Exclusive: JBGC ‘extremist’ unmasked as US Army veteran and failed businessman

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Thornton, Colorado – An unhinged Antifa militant and alleged “former member” of the infamous John Brown Gun Club (JBGC) has been successfully identified. The individual, operating under the pseudonym “SocialistStan,” is an Army National Guard veteran and failed businessman who has openly advocated for the assassination of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R).

Thanks to publically available information, counter-extremist researchers from the Justice Report were able to confirm SocialistStan as 31-year-old David J. Kneusel of Thornton, Colorado, a 5-year veteran of the Utah National Guard and CEO of two failed dropshipping startups.

Kneusel, a self-professed “extremist,” and “anarchist” who operates under the SocialistStan moniker, would use the fediverse platforms of Mastodon and Kolektiva to call for the mass murder of American police officers, pro-White activists, Christians, Republicans, and would even push for the assassination of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his Trans-critical rhetoric.

In an introductory post made on one of many SocialistStan fediverse accounts, Kneusel eagerly describes himself as an anarchist looking to fight for a “stateless” and “classless” society.

David J. Kneusel aka “SocialistStan” is an alleged former member of the violent antifascist militia, the John Brown Gun Club, and has used social media to express an unhinged desire for the mass murder of cops, pro-White activists, and even the assassination of Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis. Collage: Justice Report

“Since people are continuously surprised by this, I’m an anarchist,” read the post. “That means I didn’t ask to be born into the system I’m in and will not play along with it if I can help it.”

“I will not be supporting your government (republic, dictatorship, or otherwise) and I will not support your political party…I want to live in a stateless classless society. My country is the world,” he continued.

Kneusel views himself as an “extremist” and openly embraces the term. By doing so, he hopes to separate himself from “liberals,” a term used by on-the-ground members of the Antifa movement to denigrate “poseurs” and other fairweather activists in their midst.

“As a left-wing extremist I can assure you the difference between the DNC and GQP (sic) is splitting hairs,” he said in a post dated January of 2023. “We need a revolution, not bickering politicians.”

“That’s why I openly embrace ‘extremist’ and ‘radical’ as a self-descriptor, it distinguishes me from liberals and lets people who interact with me know what to expect,” he continued in another.

Dozens of posts on social media indicate that the heavily armed David J. Kneusel of Thornton, Colorado is planning for what he calls a “fascist insurgency” against minorities. Often he will fearmonger online and try to convince other leftists to arm themselves for the coming storm. Photo: Mastodon

The heavily armed, armored, and militarily-trained Kneusel is a veteran member of the John Brown Gun Club, an infamous anti-White extremist militia that is linked to numerous instances of violence and crime against working-class Americans. In addition to property damage and arson, Kneusel advocates for the militarization of Antifa, and believes they must quickly arm themselves to face what he believes is an impending Civil War against “fascists.”

“These pigs need to die,” said Kneusel across a series of alarming posts on Mastodon in February of 2023. “More precincts need to burn, it’s the only thing that’s ever worked,” he said in another.

“I’ve got a lot of .308 and a lot of friends, let the gravy seals come, we’ll give them a Ukranian welcome,” he threatened one user in a post that January.

David J. Kneusel (left) and SocialistStan profile picture (right). Using the fediverse, Kneusel would operate multiple accounts or “instances” of the same profile, each one engaged in extremist rhetoric and threats to working-class people. Collage: Mastodon, Crunchbase

The kind of explicitly violent rhetoric being used by the self-professed anarchist David Kneusel closely mirrors the views held by many other American extremists. In New York City, a pair of anarchist brothers were recently indicted after law enforcement discovered a weapons cache, anarchist propaganda, explosives, and a political “hit list” inside their Astoria home. Like Kneusel, the brothers allegedly held an express desire to see political assassinations befall police and mainstream politicians.

“Now would be a good time for someone to shoot DeSantis,” stated Kneusel in a ghoulish Kolektava post dated May of 2023.

In Atlanta, Georgia, horrific acts of violence like the kinds advocated by Kneusel have been carried out in the name of the ongoing #StopCopCity movement, the latest pet project serving as a catch-all for antifascists on America’s east coast. So far, Atlanta authorities have issued dozens of domestic terror charges and RICO indictments to Antifa believed to have carried out fiery riots intending to derail the construction of a police complex in Atlanta’s Weelaunee Forest.

