monetary front for Antifa activism, and was currently being investigated for her connection to the greater movement.

The two antifa who were released were listed as Abeeku Osei “Wednesday” Vassall of Atlanta, and Julia Dupuis, of Fullerton, California. Notably, Dupuis is a long-time amateur writer and “anti-racist activist” with a history of arrests. Her experiences were once published in Vox and include an apologist puff piece that downplayed Antifa’s rioting during the summer of 2020, and was once mentioned in the Los Angeles Times for alleging sexual harassment on behalf of the LAPD after she was called “it” by a cop during a mass arrest.

Caroline “Charley” Hart Appleton-Tennenbaum. Photos: Facebook

Tennenbaum, however, appeared to be a far more elusive individual. When news first broke of the April arrests, Tennenbaum’s name appeared strategically hidden from the public by major publications and antifascist social media accounts. According to an original report from The Intercept, Tennenbaum was only referred to as an “activist named Charley,” citing that they requested their last name be withheld due to “security concerns.”

Using publically available information, however, the Justice Report was able to positively identify “Charley” as Caroline Hart Tennenbaum—maiden name Appleton—of Atlanta, Georgia. Appleton is a lifelong student with roots in California, Arizona, and Colorado. A radical they/them gender activist who first earned her master’s degree in biology from the University of Arizona in 2005-2012, she soon followed that credential by receiving a master’s degree in public policy from 2013-2016 at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Caroline “Charley” Hart Appleton-Tennenbaum at Starter Bikes in Atlanta. Photos: Facebook.

In Atlanta, Appleton began volunteering part-time as a bicycle repair technician at the Antifa-affiliated bicycle store, Starter Bikes, where she eventually rose to a manager position. On her personal Instagram, Appleton proudly labels herself as a “bicyclist, mechanic, philosopher, biologist, urban observer, and tabletop gamer.”

During her time at Starter Bikes, she would go on to host events catered exclusively to homosexual “femmes,” which would bar “cis men” from entry. She reportedly also worked for The Pecan Milk Co-op, a Black-owned vegan beverage company, and as a “camp counselor” for “targeted communities” in Atlanta.

While working at Starter Bikes, it appears Appleton became involved in a domestic partnership with a fellow manager and President of the company, Michael Jacob Tennenbaum. The couple married in a small, non-denominational wedding ceremony officiated by Atlanta Wedding Ceremonies. She ultimately took his last name. According to Appleton’s Facebook page, she would move with Michael to Barcelona, Spain, at the end of 2019, a move which appears to coincide with Michael’s 8-month stint as a postdoctoral researcher with the University of Barcelona, per his Linkedin.

A positive Facebook review Appleton made for Atlanta Wedding Ceremonies confirms her marriage status. The review still appears on web searches despite the post being deleted/made private on Facebook.
Appleton’s admission of living in Spain coincides with her husband, Michael Tennenbaum’s, Postdoctoral studies in Barcelona. Screenshot: Linkedin & Facebook

Once the couple returned to the United States, it appears Appleton’s devotion to extremist politics became professional. According to reporting done by the Atlanta Community Press Collective, the anarchist propaganda wing of the “Stop Cop City” movement, Appleton would start receiving financial “reimbursements” for her activism. The months-long efforts of Antifa to “stop cop city” have resulted in violent riots, which have caused untold thousands of dollars in property damage since they began.

Michael Tennenbaum, we soon discovered, would prove to be a curious choice in a romantic partner, considering the kinds of leftist-extremist values typically espoused by paid, antifascist organizers like Appleton. That’s because, according to Michael’s Linkedin, he once spent two years working as a “Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the Department of Energy” and is currently employed with the U.S. Federal Government as a “Senior Data Scientist” for the Government Accountability Office (GAO). He also notes in his bio that he has worked on “national security policy.”

Federal government employee, Michael Jacob Tennenbaum (left) and Caroline “Charley” Hart Appleton-Tennenbaum (center). Photo: Facebook.

