The Antifa files: how a leaked ‘Antifa’ chatroom revealed guns, gangs, and grooming in the Palmetto State – Part IV

The ‘Antifa Files’ were made possible in part by extremist Discord leaks published by our friends at the William McKinley Institute. The leaks in their entirety are now publicly available and can be accessed here.

Charleston, South Carolina – A private online chatroom, composed of a broad coalition of various antifascist organizations fighting for what they call “transgender liberation” has suffered a catastrophic leak.

Thanks to a bombshell trove of compromised data and chatroom member logs—made publicly available by the anti-White hate monitor, the William McKinley Institute (WMKI)—the Justice Report was able to profile dozens of formerly “anonymous” antifascists and have composed our comprehensive findings into a series that we’re now calling: the Antifa Files.

The data, which originated from a Discord chatroom that had been scraped by an anonymous source, belongs to a transgender extremist group titled “Organize Against Transphobia (OAT).”

In the previous installment of the Antifa Filesthe Justice Report’s team of investigators, researchers, and citizen journalists used information made public through WMKI to profile Timothy “Caboose” Johnson, a heavily armed, former boogaloo boy who used OAT’s Discord to promote the killing of police officers and assisted OAT during drag events. Using the power of social media, Caboose held regular “study sessions” on communist theory and even offered anarchist and pro-trans support for minors.

In Part IV of the Antifa Files, we’ll take a closer look at OAT’s propaganda wing, its vast web of connections to local media, and the man who makes it all happen: former journalist and State Museum attendant Hayden R. Blakeney of Columbia, South Carolina.

Northern flag in South wind’s flutter

Since the Justice Report first began profiling members of the antifascist cell Organize Against Transphobia, the group has continued its public-facing mission of radical trans advocacy to lackluster results. So far, their activism has come in the form of official press releases and statements made to the org’s social media accounts. On OAT’s official Twitter, for instance, they’ve signaled solidarity with run-of-the-mill leftist causes and have promoted the cash app accounts of their own members in order to grift from anarchist circles.

OAT will use Twitter to fundraise for anonymous “disabled trans women” who turn out to be their own rank-and-file members. Photos: Facebook, OAT Discord Leaks.

While their official statements are loosely edited, crudely aping the press releases of more formal political organizations, OAT’s tweets are tractionless affairs, only receiving likes, shares, and comments from fellow members or affiliated Antifa groups in the area. In the end, their attempt at public relations comes off as a fickle gaslighting operation, tricking a hapless public into believing their trans advocacy message is anything but a justification for their true goal: antifascist organizing.

So, who is behind the floundering, front-facing propaganda for OAT? Thanks to Discord leaks made publicly available by the anti-White hate monitor, the William McKinley Institute, researchers were able to quickly root out the anarchist cell’s chief propagandist as Hayden R. Blakeney of Columbia, South Carolina, a one-time multimedia journalist and full-time education advisor for the state’s own History Museum, according to his LinkedIn page.

Blakeney, who opted to use a profile picture of his face and posts under the Discord handle @Hayden, is perhaps OAT’s busiest organizer, contributing hundreds of messages in the chat. After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in multimedia journalism, Blakeney was at one point an aspiring journalist for not one but two different college newspapers, including the editorially independent Daily Gamecock, as well as the Carolina News and Reporter, an outlet run by students enrolled in the school’s capstone journalism class.

Since graduating, Blakeney attempted to continue his journalistic efforts through a Medium blog, penning a single article on Joe Biden. While his journalism appears to have gone dormant for some time, he established his leftist bonafides very early on when, in October of 2019, he interviewed presidential hopeful and socialist icon, Bernie Sanders, using the opportunity to ask softball questions about abortion and criminal justice reform.

Now that he has fully embraced anti-white extremism, however, Blakeney uses his journalistic skills to edit and proofread OAT’s public statements and press releases. He—along with several other members—is a part of OAT’s social media team, working to make the organization appear as “normie-friendly” as possible while concealing the group’s militant antifascist core.

Hayden R. Blakeney interviewing Senator Bernie Sanders during the 2020 Presidential election cycle. Photo: Daily Gamecock.

“Are we thinking a statement is necessary for this bill? I’ll put my hat in for a draft if so,” said Blakeney in a post dated January 18th. When fellow OAT organizer “Jacklyn” said he would like a statement on the issue, Blakeney replied, “I’ll get crackin.”