Former US Army National Guard veteran David J. Kneusel uses his multiple fediverse accounts to advocate for the mass murder of American police officers, calling reform impossible. He advocates, and is preparing for, a violent overthrow of the government to bring about a “classless” society. Photo: SocialistStan Mastodon.

Kneusel, a supporter of Antifa’s efforts in Atlanta, even called for the death of Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum for his justified response to dealing with the rioters. “May he burn in hell well before his time,” he stated in a post dated January of 2023.

While anarchists often use public figures and mainstream politicians as a convenient punching bag for their rage, Kneusel also casts hate and implied threats of violence to working-class people critical of his extremist beliefs. Recently, when a piece of private property in Tennessee was maliciously doxxed by Atlanta-based antifascists and linked to an alleged member of the pro-White activist group, Patriot Front, Kneusel used social media to label the property and its owners as a “threat” to be “raided” and “destroyed.”

“If anyone dealt with these places like the threat they are, raided and destroyed them, the security apparatus would turn on the people defending their community instead,” he said.

Ideologically, David J. Kneusel is staunchly opposed to any sort of border or immigration control and has even paid reverence to late JBGC terrorist Willem Spronsen, who was shot and killed during a firebombing attack at an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington. Photo: SocialistStan Mastodon/

With a history of involvement in antifascist paramilitary groups, as well as a stint in the Utah Army National Guard, Kneusel’s threats, implied or otherwise, should not be taken lightly. According to Kneusel himself, he has been involved with Antifa “street movements” since at least 2016, personally showing up to counter-protests armed with an assault rifle to “protect” state-sanctioned drag events and other left-wing activities in the states of Utah and Colorado. Sometimes, he admits that it’s his job as an Antifa to outright “kill fascists.”

“I’ve been involved with antifascist street movements since 2016 and have confronted bigots, I’m totally down with fighting them,” Kneusel admitted in a post to Mastodon in January of 2023. “…In fact I used to be a JBGC member.”

David J. Kneusel aka “SocialistStan” of Thornton, Colorado is a veteran anti-White extremist who uses social media to opine about the unfixable state of Western civilization. Using antifascism as an outlet for his rage, he spends hours a day calling for the death of police, politicians, and “fascists,” while writing homoerotic South Park fan fiction involving the show’s 10-year-old cast. Collage: Justice Report.

Alarmingly, the 31-year-old Kneusel believes that the effectiveness of peaceful antifascist organizing has “reached its limits” in modern-day America, desiring instead to see “real covert operations” made against his perceived political opponents. In some cases, he even believes the only way “regime change” can occur is through a highly publicized “massacre” at a future protest.

“Realistically I think a massacre at a large protest with cameras present which gets international attention,” he said in response to a question posed by Mastodon user @PaulDitz. “That’s usually what starts the overthrow of a regime overseas, and the pigs are itching for it.”

“I think the antifascist movement is quickly reaching the confines of what can be done without actually engaging in real covert operations against these pricks,” he continued in another.

The Investigation

The Justice Report's team of counter-extremism researchers were able to identify Kneusel as the man behind the anarchist-extremist "SocialistStan" account by combing through publically available information left behind by Kneusel himself.

An aspiring designer and freelance artist, David J. Kneusel would promote his art through the fediverse and Patreon, guaranteeing a portion of all proceeds would be used to financially support Antifa groups in Colorado. Photo: [email protected]

Thanks to a Patreon page operated by SocialistStan—which promises a cut of all proceeds going to Antifa "mutual aid" networks—evidence of Kneusel's identity appears just behind the scenes. Titled "Game Assets With A Purpose," the Colorado-based SocialistStan offers backers and fediverse followers a chance at funding his "art," which comes in the form of 3D objects, characters, and designs he makes in the Blender, Unity, and Unreal engines.

On February 13th, a free sample of SocialistStan's work was uploaded to Patreon, titled Modular Spacecraft Corridors. Users can download the free files from a Dropbox page hosted by a creator named "Computer Monk," offering game developers the tools needed to make the inside of a spaceship. The exact same pack of 3d assets—with the same title—can also be found on an Artstation account run by "David K," whose Resume section indicates the owner is located in Thornton, a suburb of northern Denver, Colorado.

