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Antifa power couple unmasked as regional leaders behind terror-linked American Iron Front

This article was made possible in part by extremist Discord leaks published by our friends at the William McKinley Institute. The leaks in their entirety are now publicly available and can be accessed here.

Orlando, Florida – A Florida-based graphic designer and a theatre costume specialist at Rollins University have been unmasked as the power couple organizing the latest iteration of the terror-linked Antifa cell, the American Iron Front (AIF).

Thanks to information first obtained by the online activist groups Patriot Youth and the Appalachian Archives, the Justice Report was able to independently verify 25-year-old Brandon Pruchnik aka “Dr. Diskette” of Edgewater, Florida, as the lead organizer behind the AIF’s online communication network and visual propaganda.

Additionally, Pruchnik’s girlfriend, 24-year-old Analise Cutter aka “ArcadeofAuras,” of Winter Park, Florida, was also identified in the leaks, serving as an influencing force behind Pruchnik’s radicalization towards a life of anti-White hate.

Brandon Pruchnik aka Dr. Diskette and Analise Cutter aka ArcadeofAuras, both from Florida. The couple are both members of the American Iron Front, an antifascist organization linked to Anarchist Violent Extremism by the FBI. Pruchnik would be a key organizer, and the group’s Discord chat—which was leaked in 2023—was created and administered by him. Collage: Instagram, AIF Discord Leaks.

Pruchnik’s Discord server—an international chatroom home to over a hundred anarchist, communist, and neoliberal extremists—suffered a catastrophic leak in the latter half of 2023. The contents of the Discord were famously made public by the anti-White hate monitor, the William McKinley Institute (WMKI), and has so far led to the identification of numerous agents, including a Regional Coordinator for the Anti-Defamation League, a cybersecurity expert for a French IT company, a wealthy plastics tycoon, and more than one informants for the FBI.

According to his own self-admissions, Pruchnik has been involved in the anti-White extremist movement commonly referred to as “Antifa” since at least 2021. In 2022, Pruchnik would open a Discord server for the Florida chapter of the American Iron Front, a star-spangled version of the Antifa movement that cheaply uses Americana to trick centrists, leftists, and the apolitical into a fight against people they perceive as “authoritarian.”

A graphic designer with a degree in digital arts, Pruchnik would go on to create dozens of promotional images for the AIF, which include the group’s iconic “three down arrows” a symbol now considered indicative of anarchist violent extremism by the federal government. Collage: AIF Discord Leaks.

“I’m 22 years old Pansexual from Florida, I grew up being taught that it was ok to treat other people differently for how they look and who they are,” boasted Pruchnik in the AIF’s “Introductions” chat. “After getting away from the people who where influencing me to be like that I met people who really opened my eyes and helped me see how wrong I was.”

“After Jan 6 I felt as if I need(sic) to try to do something, and when opportunity came up I decided to try and put some effort into helping stop the spread of extremism. Thanks…(to) my amazing partner @ArcadeofAuras for being an amazing influence and helping me reform myself,” he continued.

Brandon Pruchnik aka “Dr. Diskette” of the Antifa organization, the American Iron Front, owns multiple firearms and maintains an entire section of his Discord server to talk about weapons and other violent methods used by his fellow extremists. The chat contains dozens of calls to violence and other alarming admissions made by fellow users. Collage: AIF Discord Leaks.

Hiding their anarchist beliefs behind a thin veneer of patriotism, members of the American Iron Front like Pruchnik hold extreme anti-White views, fighting to achieve far-left political goals while deriding even mild critics as “white supremacists.” Ironically, the federal government would ultimately classify the AIF’s infamous “three down arrows” as a symbol indicative of anarchist violent extremism according to a damning FBI report on domestic terror.

