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National Justice Party demands full release of ‘anti-White manifesto’ in Nashville rally

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Nashville, Tennessee – Approximately 40 Supporters of the pro-White civil rights organization, the National Justice Party (NJP), demonstrated at the heart of Nashville today to demand the immediate, unredacted release of transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale’s anti-White political manifesto. Among their demands was a call for the total abolishment of the FBI, an organization they believed to be involved in a systematic “coverup” of Hale’s racially motivated crimes.

Founding Central Committee members Warren and Alan Balogh joined the protest—which was organized after three pages of Hale’s manifesto were suddenly leaked to conservative media outlets—and was composed of a short march along Legislative Plaza before stopping in front of Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. According to local organizers, the date and location of the protest were strategically selected as thousands of people filed out from a Hockey game.

“We are protesting the censorship of Audrey Hale’s anti-White manifesto,” said Carson Kilgrey, an NJP veteran of multiple protests and street actions in 2023 alone. “She specifically targeted White children for their race, and the FBI, TBI, NPD, and Mayor O’Connell all worked overtime to sweep it under the rug.”

NJP activists held ground outside the arena for several hours, passing out promotional material, reciting speeches, and interfacing with Nashvillians on the street. Carrying signs that read “anti-White Covverup,” “Abolish the FBI,” and “Release the Manifesto,” the protest was warmly embraced by locals, with some even honking their horns in support of the overall message, according to an on-the-ground source.

NJP Supporters held ground outside of the Bridgestone Arena for several hours on Saturday, and demonstrated during the release of a Predators x Blackhawks hockey match. Photo: Justice Report.

“(Hale) believed these children deserved to die because of their race, and it was her last act on earth to fulfill that belief. Where does this belief come from?” Said Kilgrey on a megaphone. “Why did Audrey feel so resentful of her own race and gender? How did this young woman become so violently malicious toward her own people? The answer is found all around us. It’s found in the TV programming that all of our kids watch, in the policies that our government officials enact, in the curriculum of our public schools, and in the laws that our broken system selectively enforces.”

“Everything about public life in America conditions White people to hate their own. To fix this problem, we must call it what it is. The NJP demands the end of anti-White terror in the United States,” he continued.

Per the leaks, Hale’s massacre was steeped in a racially motivated desire to murder White children. Referring to her prepubescent targets as “crackers” with “mop yellow hair” who benefitted from “White privilege,” Hale’s writings stated that she hoped she would achieve a “high kill count” and eerily referred to the day of her planned shooting as “death day.”

Thousands of people observed the NJP protest in Nashville on Saturday, and demonstrators drew zero opposition from passersby. Photo: Justice Report

In addition to calling out acts of anti-White violence, Kilgrey also demanded the immediate resignation of figures perceived to be key in the manifesto’s coverup, including Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell, MNPD Police Chief John Drake, and anyone else believed to play a role in suppressing key facts behind the Covenant massacre. Furthermore, the NJP defined an agency they believed to be at the center of it all: the FBI.

“The public deserved to know the truth of Audrey’s anti-White animus from day one. If it were up to Mayor Freddie O’Connell, this would have been swept under the rug forever; he doesn’t believe that the public has the right to know why this happened,” he said. “If it were up to Nashville Police Chief John Drake, all we would have left would be our assumptions about why this attack happened. He’s more interested in punishing those police officers that rightfully leaked the truth than he is in protecting the people of Nashville.”

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While Hale’s anti-White motivations have now been laid bare—and since confirmed in a series of statements and press releases by O’Connell and Drake—federal agents have signaled their reticence to release the manifesto or even designate Hale’s killings as a hate crime. According to the Federalist, the FBI and the US Department of Justice refused to comment after the pages were leaked. Instead, an investigation was begun locally to suss out the whistleblower within the MNPD.

Tactical silence on this issue would only prove to be a stark diversion from previous actions by Federal authorities. In 2022, the DOJ appeared all too eager to release the manifesto of a mass shooter in Buffalo, New York. Using statements made on social media, authorities deemed the Tops shooting “a hate crime and an act of racially-motivated violent extremism” and issued several federal hate crime charges.

“We need to launch a campaign to force an investigation into why authorities in Tennessee and the feds covered up the anti-white terrorists manifesto. I have(zero) faith that we can influence anything in the US congress, but state assemblies are a different story. At bare minimum we must force a conversation.”

Founding Central Committee member Joseph Jordan, Telegram

“The FBI has orchestrated the release of manifestos when it’s politically convenient for them, but with targeted White victims and a transgender shooter, this shooting is anything BUT convenient to the agenda of the FBI…The purpose of the FBI is not to stop these massacres; it’s to manipulate and obfuscate the truth after the fact,” he continued.

Reports on the ground indicate supporters of the National Justice Party handed out hundreds of fliers in downtown Nashville. Photo:Justice Report.

“Terrific engagement today from the White people of Nashville! We occupied space in the center of the busiest part of the city for over two hours, our message was seen and heard by many thousands of people,” said Warren Balogh of the protest on his official Telegram channel. “The people are with us and are absolutely ready for our what we’re bringing to the table.”

The story of Hale’s now infamous Covenant school shooting, which killed six, including three 9-year-old White children, is still a hot topic in Nashville. In the months after the attack, several lawsuits were hatched to demand Hale’s manifesto be released to the public, with many arguing that the writings of other mass killers are often publicized without delay by law enforcement agencies. With litigation underway, authorities claim the manifesto cannot be released until an appellate court judge reaches a decision.

NJP Founding Central Committee Member Warren Balogh interfaced with dozens of Nashvillians thankful for their protest of anti-White hate. Photo: Justice Report

The men and women of the NJP, however, believe that a confluence of several different American institutions is complicit in keeping Hale’s motivations a secret, fearing a public backlash from an increasingly marginalized White community. A mere mention of the leaked pages on the social media platforms of Reddit or Facebook could result in a terms of service violation, and the posts could be removed, citing an “incitement to violence.”

Despite the censorship and mounting neoliberal repression, men like Kilgrey continue to agitate for the truth and fight for a world free of anti-White terror.

“Hardworking men and women like us are standing up everywhere in this country and declaring their dissent to this anti-White system. If you see what we see, you are not alone, you are only made to feel alone by the very forces we’re calling out here today,” he said. “We are the National Justice Party, we will continue to grow, we will continue to organize, and we will continue to make noise on behalf of the silenced majority of Nashville, of Tennessee, and of this whole country. Join us, and fight back!”

NJP organizer Carson Kilgrey on the megaphone. The demonstration at Nashville would be the third time the city has been chosen for protest and the 15th NJP rally in 2023 alone. Photo: Justice Report

It’s proving to be a banner year for the National Justice Party and its on-the-ground activism efforts, as today’s Nashville protest would mark the organization’s 15th street demonstration in 2023 alone. Having previously rallied in the states of Texas, North Dakota, Wisconsin, California, North Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, and Washington, DC, the NJP shows no sign of slowing down as it tackles hot-button political issues ranging from anti-White murders to government corruption, as well as migrant resettlement and the US-backed Palestinian genocide in Gaza.

The city of Nashville, Tennessee, has become the unwitting epicenter of multiple NJP demonstrations, each one appearing more successful than the last. In March, NJP activists under Kilgrey conducted their first protest to denounce the horrific acts of transgender spree-killer Audrey “Aiden” Hale, and demand the release of her then-concealed manifesto. Months later, the NJP returned, this time opposing an “all-ages drag show” held at a Lutheran Church downtown. With over 40 Supporters present, it would easily rest as the largest NJP action to date.

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