Transgender mass shooter’s leaked manifesto reveals violent anti-White hate motivation

Nashville, Tennessee – Contents of a manifesto allegedly belonging to the transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale have been leaked to the public, revealing a racially motivated desire to murder White children. The leaks were first made to conservative media through independently confirmed photographs, breaking a months-long silence on the issue by local authorities and the FBI.

“Kill those kids!!! Those crackers,” read an entry made by Hale dated February 3rd, 2023. “…going to private fancy schools with those fancy kwakis (sic) & sports backpacks w/their daddies mustangs and convertables. Fuck you little shits. I wish to shoot you weakass dicks.”

“Wanna kill all you little crackers! Bunch of little faggots w/ your white privlages(sic),” Hale continued.

An excerpt from the long-concealed manifesto of transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale. The female to male transgender would infamously go on to gun down six people, including three 9-year-old children, in a private Christian school in March. Photo: Louder with Crowder, Twitter.

The screenshots of Hale’s manifesto would go on to reveal detailed planning of the brutal massacre that she referred to as “Death Day.” In her notes, Hale prepared to “lock and load all weapons” and inflict a “high death count” on White kids she perceived to benefit from so-called “White privilege.”

“The day has finally come!” wrote Hale in one entry made the morning of her infamous and deadly spree shooting. “I can’t believe its (sic) here. Don’t know how I was able to get this far, but here I am. I’m a little nervous but excited too. Been excited for the past 2 weeks.”

“There were several times I could have been caught especially back in the summer of 2021. None of that matters now. I am almost an hour & 7 minutes away.” she continued. “Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m ready… I hope my victims aren’t.”

Hale’s manifesto would painstakingly detail every aspect of her anti-white shooting spree. She would sign off on her bigoted screed by addressing her “nana” and signing “Audrey.” Photo: Louder with Crowder.

Hale’s writings would soon reveal a latent fear that anxiety would affect her ability to kill White kids effectively. “(God let my wrath take over my anxiety) It might be 10 minutes tops. It might be 3-7. It’s gonna go quick,” she wrote. “I hope I have a high death count.” She would end the page by calling upon god and signing her “deadname” Audrey.

The now-leaked contents of Hale’s manifesto would confirm suspicions held by many in the community that her bloody rampage—which killed six, including three 9-year-old children at a predominantly White Christian school back in March—was entirely motivated by anti-White hatred. Police and federal investigators have been withholding the manifesto for months, fearing the negative impact it may have on public perception of the homosexual community writ large. Despite this, many have clamored for its release.

“Kill those kids!!! Those crackers…going to private fancy schools with those fancy kwakis (sic) & sports backpacks w/their daddies mustangs and convertables. Fuck you little shits. I wish to shoot you weakass dicks.”

Transgender mass shooter, Audrey Hale

No group demanded the manifesto’s release louder than the White civil rights organization, the National Justice Party (NJP). In April, Supporters and volunteer activists conducted a flash protest throughout the city, demanding the immediate release of the unredacted document and calling for a “trans-free Tennessee.”

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“We demand the complete and unredacted release of Audrey Hale’s Manifesto to the public, with no tampering or other political manipulation by the authorities!” said NJP organizer Carson Kilgrey at the time of the protest. “The FBI has a track record of naked political partisanship. I expect the ‘good’ people of the bureau would like nothing more than to bury or obfuscate the ideological motives of Audrey Hale’s attack on The Covenant.”

The FBI, long criticized for refusing to produce the Hale manifesto, continued its history of silence on the matter, this time by refusing to comment on the now-alleged leak.

“As this matter is being addressed by the courts, the FBI will not be commenting on the reported documents,” wrote FBI Memphis Field Office Public Affairs officer Elizabeth Clement-Webb in an email to the Daily Wire.

An email response to Daily Wire reporter Gregg Re, requesting a comment on the leak of Audrey Hale’s violently anti-White political manifesto. Photo: @gregg_re X/Twitter

The FBI’s deafening silence proves frustrating for many, especially for those who have clamored for the manifesto’s full release since Hale’s deadly rampage first unfolded in March of this year.

In one of the leaked pages, Hale claims “there were a number of times” she could have been caught in the year 2021. It is currently unknown what incidents Hale referred to in the manifesto or if the FBI had any prior knowledge of them.

The bureau’s naked unwillingness to release Hale’s hate-filled manifesto was a decision marked with significant controversy. As a result, multiple lawsuits against the FBI were filed in an effort to compel the agency to release them. The litigation appears to have done little, as authorities continue to deny any Freedom of Information Act requests submitted by journalists for more information.

Despite the obvious racial motivations now laid bare by the leaked pages, left-wing journalists and pro-homosexual ideologues have already come out to defend the mass shooter, painting her sinister motivations as merely a suicidal “tragedy.” Some would even go on to doubt the authenticity of the photos simply due to the conservative origin of the source.

“Crowder and his fans are already at work trying to spin this as a type of anti-white extremist killing,” commented the so-called anti-hate “researcher” Jared Holt on X, formerly known as Twitter. “There’s not enough in the three pages they have to support that claim. Rather, it’s a lot of suicidal and violent language, as is sadly par for course in these tragedies,”

Holt’s comments, however, failed to resonate. According to Kilgrey, the evidence now being unearthed was insurmountable and confirmed what many had already believed to be true.