While Blakeney helps tailor suit OAT’s anarchist propaganda for a mass audience, he will often engage in acts of public outreach that are, comparatively, much lower stakes. In one series of posts, Blakeney admitted to being a key player in OAT’s promotional sticker racket. Along with his partners and fellow OAT Organizers, Jacklyn, and Kiral, Blakeney acquires hundreds of stickers with antifascist imagery and then distributes them to others in the mail or by passing them out at potluck dinners, which he personally hosts at his residence in Columbia.

“I got them from Jacklyn, I’m just the post office for them,” said Blakeney in a post about the stickers dated January 8th. “People say what they want, I’ll put them in an envelope with your name,” he said in another.

While Blakeney may come off as an intellectual tasked with support work, his interests reveal that he is no stranger to direct action or paramilitary endeavors. According to posts made by Blakeney to his personal Facebook, the now twenty-something is heavily involved in “airsoft,” a non-lethal combat sport involving realistic weapons and military gear. Blakeney is also interested in historical reenactment and other make-believe wargames. In 2022, he took a series of photos of a local Revolutionary War encampment depicting the Battle of Huck’s Defeat, and often frames conversations using historical battles as an analogy.

Facebook and Discord posts made by Blakeneney reveal a fascination with paramilitary endeavors, including the American Civil War, Airsoft, and historical reenactment. Photos: Facebook, Antifa Discord Leaks.

His main interests, however, always appear to re-center on the American Civil War, with a particular reverence for the Union and its Generals. To underline his obsession with the era, Blakeney owns a mock uniform of his own, and in one conversation dated January 7th, he recommended that OAT members bring swords to counter-protests, linking to a reenactment website that offered them for sale. He also once honored the infamous abolitionist terrorist, John Brown, likening him as a “hero.”

“Say John Brown was a hero,” said Blakeney in a post dated May 10th.

Blakeney often toys with the idea of evolving his fascination with the paramilitary into something much more serious. When it comes to OAT, these fantasies have been made manifest numerous times. According to a post made by Discord user “Seb it/they,” Blakeney was directly credited for organizing the group’s SRA-led combat scenarios and “making them possible.” In March, Blakeney—along with People’s Army Antifa member and fellow OAT Organizer, Priest—engaged in a long discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of obscure pieces of military kit, in which he appears to own many.

In a series of posts dated December of 2022, Blakeney even aired his desires to create his own chapter of the infamous John Brown Gun Club, an organization whose regional cells have had ties to violent acts of domestic terrorism across the United States. After debating the legality of doing so, other members of the chat—an actual member of the John Brown Gun Club and the SRA—appear to advise him on different exploitable loopholes to make it happen.

“I’ve talked about putting together a local jbgc (John Brown Gun Club) so it’s not a non-profit but we shall see,” admitted Blakeney in a post dated December 30th.

Hayden Blakeneny has promoted the Antifascist concept of “diversity of tactics” multiple times in the chats and has embraced militancy, doxing, and harassment as viable strategies. Photo: Facebook, Discord Leaks.

While there are no known branches of the JBGC in Columbia, South Carolina, one can only assume that if one were ever to materialize, Blakeney would be its master, based on his enthusiastic comments and history of anti-White extremism. Regardless, Blakeney is an avowed Antifa, willing to do whatever is necessary to actualize the paradoxical mission of anarchist revolution against the neo-liberal state he performs rear-guard actions for. In a post dated May 4th, Blakeney expressed his belief in a “diversity of tactics,” an anarchist term long believed to be code for acts of violence, harassment, intimidation, and doxing of any individual they perceive to be an adversary of the status quo.

“I find sometimes in leftist spaces that there is an urge to discover some non-falsifiable perfectionist tactic or strategy,” he said in a post dated May 4th. “I think a better plan is to accept multiple tactics while understanding their downsides and embracing their upsides.”

When fellow OAT member and person of color, James Harley, was being gaslighted and harassed for speaking up about an alleged assault they witnessed at a Laura Loomer speaking event in April, Blakeney was one of the loudest to chime in, screen capping and posting OAT’s point of unity #2—a diversity of tactics—in order to shut down further discussion. “If anyone wants to simply debate fascists or play nice with them, there are avenues to do that,” he said. “This is not one of them.”

Hayden R. Blakeney attended an Uncensored America event at the University of South Carolina, which later turned violent, according to OAT member James Harley. Blakeney was later tasked to create propaganda to downplay the group’s actions. Photo: UA Livestreams.

