National Justice Party opposes ‘drag queen story hour’ in largest protest to date

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Nashville, Tennessee – Supporters and volunteer activists of the pro-White advocacy organization, the National Justice Party (NJP), protested an all-ages “drag queen story hour” event on Sunday afternoon. The protest, which took place outside The Table Lutheran Church in downtown Nashville, was conducted to demand an end to the sexual exploitation of American youth by predatory elements of the homosexual community and to call out Republican politicians—namely Federal Judge Thomas Parker—for blocking a Tennessee bill which could have made such drag events illegal.

Sources on the ground boasted a turnout of almost sixty male and female supporters of the NJP, making it the organization’s largest street action to date.

A wall of NJP activists lined the street opposing The Table Lutheran Church in downtown Nashville on Sunday. Photo: Justice Report.

Carrying signs that read “protect our children” and “ban drag now” street activists led by NJP organizer Carson Kilgrey—accompanied by NJP Founding Central Committee members Warren and Alan Balogh—held ground across from Nashville’s First Lutheran Church, a neo-gothic building first constructed in 1951. Hoping to alert the community to a secret all-ages drag event being held inside the bowels of the old church, activists like Kilgrey chanted and took to a megaphone to denounce both Republican politicians and the “abusers” behind the event itself.

“We’re here today because we have to be. The GOP has done nothing to stop this. Because we know in our hearts and in our instincts that what they are doing in this Church is abuse,” said Kilgrey, a veteran of multiple NJP marches and protests in the Tennessee area. “In this church, are men in women’s clothing, wearing prosthetic breasts and thick masks of makeup, and they want an audience of our children. They want to normalize their gender-bending fetish to a room full of kids. Need I ask why? It’s because they reproduce through abuse!”

A clip from Sunday’s protest shows a counter-protestor holding an unintelligible sign from the roof of a nearby eatery. Video:

The NJP protest comes in the wake of recent legislation seeking to ban drag performances in Tennessee with the understanding that such shows are intrinsically harmful to minors. The bill turned out to be widely popular and was eventually signed into law back in March. But in a surprise move by Republican Federal Judge Thomas Parker, the bill was blocked just hours before it was set to come into effect, continuing the twisted cycle of child abuse by Tennessee homosexuals.

NJP activist delivers words over a megaphone on Sunday. Photo: Justice Report.

“Trump-appointed Judge Thomas Parker knew when he struck down the Drag Ban Bill, that this would be the reality in Tennessee,” said Kilgrey. “Thomas Parker and his Republican colleagues don’t just allow these shameful events to happen, they enable them! The entire conservative establishment has become one big gay log cabin…We can expect the endless backpedaling of the GOP to continue while our way of life degenerates. We need something new, that’s why the National Justice Party was formed, that is why we are growing, that is why we are here.”

According to Kilgrey, the drag event taking place at the heart of Nashville was supposed to have been a secretive affair, as the Tennessee chapter of “Drag Story Hour” had advertised it discreetly on social media. “Our next Story Hour is sure to be as fabulous as the last!” Read a post made to the organization’s public Facebook page. “…Due to ridiculous, hateful people, we can not share details here on this page, and we ask that you do not share details with anyone who does not request info on their own.”

The Table ELCA Lutheran Church (left) and its openly bisexual, queer, and “non-religious” pastor, Reverend Dawn Bennett (right). Screenshots: Google Maps, The Table Website.

The secrecy didn’t deter activists. With some elbow grease and old-fashioned ingenuity Kilgrey says the time and location of the event were easily acquired and began to mobilize accordingly. “This event would not have been acceptable a mere two decades ago in this country, especially in Tennessee,” said Kilgrey. “The people inside this Church want you to believe that this change is good, that it represents tolerance, that it represents progress toward a better society, that it’s all been worth it. We at the National Justice Party reject this lie.”

NJP activists marched in opposition to a plethora of issues stemming from the homosexual community, like one protestor, who reminded residents of the deadly Covenant school shooting that claimed six lives in March of 2023. Photo: Justice Report.

As it turns out, the event was being hosted in the basement of “The Table,” a homosexual-accepting ELCA Lutheran Church that offers self-described “radical hospitality, grace, and love” ever since its inception in 2020. Promoting a confluence of anti-White leftist ideologies alongside the trappings of protestant Christianity, the Table is committed to “the work of social justice and racial equity” and strives “for whole-person wellness” according to its website.

No person better exemplifies the degenerative, anti-White values of The Table better than its “queer” bisexual pastor, Reverend Dawn Bennett. Reverend Bennett—who once posed topless at a Nashville Pride parade—is a self-professed “equity practitioner, pastor, speaker, and bridge builder” according to her Linkedin account. After graduating from Vanderbilt Divinity School, Bennett made history when she was ordained as Nashville’s first queer female pastor. Despite this, Bennett claims she’s “not religious.”

Dawn Bennett, Reverand of Nashville’s largest homosexual-accepting church, once posed topless at a pride parade and refers to herself as a “Holy Hellion” online. Photos: Facebook.

Originally hailing from progressive New England, Bennett was raised Catholic but comes from a family with deep roots in both Christianity and homosexuality. Her father, a Church deacon, was responsible for teaching Bennett about faith, according to an interview with ABC News. In the interview, Bennett admits to having two gay brothers, a lesbian sister, and a transgender “son.” In a 2020 Mother’s Day sermon. Pastor Bennett once decried “White privilege” as an “insidious generational sin,” and used her platform as a community faith leader to praise Black criminals Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, while simultaneously demanding Nashville’s White community adopt racial self-hatred as a means of penance.