Pruchnik—a graphic artist with a 4-year degree in Digital Arts from Florida’s majority White Stetson University—would later contribute dozens of propaganda images promoting the terror-linked American Iron Front. Slapping the three down arrows onto fields of red-white-and-blue, Pruchnik, alongside the deranged, self-professed BLM agitator, Adam MacIntyre-Ross aka “Eightman,” helped create AIF branded stickers, shirts, flags, and other pieces of promotional material for the group.

Analise Cutter aka ArcadeofAuras is a theater stagehand and aspiring actress currently working at Florida’s Rollins University. According to Pruchnik, Cutter would play an instrumental part in radicalizing him to join and organize on behalf of antifascism. Collage: Facebook, Instagram.

Eventually, Pruchnik’s Discord server would open up to AIF members internationally, accepting invites from unvetted people through the group’s official Reddit page. Under his watch, Pruchnik would knowingly facilitate a safe space where the unhinged could orchestrate malicious doxxing rings, coordinate street vandalism, discuss the use of improvised explosives, and solicit tips for the federal government.

Among Prucnhik’s allies would be avowed footsoldiers of the Socialist Rifle Association (SRA), Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and even the terror-linked John Brown Gun Club, whose members have called for the violent overthrow of the US government and the assassination of mainstream politicians.

The Investigation

Using publically available information, the Justice Report's team of counter-extremist researchers was able to verify Pruchnik as the man behind the "Dr. Diskette" moniker through his girlfriend, Analise Cutter. Cutter, who is also a member of the AIF and present in the leaked Discord, used the name "ArcadeofAuras" and a stylized profile picture of herself. Cutter's antifascist persona would end up using the same profile picture for her personal TikTok account @Auracosplay.

Analise Cutter aka "ArcadeofAuras" profile picture on Discord (left) and TikTok (right) are a perfect match. Content and bio present in her personal TiKTok account also corroborate information left behind in the leaked Discord. Collage: TikTok, AIF Discord Leaks.

"Hi! I am @Dr_Diskette 's partner! I'm a student actress and costumer involved in theatre from Central Florida," said Cutter, also via the AIF's "introductions" chat. "I am nonbinary and pansexual. I am involved in lots of volunteering and activism through a group at my college."

"I'm super proud of (Pruchnik) for creating this group to spread important information. Some causes I'm passionate about are LGBTQ+, women, and BIPOC rights, environmentalism, children's education, and poverty abolition," she continued.

In an Etsy page operated by Cutter, the 24-year-old aspiring actress lists her full name, as well as the full name of her partner, Brandon Pruchnik, a "maker, assistant, and photographer" for her cosplay accessory shop, Anapieces.

The identities of American Iron Front organizers "Dr. Diskette" and "ArcadeofAuras" were discovered after counter-extremist researchers discovered an Etsy page run by Analise Cutter. In it, the names of both Antifa ringleaders were present. Photo: Etsy.

From then on, researchers would obtain dozens of accounts operated by both Cutter and Pruchnik, including Instagrams, Facebooks, personal websites, and LinkedIn profiles, all containing information that further corroborated with posts made by the two inside Pruchnik's leaked Discord server.

Additionally, Pruchnik would at one point use the name "Dr. Diskette" for his personal TikTok page, which confirmed a Florida location, name, and face. He has since changed it to "Brandi's Workshop."

Profile of Anti-White Hate: Dr Diskette and ArcadeofAuras

Having been born in 1999 in West Brunswick, NJ, Brandon Pruchnik aka Dr. Diskette of the American Iron Front would eventually move to Florida. According to his own admission, he was once a proponent of right-wing ideology and blames his father for his troubled past.

The pansexual Pruchnik would go on to achieve a bachelor of arts from Stetson University and pursue a career in graphic design. According to his LinkedIn, Pruchnik would even work as an educator, teaching digital arts to Floridian youth at the Burns Science and Technology Charter School in Oakhill.