In the aftermath of the Loomer event, Blakeney was tasked with combing through video footage for any and all clips that could be spun to make conservative students—and even Laura Loomer herself—appear negatively. Facing accusations from the Loomer camp that OAT had thrown rocks at Loomer’s car as it sped away that evening, Blakeney desperately scrubbed through videos to disprove the claim.

“If anyone wants to simply debate fascists or play nice with them, there are avenues to do that. This is not one of them.”

Hayden R. Blakeney of Columbia, South Carolina, Antifa Discord Leaks

Hours later, Blakeney walked away empty-handed, lamenting that there was nothing he could use as propaganda. More importantly, there was no way to disprove claims that OAT didn’t resort to violence, a concept that Blakeney admits wouldn’t have “been a bad thing” had it happened,

“We don’t really have a good way to refute the idea that nobody threw rocks at her car (not saying that would have been a bad thing),” admitted Blakeney in a winded post on April 20th. “I won’t be able to hide people’s identities without blocking almost all of the frame. Which makes it look like we are intentionally hiding what they are accusing us of.”

“I was looking for ones of her getting flustered by the crowd but I haven’t found any,” he said. “Ideally we would get a mem-able clip of her getting mad or looking silly but idk if we have that,” he said in another.

Hayden R. Blakeney’s professional resume. Photo: Hayden Blakeney Wixsite.

The event ended in a whimper for OAT, with Blakeney giving up on propaganda and instead redirecting his anger onto a conservative student for alleged acts of “fatphobia and transphobia.” According to the leaked chats, Blakeney leveraged the state by filing a Title IX report against his target a week later, claiming the student had somehow trampled on OAT’s civil rights to “gender equity” based on unsubstantiated comments. “Just a heads up, I filed a title xi report against (the student) specifically for last week’s event,” he said.

Blakeney’s petty rage against those he opposes politically takes on many forms but almost always targets those who prescribe a Christian or conservative worldview. In a January 18th conversation with fellow OAT members about a bill that would ban the genital mutilation of minors seeking to transition to the opposite sex, Blakeney seethed, referring to working-class Americans who sponsored the bill as “beyond evil.”

“Any Just god would send these fuckers to the depths of hell,” he added.

Despite the edgy, antifascist veneer, Blakeney is a dyed-in-the-wool neoliberal, subscribing to many different left-wing political beliefs made evident in his articles and now leaked chat posts. He appears to have inherited his progressive drive from his mother, Jenny Haga Blakeney, an Executive Administrative Coordinator at Together Women Rise, a liberal NGO dedicated to “achieving global gender equality.”

Blakeney family, including Hayden (left) and Jenny Haga Blakeney (center right) circa 2019. Photos: Jenny Haga Blakeney Facebook, Together Women Rise Website.

The influential feminist non-profit opened its doors in Greenville, SC, in the early 2000s, fighting to ensure that women have “economic power, political voice, and leadership representation across the world.” Its award-winning founders have established “partnerships” with the Peace Corps, UNICEF, and Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn initiative and now operate chapters across the United States. Living under the same roof as a dedicated neo-liberal activist may have helped mold Blakeney into the Antifa commissar he is today.

Like many members of OAT, Blakeney’s soft exterior and willingness to engage in mainline politics should not be mistaken for weakness or irrelevancy. Behind the hipster glasses and high cheekbones is a Ulysses S. Grant quoting, John Brown worshipping, history fanatic, whose fierce obsession with the Union side of the American Civil War shines through multiple times within the leaks.

A collage showcasing Blakeney’s obsession with the American Civil War and reverence for Union Generals and other escapades. Photos: Discord Leaks.

Despite the war having ended over 180 years ago, Blakeney’s seething hatred of “Confederates” blazes on, often projecting the long-defeated enemy onto working-class White southerners he is forced to live around. In a post dated April 26th, Blakeney admitted to having missed one of OAT’s scheduled social media team meetings because he was too busy gleefully celebrating the anniversary of the burning of Columbia, South Carolina, by Union General William T. Sherman in 1865. The horrific event saw the absolute destruction of a third of the city’s historical buildings by fire, overseen by Union garrison troops that looted and—in some cases—even prolonged the fires themselves in a drunken rampage.