“Every single authority that we count on to uphold justice has failed the people of Tennessee. It took one brave individual to unmask the true motivations of Audrey Hale, and now we know why so many efforts were made to conceal this document,” said Kilgrey in a request for a follow-up comment by the Justice Report.

“She didn’t attack The Covenant School and kill those innocent children because they were Christian or because she once attended the school and felt contempt for God. She attacked the Covenant school to kill as many White children as possible. She even prayed to God to steady her hand,” he continued.

The same forces that kept Hale’s motivations hidden for so long were still working, however. According to reports, Facebook has already begun to delete and flag accounts that post clips of the manifesto under the auspices of violating “Community Standards on violence and incitement.” Other unconfirmed reports indicated that moderators on the social media platform, Reddit, were issuing three day suspensions for mentioning the leaks.

“Facebook is now censoring the Nashville Manifesto,” said conservative pundit Stephen Crowder on X, formerly known as Twitter. Crowder initially broke the story during a live broadcast Monday morning. As a result, an official investigation was launched by the Jewish Mayor of Nashville, Freddie O’Connell.

“I have directed Wally Dietz, Metro’s Law Director, to initiate an investigation into how these images could have been released,” he said in a statement. “That investigation may involve local, state, and federal authorities. I am deeply concerned with the safety, security, and well-being of the Covenant families and all Nashvillians who are grieving.”

Mayor O’Connell’s statement made in the wake of the manifesto’s alleged leak appeared to avoid mentioning the anti-White racial aspect altogether. It also did not include the names of any of the five White victims ultimately gunned down by Hale. The decision to avoid the topic of White victimhood appeared to starkly contrast with other statements O’Connell has made in the past, mainly on his official X/Twitter, account.

Just four days after Hale’s anti-White massacre unfolded, Mayor O’Connell shockingly posted in solidarity with the trans community—not the murdered victims or their families—and suggested that Nashville instead help “build” a world inclusive of homosexuals like Hale. In other posts, O’Connell would personally masquerade as a White person and call for White police officers and so-called “supremacists” to be held accountable for perceived slights against non-Whites.

Additionally, he was but one of many mainstream voices to shift blame away from the trans murderer and onto the issues of “mental health” and advocate for tighter gun control.”

“I’m glad to see legislators meeting with Covenant School families and advocates for gun safety,” said O’Connell in a tweet dated 8/21. “I hope legislators will at least incentivize safe gun storage and productive measures for improving mental health access.”

A collection of pro-Black, pro-homosexual, and anti-White tweets made by Freddie O’Connell show a willingness by the Jewish mayor to engage on the topic of race. When it comes to the racially motivated anti-White killings carried out by Audrey Hale, O’Connell has remained silent. Photo: X/Twitter, Freddie O’Connell.

Mayor O’Connell’s investigation into the veracity of the leak appeared to be a sign that they could indeed be genuine. However, no official confirmation has yet been made by any police agency at the time of press.

“The MNPD is in communication with the Metropolitan Department of Law as an investigation, begun this morning, continues into the dissemination of three photographs of writings during an online discussion about Covenant School,” said authorities from the Metro Nashville Police. “The photographs are not MNPD crime scene images. The police department has been in contact with a representative of Covenant families. Police department counselors are available to assist them in coping with the emotional trauma caused by the dissemination.”

Meanwhile, an attorney representing the family of now-deceased transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale released a statement regarding the leaked pages of the manifesto. The lawyer does not confirm or deny the authenticity of the photos and merely says it’s “inappropriate” to comment.

“I represent Mr. Ron and Mrs. Normal Hale. We have never seen a manifesto at any time. We’re not in a position to authenticate these pieces of paper,” said David Raybin, the Hale family attorney. “We have absolutely not released anything, but we certainly did not release this. It’s inappropriate for me to make any further comment about it.

Hale’s deadly mass shooting sent ripples across the nation after surveillance footage of the attack quickly made rounds on social media, depicting a heavily armed Hale firing through the corridors of Nashville’s 97% White faith-based Covenant School. Using multiple weapons to gun down her targets, Hale herself was ultimately eliminated by responding police officers, but by then, the damage had already been done.

Supporters of the NJP at the steps of the Tennessee House of Representatives. Photo: Justice Report

Hale’s victims were identified as Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9, Hallie Scruggs, 9, William Kinney, 9, Cynthia Peak, 61, Katherine Koonce, 60, and Mike Hill, 61. Koonce was later confirmed to be the head administrator of the school. Hale reportedly shot through a door to gain access and was “prepared for a confrontation with law enforcement…Prepared to do more harm,” according to Drake.

In addition to the murders, Hale also targeted an adjacent neo-Gothic cathedral, sending a series of seven rounds through a stained glass window depicting Adam, according to reports. Hale fired off a total of 152 rounds during the targeted attack at the Covenant School. Other than the FBI, local law enforcement, and a judge assigned to the case, no one has ever accessed the manifesto until now.

The story of transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale’s political manifesto and the ramifications of its anti-White content is ongoing, and the Justice Report will provide updates as they emerge.

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