Brandon Pruchnik aka "Dr. Diskette" currently works at ET&T Distributors, a South Daytona furniture supplier as a website graphic designer. Photo: ET&T Distributors Website

Pruchnik's career as a teacher would intersect with his leadership of the American Iron Front. During his career, Pruchnik would attempt to force transgender ideology onto his students by hanging pink, white, and blue flags in his classroom. Ultimately, Pruchnik would get cold feet and remove the flags, worried that he would be harassed for his pro-homosexual stance, and even admitted that in the State of Florida, displaying the flags could be considered illegal.

"I'm so disheartened (by) all this...I'm afraid that they are gonna try to find what school I teach out and get me fired," said Prucnhik in a Discord post dated November of 2022. "Technically (hanging LGBTQ-flags) is illegal in Florida. I took it down today."

Currently, Pruchnik works as a web graphics designer for ET&T Distributors, Inc, a furniture manufacturer located in South Daytona. Like many antifascists, his hobbies revolve around firearms, and according to posts made in the AIF discord, Pruchnik appears to own and operate multiple weapons preferring small handguns that his girlfriend Cutter can use without difficulty.

Photos of Cutter and Pruchnik regularly appear online, and the two often bill themselves as a happy, upbeat young couple participating in the "cosplay" community. In reality, both are members of the American Iron Front, an Antifa org linked to doxxing, riots, harassment, and federal informants. Collage: Instagram

Analise Cutter aka "ArcadeofAuras" would prove to be a driving force behind Pruchnik's transition into a life of anti-White hate. A stagehand, actress, theater kid, and prolific cosplayer, Cutter currently works for Rollins University as one of the school's costume designers. The couple regularly use social media apps to promote their cosplay hobby, masking their double lives as Antifa organizers behind a facade of upbeat selfies.

Like Cutter, Pruchnik is also a cosplayer. Under the TikTok account "Brandi's Workshop," Pruchnik chronicles the design of different costumes he wears at comic conventions and uses it to signal his support for the Ukrainian military and love of the 50s kitch subculture.

History has shown that anti-White extremist beliefs, and a willingness to organize behind them, can often result in disastrous consequences. In June of 2023, a pair of antifascist militants were federally indicted following an improvised explosive attack that rocked the University of Pittsburgh. The two Antifa culprits, Brian and Crystal DiPippa, were believed to have set off bombs at a crowded event in retaliation for a trans-critical lecture held on campus.

Like Cutter and Pruchnik, the DiPippas are prolific antifascists, who used the internet to organize and facilitate communications through the creation of the "infamous violent extremist" network, It's Going Down. An investigation further revealed that Brian DiPippa was also the mastermind behind Kolektiva, an anarchist form of Twitter used by the nation's worst political actors to parrot hate and bigotry against working-class citizens.

Pruchnik's American Iron Front Discord would go on to be home to violent rioters, doxxers, antifa militants, and in some cases, lost minors hoping to become Antifa themselves. Photo: AIF Discord Leaks.

While pro-White speech and other rhetoric critical of the status quo have been made illegal in states like Florida, Antifa ringleaders like Pruchnik appear to be allowed to organize their specific brand of neoliberal-approved hate without any difficulty.

The outing of Dr. Diskette and AcradeofAuras as regional leaders for the American Iron Front comes amid a rash of previous revelations, made possible from leaks of Pruchnik's Discord server. In December, AIF member 33-year-old Alex Blum aka "Alex011011011" of Austin, Texas, was exposed as a wealthy plastics tycoon and Antifa street militant, who used cash to outfit and equip other Antifa willing to join him in the streets.

Blum—a CEO of a globetrotting bioplastics company who quoted the Jewish Talmud as a driving force behind his success—used Pruchnik's server to brag about his extremist activities, and used the platform to lament a missed opportunity to kill a right winger during a BLM protest.

In that same month, an Independent Justice Report investigation unmasked 19-year-old Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin of Richmond, Virginia as "6L3THAL," an AIF doxxer who used Pruchnik's server to data mine the group's perceived enemies and report everyday citizens to the FBI. In addition to veiled threats of violence, Baldwin would also walk the streets in Black Bloc attire and commit vandalism on behalf of the AIF.

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