“Any Just god would send these fuckers (White conservatives) to the depths of hell,”

Hayden R. Blakeney of Columbia, South Carolina, Antifa Discord Leaks

One can only speculate as to why the American Civil War plays such a prominent influence in the life of Hayden Blakeney. Still, a family legacy of military service and regime servitude appears to be an underlying factor. Two of Hayden’s paternal great-uncles fought in the 125th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, a Union regiment directly involved in carrying out Sherman’s bloody and infamous “march to the sea.” Blakeney compiled research into his family line into a Google Docs document and happily shared the information in a public Facebook post dated Jan 29, 2021.

In addition to written propaganda, Blakeney uses his photojournalism skills to good measure, capturing OAT promotional materials during events and warehousing them at his home in Columbia. Screenshot: Antifa Discord Leaks.

While Blakeney will never have the satisfaction of razing southern cities and putting its White populace to the sword—much like his ancestors did—he appears to enjoy living vicariously through their tales, brutal history, and folklore. To him, the never-ending battle of reconstruction is still raging, not satisfied until southern communities wholly adopt the peculiar institution of transgenderism and anti-White hatred, imposed on them by the tyrannical echo of history’s so-called “winners.”

“Good lesson for us to learn, no amount of shouting in front of the statehouse will change things,” said Blakeney in a haunting post dated January 19th. “We need to make that change inevitable.”

Currently, Hayden Blakeney lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and works as an Education Assistant at the South Carolina State Museum, a four-story natural history, art, and science facility in the heart of downtown. He lives with his parakeet and his cat, Ernie, and likes to bike, hike, play dress-up, and conduct military drills with local elements of the SRA, JBGC, and of course, OAT. Blakeney is a member of his local Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and has been known to frequent “The Witching Hour,” a pro-LGBTQ “metaphysical supply” shop whose managers are OAT organizers and also present in the Discord chat.

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Bylines of OAT

Some say that the pen is mightier than the sword. Luckily for OAT, Hayden Blakeney wields both of these weapons in the organization’s ongoing fight against the normal and their working-class values.

Having personally edited, proofread, and penned social media posts for the group, Blakeney also plays a key role in networking with other prominent area journalists. He leverages his connections and guarantees OAT a media spotlight whenever it slinks out from the darkness and into the real world.

Journalists inside OAT’s Discord server include Hayden Blakeney (left), Liana “Li” Hubbard (center), and Jack Bingham (right). Photos: LinkedIn, Facebook

In reality, OAT actually has multiple journalists embedded inside the organization. In addition to Blakeney, Discord member logs have revealed that Liana “li” Hubbard, a female-to-male transexual journalist for the SC-based Post and Courier, was also a member of the chat! Posting as user @lieehubb and referred to as “our P&C friend,” Hubbard would monitor OAT’s actions on campus at the University of South Carolina.

Eventually, she would drop from the chat, asking that OAT organizers instead email her directly for tips and leads, according to a post dated March 22nd. Discord leaks revealed she personally received emails from OAT’s drug-addled leader, and Charleston People’s Army Antifa member, Cyprus Hartford.

“Press attention is almost always good, especially from an established paper like P&C (Post and Courier.),” Blakeney said in a post dated February 16th. “We should always keep people’s identities as a priority…If they are comfortable, say something to them.”

In addition to Hubbard, Blakeney also boasts of being in direct contact with Tom Corwin, science and medicine reporter for the Augusta Chronicle and regular contributor to the Post and Courier. In fact, the two appear to have a good rapport, exchanging messages in a bid to keep OAT in Corwin’s headlines. In a post dated March 28th, Blakeney explains to his fellow Antifa that Corwin had been following the group’s activities and even “expressed interest” in giving them sympathetic coverage in a forthcoming article.

“Tom Corwin from P&C asked me if we will have people at the subcommittee tomorrow,” said Blakeney. “and expressed interest in writing a story on OAT.”

Hayden Blakeneny’s connections to prominent local journalists included Tom Corwin of the liberal Post and Courier, and award-winning Black journalist Crush Rush. Both, Blakeney assured, were sympathetic to OAT’s mission. Photos: Post and Courier, Crush Rush website.

In a post dated Dec 23rd, 2022, Blakeney continued to flip through his Rolodex of journalistic contacts, this time offering not one—but two—”sympathetic photographers” willing to volunteer support for OAT. Linking two different Instagram accounts, Blakeney name-dropped “Crush Rush,” a local Black photographer who has been credited in publications such as HuffPost, Buzzfeed, the Daily News, and more.

