Conservatives falsely identify active club member as Jewish college student over a thousand miles away

Oregon City, Oregon – On Saturday, a shocking video of a violent scuffle between two different street activist groups— local Proud Boys and the Pacific Northwest-based Rose City Nationalists— was circulated on Twitter and other mainstream social media platforms. In the video, black and yellow-clad Proud Boys can be seen attacking active club members, while trying to remove their masks during a protest against Oregon’s first-ever Pride Night festival.

As this video went viral, many institutional conservative figures used their social media accounts to amplify a troubling narrative that has only grown in popularity in the last year: that masked pro-White protesters are federal agents, and that their identities should be made public whenever possible.

Reddit post of the video

Conservative Twitter users and online “patriots” would then go on to attempt to identify or “dox” one of the unmasked active club members, accusing a Jewish San Fernando Valley-based political science major — Ben Brody — of being one of the unmasked “neo-nazis.” In addition to mislabeling members of Rose City Nationalists as members of Patriot Front—a different pro-White organization—Twitter users went on to allege that both sides were also secretly members of the anti-White extremist group, Antifa.

Jewish political science major, Ben Brody (left) and unmasked Rose City Nationalist (right).

Numerous conservative websites only contributed fuel to the fire, including Zerohedge, the Daily Dot, and other right-leaning websites, which would pen their own articles amplifying the dox. Even Elon Musk himself joined in the fray, using his multi-million follower personal Twitter account to reply to a now-deleted Zerohedge Twitter post to amplify the allegations and to make the baseless claim that the situation was “a probable false flag.” In another reply, Musk would go even further, calling on his followers to “always remove their masks.”

Elon Musk replied to a now-deleted Zerohedge Tweet amplifying the dox

An independent investigation by the Justice Report concerning Bed Brody’s alleged involvement with the Rose City Nationalists, however, quickly revealed the truth. As it turns out, conservative “research” into the activist’s identity was not only incorrect but completely divorced from reality. After the viral video and accusations first went public, Brody would outright deny the claims in a statement made in a video released on his personal Instagram account.

A receipt shown on Instagram by Broody

Alongside the video, Brody also produced a receipt of a purchase made at the Boba Tea House in Riverside, California on the same day, an establishment over 1,000 miles away from where the brawl took place in Oregon City, Oregon. He also provided further proof of his non-involvement by releasing another video, in which he can clearly be seen in CCTV footage inside the HK BBQ HOUSE also in Riverside, California on the exact same day.

Muddying America’s already dysfunctional political landscape with outright false information appears to be a growing trend with conservative pundits. Independent journalist and founding Central Committee member of the National Justice Party, Joseph Jordan, called the phenomena of conservatives who participated in the false identification of Ben Brody as mere “slanderers” and “fabulists,” and a product of “Jewish power.”

“Musk and the fake news site promoting this hoax is textbook defamation. This Jew is in for a nice payday when all is said and done,” he wrote on the social media app, Telegram. “Once these conservative cowards burn their hand on the stove you won’t see them do this again…The few people who tell the truth are censored, while fabulists and slanderers are promoted to the role of conservative thought leaders. Jewish power in action.”

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While Elon Musk promotes and shamelessly engages in the spreading of what can only be considered fake news on his multi-billion dollar social media platform, the Justice Report has been ruthlessly banned and censored from Twitter since December 2022. The suppression of free speech is so bad, that Twitter users can no longer share links to the Justice Report site, despite Musk’s promise to elevate “citizen journalism” on the platform.

While there are countless online media outlets that specialize in gossip, yellow journalism, and outright fake news, there is only a handful that seek to provide their readers with reliable and accurate information. In these dark times, the Justice Report would like to remind its readers to consider supporting independent media outlets. By signing up to become an official Justice Report supporter on our Odysee channel, you can help us fight back against the fake news and censorship of both the left and right.

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