Residents outraged after Section 8 career criminal arrested inside embattled North Texas town

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Providence Village, Texas – A Black career criminal was arrested for fleeing the scene of a routine traffic stop on Saturday, crashing his vehicle and leading multiple police agencies in hot pursuit. According to residents, the heavily-armed suspect is believed to be a Section 8 tenant in Providence Village, further souring popular opinion against recent Texas legislation that makes such tenants mandatory.

According to a press release issued by the Aubrey Police Department, officers attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation in the middle of residential Providence Village. That’s when the driver suddenly sped away and crashed his vehicle, a black Chevy Malibu, on the opposite end of town. The suspect is then believed to have exited the vehicle while brandishing an assault rifle but was apprehended shortly after by a multitude of responding police agencies including the Denton County Sheriff’s Office and K9’s from Hickory Creek and Frisco Police Departments.

26-year-old career criminal and ex-convict Deadric Ameal Hadley was arrested on Saturday for a police chase through once-sleepy Providence Village, Texas. Photo: Denton County Jail

Booking records revealed the suspect to be 26-year-old Deadric Ameal Hadley, a repeat offender who has previously been arrested three times by Texas law enforcement agencies since February of 2022. The 6ft, 160lb Hadley—who is Black—now faces charges of aggravated assault of a public servant, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, evading arrest/detention with a vehicle, accident involving damage to a vehicle, as well as an outstanding warrant for a previous home robbery.

Preliminary bond calculations for Hadley’s alleged crimes exceed $700,000, and if found guilty, could face more than 25 years behind bars due to his prior convictions.

Hadley’s previous run-ins with the law are numerous, but most famously include an incident in 2015, where an 18-year-old Hadley was arrested for aggravated assault, selling narcotics, and possessing a stolen firearm in Louisiana. In 2018, he was arrested again, this time for 2 counts of attempted second-degree murder.

In that incident, Reports allege that Hadley—while attempting to collect an outstanding debt of fifty dollars—opened fire at a vehicle near his property with a 9mm handgun. Due to his status as a felony offender, Hadley was strictly barred from obtaining a firearm as early as 2018, and it is currently unknown how Hadley has continued to avoid hard prison time despite an apparent total disregard for the law.

A collage of security camera footage believed to have been taken of Deadric Ameal Hadley as he led Police on a foot pursuit throughout Providence Village (left). A photo (right) shows the black Chevy Malibu Hadley crashed before exiting with an assault rifle. Photos: Facebook, Justice Report.

“The driver exited the vehicle with a rifle and pointed it at the officer before fleeing on foot,” read the press release by Aubrey PD on Facebook. “A search of the area revealed the rifle a short distance from the scene…No shots were fired by the suspect or officers during this incident.”

While Hadley’s lifelong career in petty street criminality peaked—and ended—without bloodshed, booking documents revealed another shocking detail: his home address.

According to the Denton County Sheriff’s Office, Hadley’s registered address is listed as 9020 Cape Cod Blvd, a posh, 2,265-square-foot home directly at the center of predominantly White, Providence Village, Texas. Further research into the property uncovered the home’s current owner, and according to public records, appears to be operated as a rental unit by Chinese real estate developer, Wei Cheng, based out of Irving, California.

Ex-convict Hadley’s registered home address per Denton County is listed as 9020 Cape Cod Blvd, a 2,265-square-foot rental home boasting an expansive Master bedroom, open staircase, rocked fireplace, and access to Providence Village’s waterpark, fitness center, and hiking trails. Photos: Zillow.

The 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home with “endless” community amenities, is “zestimated” to cost a prospective tenant around $2,693 a month, per the online real estate website, Zillow. With such a hefty price tag, and with such a limited job market available to an ex-convict post-incarceration, one wonders how Hadley could afford to live in Providence Village without help from subsidized housing programs like Section 8.

Outraged residents believe that Hadley is a Section 8 recipient, or, at the very least, living with someone who was. To justify their merited claims, they point to a long list of prior crimes committed by Section 8 tenants, and now, have taken to social media to denounce the addition of yet another incident of Black crime marring the town’s once stellar record.

“Thug Mania.” Read one comment posted to Facebook by user Ron Cossette. “The suspect’s address is a PV house… Most likely Section 8. Denton Housing Authority bringing diversity and cultural enrichment to the area.”

Now-deleted Jail record information for Deadric Hadley’s latest arrest shows a litany of criminal charges, whose bond amounts exceed over $700,000 dollars. Photo: Denton County Jail Inmate Search

“The Denton Housing Authority is moving known criminals into our neighborhood without residential consent…This is illegal,” said user Nicole Stockton in a series of scathing posts. “None of us were told this nor did they disclose that when we moved in here (that) the housing rules would change and they would allow former criminals and intentionally move them here…There is now an attempted murderer that lives in our neighborhood. Stay safe.”