The other account linked belongs to Antifa photographer Sean Rayford of the “Angry Whale,” a Columbia-based “webzine” that chronicles political rallies, environmental issues, and stories of racial “injustice” in a visual form. While the Angry Whale blog has been around since 2012, Rayford broke ground with neoliberal audiences when in 2017, he attended the infamous Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Aligning with anti-fascist counter-protestors and snapping dozens of high-resolution photos of right-wing dissidents, he snidely referred to his political opposition as “White supremacists” while maintaining a pro-Antifa narrative dispersed throughout his blog.

Blakeney’s suggestion to use fellow Antifa, Sean Rayford, was not by mere chance. According to leaked discord posts, Blakeney and other members of OAT were well acquainted with Rayford, and together, they attended a live music show at Columbia’s historical hipster dive, the New Brookland Tavern.

Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA, 2017. Photo: Sean Rayford, the Angry Whale.

“Two sympathetic photographers,” said Blakeney in a post dated December 23rd, 2022, after linking both Crush Rush and Sean Rayford. “Sean was at that show at nbt (New Brookline Tavern) we went to lol.”

While Corwin, Rush, and Rayford did not appear to be members of the leaked Antifa Discord themselves, the same could not be said for Spartanburg, South Carolina-based, award-winning journalist Jackson “Jack” Bingham. According to his LinkedIn, Bingham—like Blakeney—had newspaper roots at the Daily Gamecock and Carolina News and Reporter before working for several different professional outlets, including Lew Rockwell, RTO Insider, and others, according to his Muck Rack page. In one post, the highly lauded Bingham introduces himself as a freshly “enlisted” member of OAT, expressing a deep desire to get involved with “mutual aid” and help “organize” antifascism.

“Hello everyone! I’m Jack (he/him). I’m a recent USC grad who lives out in Irmo,” he proudly proclaimed in a post-dated as recently as May 7th to OAT’s Introductions chat. “I have a little bit of experience with activism, but I’m looking to get more involved with organizing and mutual aid.”

Jackson Bingham’s descent into the dark realm of leftist extremism shouldn’t come as a surprise to those paying attention. Like Blakeney, Bingham grew up in a household led by his arch-neoliberal mother, Dr. Natalie Dawn Bingham, a Spartanburg-based OBGYN and aspiring State Senator. Currently working as a professor at the University of South Carolina-Columbia School of Medicine, Dr. Bingham is running for election in South Carolina District 12, a landmass that covers parts of Greenville and Spartanburg’s west side.

Dr. Natalie Dawn Bingham, SC State Senatorial Candidate. Photo: Website Banner

According to her candidate website, Democrat Natalie Dawn lists “racism” as one of her campaign’s top priorities. “I am committed to eliminating disparities and to confronting bias and racism,” reads her website. “As South Carolina District 12 Senator, I plan to partner with people who have lived the experience of racial oppression and include their realities and concerns as I work to create plans to improve our systems.”

Dawn’s far-left politics continue into the realm of women’s contraceptive rights, where she equates unfettered access to abortion as an inalienable human right. She also uses her social status as a female Elder in a Presbyterian Church as a convenient mask to woo fence-sitting White constituents in the traditionally Red state. With anti-racism hard-coded into her political agenda, however, Natalie Dawn—along with her anarchist son—appears ready and willing to serve as an institutional functionary for the anti-White regime.

Like OAT, antifascist organizations across the United States often enjoy positive coverage from the media, enabling their campaigns of anti-White extremism and, in some cases, acts of horrific violence. Some groups will even have journalists directly embedded within their ranks, operating anonymously online or in the streets, only to spin their deeds as altruistic after the smoke settles.

In December of 2022, it was revealed that the user behind the violent and terroristic “Colorado Springs Antifa” Twitter account was journalist and ex-teacher, Heidi Beedle. The 38-year-old Beedle—a trans “woman” who admitted to lending her students sexually explicit books—had penned articles for the left-leaning Colorado Times Recorder. That same month, an independent Justice Report investigation revealed that the notorious Antifa doxing blog and Twitter account, the “Anonymous Comrade Collective” was being run in part by disgraced ex-journalist Hilary Sargent, of Roslindale, Massachusetts.

With clear evidence of doxing, harassment, paramilitary training, and now left-wing journalistic support, any doubts that “Organize Against Transphobia” isn’t a run-of-the-mill Antifascist group have long been extinguished. Stay tuned for the final installment of the Antifa Files, where we profile the identities of OAT’s rank-and-file and anyone else who may have fallen to the cutting room floor.

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