Commonly referred to as the “Congressional watchdog,” Michael’s position at GAO grants him unique access to the levers of power. As a functionary for the ruling class, Michael’s data is used to publish reports which reveal inadequacies inside many different U.S. institutions. His tireless work at the GAO helps the federal government fine-tune the military-industrial complex, finds ways to increase the effectiveness of the FBI, reinforces the tax collection infrastructure of the IRS, and even brainstorms ways to strengthen the management capabilities of the federal prison system.

Suddenly, it became clear why publications like the Intercept would omit Appleton’s name for “security concerns.” Simply put, while Caroline was out flyering the dox material of American citizens on neighborhood mailboxes and fighting to “defend the forest,” her husband was hard at work advancing the interests of a regime responsible for killing 4.5 million people in overseas wars since 9/11.

“Soft matter physicist with 7+ years of research experience. Alongside physics, I have worked on bicycle infrastructure and national security policy. Experience in managing multiple projects simultaneously, as well as managing researchers in lab and volunteers in bicycle cooperatives.”

Michael Jacob Tennenbaum, Linkedin Bio

The news shouldn’t come as a shock, however. According to a 2016 news post on Georgia Tech’s website, Tennenbaum and Appleton once openly collaborated with Georgia Tech cops in an effort to reinforce bicycle rules and ordinances around campus. Their suggestions for advancing government roadway restrictions in favor of bicyclists appeared well received and promised an “ongoing partnership” with law enforcement.

Michael Jacob Tennenbaum, President of Starter Bikes, featured in a Georgia Tech news article. Photos: Linkedin & Georgia Tech website.

While Caroline Hart Tennenbaum currently sits in custody awaiting trial at the Bartow County Jail, her Antifa comrades have already begun to embellish upon the poor conditions of her incarceration to gain public sympathy online. If found guilty, all three anti-White extremists could face a fine and up to twenty years behind bars.

To get a better understanding of why the Stop Cop City and Defend the Forest movements have attracted so much attention from Antifa militants since it first began, the Justice Report spoke to Richard Dunne, an administrator for the anti-White hate monitor, The William McKinley Institute (WKMI).

“There’s a lot of people involved in Stop Cop City from all over the country. It’s been drawing a lot of Anti-White extremists from places like South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama, who have flocked to Atlanta since it’s central to all of these states in the south,” explained Dunne. “They have many different groups, cells, and collectives: from anarchists, leftist rifle associations, transgender extremist groups, and communists.”

Anarchist violence has only escalated in Atlanta as their demands to stop the construction of a police training center continue to fall on deaf ears from city officials. Anarchists of every stripe have used forest preservation as a casus belli to wage a fiery war against construction crews, police, and their equipment. In the wake of the death of “Tortuguita,” however, anarchist groups online openly called for “retaliation” and widespread “reciprocal violence.”

So far, forty-two antifa rioters are facing state domestic terrorism charges for their alleged role in the riots, but Dunne believes law enforcement has only just begun.

“Their ongoing riots have brought a lot of attention from the local Police, especially with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation,” he continued. “Judging what we know about Antifa’s actions so far, someone like Caroline Tennenbaum could easily fit the profile of one of these extremists, and she shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Members of the anti-White extremist movement commonly referred to as “Antifa” have often been exposed for their wealthy, privileged, and sheltered backgrounds despite masquerading as champions of the lower classes. In March, several notable black bloc Antifa were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism after a fiery riot involving improvised weapons, explosives, and Molotov cocktails. Among those apprehended were the transgendered “daughter” of a millionaire executive, a staff lawyer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the wealthy son of an Italian furniture designer. In April, a Justice Report investigation revealed that “GothBotAlice,” a prolific doxer who often advocated for “militant antifascism” in the streets, was revealed to be Heidi K. Lightenburger, a wealthy trust fund beneficiary from Denver, Colorado whose family owns commercial properties all over the state.

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