“Well go ahead and give a big thanx(sic) to ALL your neighbors that supported and fought for Ghetto 8 program here in PV!!,” said user Skeeter. “…This thug on the run was either visiting a Ghetto 8 home here or lives in one!!”

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The embattled town of Providence Village recently made headlines when its housing authority attempted to clamp down on an uptick in violent crime by banning Section 8 tenants. Their concerns were not unwarranted. In 2020, the sleepy, majority White town was rocked to its foundations after a White mother and her child were shot and killed in a horrific double murder launched by a Black Section 8 tenant. In 2021, the carnage continued, when a 14-year-old Black boy—from a Section 8 family—brutally stabbed a 16-year-old White boy on the pavement of a village basketball court, according to reports.

“The Denton Housing Authority is moving known criminals into our neighborhood without residential consent…There is now an attempted murderer that lives in our neighborhood. Stay safe.”

Providence Village Resident, Facebook

The housing authority’s decision was blocked, however, no thanks to bipartisan legislation at the state level. Known as HB 1193, the controversial law birthed by Democrats and embraced by Republicans tore down a long-standing right of Texans to reuse Section 8 tenants, opening up previously safe towns to unvetted Black renters flush with public assistance.

The outrage simmered. In July, however, Supporters and volunteer activists of the National Justice Party (NJP)—a pro-White advocacy organization birthed in the fire of the 2020 summer of racial reckoning—marched at the entrance of Providence Village. Offering solidarity to concerned residents, their primary mission was to oppose the passing of HB 1193, a bill that they consider to be thoroughly “anti-White.”

A protest by the National Justice Party was reported to have been widely successful, and has, so far, been the only organization willing to tackle the issue of Section 8 violence in Providence Village directly. Photo: Justice Report.

“Investor greed and perverse financial incentives from the federal government has flooded this community with Section 8 renters, and with that flood has come unimaginable violence,” said Texas NJP organizer Ryan James in a rousing speech via megaphone. “If an HOA rule decreasing the number of Blacks in an area is anti-Black, then a State law decreasing the number of Whites in an area is anti-White.”

Before HB 1193, Texas remained one of the few States in the U.S. which allowed communities to reject Section 8 recipients from moving in. Citing “racism,” that right was revoked, mostly due to the overwhelming number of Black Americans who benefit from public assistance programs like Section 8. Pro-White activists like James, however, believe that HB 1193 would not at all have been possible, if not for unprincipled “law and order” Republicans collaborating with Democrats across the aisle.

“There are actions that Texas State Republicans can take to stop this,” said James. “The National Justice Party demands that those actions be taken.”

Other than the NJP, crime-weary residents of Providence Village appear to have few advocates. When local supporters of the organization attempted to interface with individuals who may have been victims of Section 8 crime, their efforts were mocked and denigrated on social media by Black and left-leaning users. One local journalist even attempted to intimidate White residents into silence, by reporting on a supposed “police investigation” into NJP literature being lawfully disseminated in the area. The Justice Report could not verify any such investigation.

Leftists and Black residents of Providence Village took to the internet to denounce a series of NJP flyers that were issued to concerned citizens. Some even burned the flyers. Days later, Black crime struck once again. Photos: Facebook.

“NJP staged a protest outside the community July 16,” said Amber Gaudet, a non-profit fast-food reporter in a Twitter thread with little engagement. “In response to a concerned resident, the Aubrey Police Department said they are aware of the incident and have ‘initiated a report and are looking into identifying whoever distributed this.’”

One Black Facebook user, who goes by the name Bryant Wilson, appeared to prove NJP’s assertions correct, after using his Facebook account to threaten pro-White activists and their wives with violence and racially-motivated rape if he happened to see them in public. Another user, a female named Lauryn Bevis, uploaded a picture that depicted burning NJP literature in an attempt to earn social status amongst her leftist peers.

Despite claims made by anti-White ideologues in the press and on social media, horrific acts of violent crime at the hands of Black Americans have only skyrocketed in the Lone Star State, a region that studies have placed as the 11th most dangerous place to live in the US. In 2021, a 4-year-old White boy was kidnapped from his crib and stabbed to death by a Black man in nearby Dallas. The suspect, Darriynn Brown, escaped accountability when it was determined he was “incompetent to stand trial.” In 2022, Kenyan serial killer, Billy Chemirmir, was sentenced to life in prison for killing 22 elderly women in North Texas over a two-year span. His victims—mostly White women—were specifically targeted for their perceived weakness.

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