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Ben Shapiro accused of funding Jewish refugee NGO

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Silver Spring, Maryland – Is Ben Shapiro funding the US Border invasion? That’s the discussion currently taking place among some right-wing influencers who now allege the young neocon has donated thousands to an organization helping facilitate illegal entry into the United States.

In an X, formerly Twitter thread on Thursday, former Utah state senatorial candidate, Sam Parker, posted evidence that suggests Shapiro is a 2022 donor for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), an infamous Jewish NGO believed to be responsible for the trafficking of so-called “refugees” into the United States through its tumultuous southern border.

On page 44 of HIAS’s 2022 donor records, Shapiro’s full name is listed as having contributed a whopping sum of up to $17,000 to the Jewish-linked NGO. While the figure is massive to the working class person, according to reports, HIAS’s top contributor is the American taxpayer, who offers regular payments to the NGO via the US State Department for their help in facilitating the relocation of non-White “refugees” all across the country.

While Parker initially claimed Shapiro donated between $100-500k to HIAS, he later retracted the statement and provided a more accurate figure of 10k-18k.

IS BEN SHAPIRO FUNDING THE US BORDER INVASION?” Asked Parker on X, formerly Twitter.In HIAS’s 2022 Annual report, a “Ben Shapiro” is listed as contributing between $100k-$500k for fiscal year 2022.

“Are they the same Ben Shapiro?” He added.

An independent Justice Report investigation uncovered the same name inside the donor registries of other Jewish immigrant organizations, including the Philadelphia-based Nationalities Service Center (NSC), which currently supports 5000+ immigrants in the city of “Brotherly Love.”

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is a group that openly helps facilitate the mass exodus of non-White migrants into the United States from all over the world. In Latin America, HIAS has been accused of building bridges and roads to make the trip easier for those “seeking asylum” from the global south. Collage: HIAS Instagram.

In 2014, a Ben Shapiro is listed as having donated $250 – $499 to NSC. In 2018, a Ben Shapiro alongside a Fredericka Foster Shapiro is listed as having donated $100 – $249 to the same organization. Fredericka Foster Shapiro is an artist and “cultural activist” married to Jewish globalist, Dr. Bennett Shapiro. The discovery then begs the question, however, if the Shapiro who originally made the HIAS donation is even the same person.

While online conservatives may never be able to definitively prove if the “Ben Shapiro” listed in the HIAS donation logs is the same Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire, Shaprio’s own track record of disregarding America’s ongoing racial demographic transformation, has left some to suspend their disbelief.

On X/Twitter, Shapiro once said he “didn’t give a good damn” about the “browning of America.” Despite these claims, Shapiro has often used his Daily Wire as a vehicle to play into immigration issues and even visited the border himself in what can only be described as a performative political stunt.

Ben Shapiro has been known to make confusing, often contradictory statements about race, dismissing the concept when it affects WHite populations but fully embracing it when it comes to Jews and Israel. Photo: Twitter/X user @earlrogersb

“And by the way, I don’t give a good damn about the so-called ‘browning of America,’” said Shapiro in a tweet dated June 2017. “Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does.”

After Parker’s accusation went viral Thursday evening, Shapiro would go on to receive a deluge of criticism from conservative-leaning users upset with Shapiro’s apparent moral hypocrisy. In addition to shouts of “grifter,” the Jewish commentator would be derided as “global scum” and accused of running a conservative “psyop” over his alleged HIAS contributions.

"Given that Ben Shapiro's substantial net worth (is) $50 million, it's highly probable that he did/does fund this NGO," said X/Twitter user Hypocrisy Hunter. "They've always played both sides. Just not our side," said another.

More recently, Shapiro has drawn ire from both sides of America's increasingly fractured political spectrum for abhorrent and "unhinged" statements made in defense of Israel's ongoing war on Gaza. In October, Shapiro—along with conservative Jew Mark Levin—floated the idea of a nuclear detonation over Palestine, evoking the ghoulish specter of Israel's "Sampson Option" to obliterate millions of Arabic people in revenge for Hamas' widely successful October 7th raid.

"And by the way, I don't give a good damn about the so-called 'browning of America.' Color doesn't matter. Ideology does."

Jewish conservative Ben Shapiro, X/Twitter

Shapiro's apparent eagerness to downplay race as a concept specifically when it affects White Americans starkly contrasts with the mission of NGOs like HIAS. According to its website, the Maryland-based organization with roots in the Jewish diaspora of the early 1900s now works intimately to resettle hundreds of thousands of so-called "asylum seekers" and "refugees" from over 20 non-White countries to locations inside the United States.

In Panama's infamous Darién Gap—a treacherous migration pathway for hordes of refugees seeking entry into the US—HIAS and a vast web of Jewish groups help process and support migrants on the march. In addition to state-of-the-art reception centers, HIAS taps its resources to improve regional infrastructure to make trips to America as painless as possible, all while flooding the West with foreigners at alarming rates.

The organization also appears to function as a springboard to the instruments of American power. Current Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, was previously a board member for HIAS until his promotion in 2020. As Secretary, he is now responsible for American immigration policy and oversees the systemic dysfunction along the southern border.

Jewish conservative Ben Shapiro (pictured here in Tel Aviv) is a staunch Zionist, often using harsh rhetoric to defend Israel's actions in the current Gaza war, which some have criticized as being "genocidal" towards Palestinians. Shapiro recently made headlines for accompanying tech billionaire Elon Musk to Auschwitz during an "online antisemitism" conference. Photo: Nadav Cohen Yonatan, GoLive

If the allegations are true, then Shapiro's donations to the widely abhorred Jewish group would only further the current discord felt by White Americans as a result of demographic decline. In Texas—the state most heavily impacted by unchecked immigration into America—Republican Governor Greg Abbott made headlines when he defied Mayorkas and the Biden Administration by cracking down on illegal entries, using national guardsmen and other Texan-based agencies to do so.

Known as Operation Lone Star, the disaster declaration by Abbott—which now covers 48 counties—would eventually kick off a chain reaction of Republican governors hoping to capitalize on the easy political win. Now, states like Florida and West Virginia have sent aid to the Texas/Mexico border, and according to the pro-White policy institute, White Papers, may have already cut illegal migrant crossings at Eagle Pass from 2,400 illegals a day to just 750 per day.

Despite the temporary solution, the bloody consequences of mass immigration into the United States continue to be felt by White Americans. In October, an illegal immigrant "no-go zone" outside of Houston made headlines after Republican politicians failed to investigate Colony Ridge, a town built specifically to house migrants and other undocumented workers that has a documented history of violence and even murders.

In New York, multiple hotels became ground zero for migrant criminality—including sexual assaults and other attacks on American citizens. Sickeningly, hotel owners even hoped to capitalize off of the situation by evicting its predominantly White long-stay residents in favor of lucrative migrant housing contracts. The move spurned protests and shouts of "people over profits" by some civil rights activist groups, with hotel owners reportedly terrorizing residents from their lawful homes.

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