“This event would not have been acceptable a mere two decades ago in this country, especially in Tennessee. The people inside this Church want you to believe that this change is a good one, that it represents tolerance, that it represents progress toward a better society, that it’s been worth it. We at the National Justice Party reject this lie.”

National Justice Party Organizer and Activist, Carson Kilgrey

“On Mother’s day I preached a sermon called ‘Mrs Arbery’ because I could not celebrate a Hallmark-card Mother’s day while another mother was grieving the murder of her son,” she said in a post to her personal Facebook page. “…The sad reality is that everyone who is white and living on this planet today has had the insidious seed planted within us. The one thing we cannot do, good white people, is sit still behind this…Do something to prevent your children and grandchildren from perpetuating this sinful disease.”

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Bennett and her congregation appear to have thoroughly rejected more traditional forms of Christianity and instead, use the downtown-based “faith collective” to expose impressionable children to predatory drag events. Working hand-in-hand to make this all possible is none other than Steve Raimo, a Puerto Rican homosexual from Staten Island who has quickly risen as one of America’s most prominent drag activists. According to the Table’s website, Raimo—under the Drag pseudonym Veronika Electronika—has begun a “monthly partnership” with The Table, and encourages parents to bring along their “kiddos.”

Homosexual Steve Raimo aka “Veronika Electroinka” headlined the drag story hour, an event that was supposed to have been held in secret per Facebook announcements. Screenshots: Facebook / Youtube.

Raimo has made Nashville a home base for his sexual proclivities ever since graduating college, winning numerous drag awards and accolades, according to his website. In the time he has spent away from his native NYC home, Raimo, along with his husband, Tristen Jackson, purchased the infamous drag queen supply store “Performance Studio” on Church St. Together, they run what Raimo once called a “Toys R Us of the drag world,” under the parent company “Pozzi Entertainment Group,” named after the homosexual slang term reserved for those who are HIV positive.

NJP Central Committee member, Warren Balogh, on the megaphone during an NJP anti-Drag protest on Sunday. Photo: Justice Report.

Raimo, Bennett, and the homosexual community’s insistence on hosting “drag queen story hour” events only appear to be a cruel provocation, as Nashville continues to reel from the aftermath of the deadly Covenant shooting, which left America breathless just four months prior. The Table is only 9.6 miles away from the place where Audrey Hale, the transgender mass shooter brutally massacred six people—including three nine-year-old children—at a predominantly White Christian school back in March. With local and federal law enforcement unwilling to release Hale’s political manifesto to a public desperately searching for closure, emotions—and frustrations—continue to run high.

“…The sad reality is that everyone who is white and living on this planet today has had the insidious seed planted within us. The one thing we cannot do, good white people, is sit still behind this…Do something to prevent your children and grandchildren from perpetuating this sinful disease.”

Reverend Dawn Bennett of The Table Lutheran Church, Facebook

Overall, the protest was conducted successfully, with an outpouring of public support shown in the form of honking car horns, raised fists, and sympathetic foot traffic. Flyers and promotional material were reported to have been handed out to passersby and there were at least a dozen cars that had stopped to request literature.

One Facebook user posted a photo showing NJP activists lining a block in Downtown Nashville on Sunday. Screenshot: Facebook.

Meanwhile, little resistance was demonstrated by counter-protestors or pro-homosexual activists in the area. Sources on the ground reported a police presence that steadily grew throughout the event, with patrol cars and armed officers providing security for The Table. One activist—whose name is being withheld due to the security risks—claims to have seen police escorts rushing eventgoers inside the church, at a time when NJP chants and speeches echoed throughout the area the loudest.

Nashville Metro Police quickly responded in defense of an all-ages homosexual drag event, shown here as their patrol cars lined the side of The Table Lutheran Church on Sunday. Photo: Justice Report.

“The drag queen (Raimo) was really shocked and didn’t like the fact we were there. We heard word that they could hear us in the church through the windows,” said another activist in a request for comment by the Justice Report. “The drag weirdo or the ‘pastor’ must have complained to the cops about that. The tranny didn’t stick around long at all. They rode up in a nice new Volkswagon, became visibly freaked out, and then ran inside.”

While the phenomenon of exposing children to acts of homosexual pageantry may be allowed to continue in Tennessee thanks to Republican consent, activists and organizers like Kilgrey believe the pendulum is rapidly swinging back in the favor of the working class. “A new generation of men and women with eyes open and hearts steeled is waking up, and the fun is over,” said Kilgrey in a fiery speech. “This abuse will end. If you allow this to happen in your city, in your state, or in your country, you are a coward. The time to wait for help from above is over. The time to take action is now.”

NJP Founding Central Committee Member, Alan Balogh, delivers a speech as he accompanies over forty male and female supporters. Photo:

The National Justice Party has staunchly denounced drag shows and other homosexual perversions being presented to America’s youth, often equating such displays as “anti-White degeneracy.” In January, Supporters and volunteer activists of the NJP marched and protested an all-ages “drag brunch” held at Hix Farm Brewery in neighboring Cookeville. Due to mounting public pressure attributed to the NJP’s protest, the Brewery was forced to change its age requirement the morning of the event. Social media backlash ultimately led to the Brewery closing its doors permanently some weeks later.

In the aftermath of the Audrey Hale murders, the NJP marched on behalf of those personally affected by the shooting. Calling for a “trans-free Tennessee” and demanding a release of Hale’s political manifesto, activists engaged with the public as they took to the steps of the Tennessee House of Representatives to make their voices heard.

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