David J. Kneusel aka "SocialistStan" would out himself as an antifascist paramilitary after his identity was linked to the username "Dajokn." The username "Dajokn" would merely be a play on David Kneusel's full name, and has been used for his art design website, and Pinterest account, as well as a series of homoerotic South Park fanfiction stories depicting underage drinking and other inappropriate behaviors. Collage: X/Twitter, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Patreon, Computer Monk Games.

Researchers also looked into the URL of the Artstation page, which comes up as "dajokn19.artstation.com." The name "Dajokn" is also linked to a Pinterest account, which lists the name "David Kneusel." By cross-referencing LinkedIn, a Colorado-based David Kneusel can be found as a 3D Generalist, Technical Artist, Game Developer, and 3D Modelist, as well as the founder of a defunct company called "Computer Monk Games."

In addition to a graphic design venture, the ostensibly anti-capitalist Kneusel would—ironically—be the head of numerous failed business attempts, including the dropshipping startups RalliBox, and Netherin Enterprises. The LinkedIn account also confirms a 5-year stint in the Utah Army National Guard, which correlates with earlier claims made by almost all of the SocialistStan fediverse accounts.

Profile of anti-White hate: David Kneusel aka "SocialistStan" of Thornton, Colorado

David J. Kneusel was born in the state of Colorado, where he was raised in a Catholic household by his Puerto Rican mother and part-Jewish father. He was homeschooled from K-12, and from 2009-2013, Kneusel attended the Jesuit Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. Later, he would obtain a Masters degree in business at the University of Utah. In his 20s, Kneusel would depart from religion, becoming an atheist libertarian and fully embracing a self-professed bisexual lifestyle.

Around this time, Kneusel joined Utah's Army National Guard, where his LinkedIn states that he served as a Logistician. Current job postings for the same title indicate the position is mostly related to maintaining supplies and keeping a tidy warehouse for American warfighters and other more useful functionaries for American military power.

Despite trying to remain anonymous, Kneusel is very candid about his personal life online. In this post, he outlines his political journey from Catholic libertarian to anarchist extremist. Photo: SocialistStan Mastodon.

From November 2018 to February 2019, Kneusel worked for the defense contractor, L3 Harris Technologies, using his skills as a 3D artist to advance the interests of the military-industrial complex. It should be noted that this time frame intersects with Kneusel's career as a street antifascist, which according to him, began in 2016.

Like many so-called anarchists and anti-White extremists, Kneusel appears to have grown up in a position of abject privilege and prestige. His mother, Maria Milagros Kneusel Rivera, quickly elevated herself in the world of nursing, becoming the head of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consulting firm for local healthcare providers. Currently, she sits on the board of directors for the Colorado Healthcare Ethics Forum, and a slew of other progressive groups geared for social justice in healthcare. She is also an associate professor at Regis University where she occasionally teaches.

Dr. Ronald T. Kneusel (left), David J. Kneusel (center), and Maria Milagros Kneusel Rivera (right). Ronald and Maria have advanced in their careers as a data scientist for a US defense contractor, and a DEI czar for local healthcare companies, respectively. Collage: Justice Report.

His father, Dr. Ronald T. Kneusel, also comes from a prestigious background. An early pioneer of artificial intelligence, Ronald Kneusel holds a Ph.D. in computer science, a Master's degree in physics and mathematics, and is the author of a series of books detailing AI and its history in the modern age. Currently, he works as a senior data scientist for the defense contractor L3Harris, the same company where his son, David, is alleged to have worked. It is entirely likely his father got him the job.

The wealth generated by the heads of the Kneusel household would allow their son the economic freedom to pursue several business ventures, which according to public records and Kneusel's own admissions, appear defunct. The Founder and CEO of Netherine Enterprises and RalliBox, Kneusel would attempt to capitalize on his father's computer science prowess to dip his toes in online "dropshipping" a dubious form of business often associated with scam artistry and other shady practices. Ronald Kneusel is listed as being the Chief Technology Officer of Rallibox, according to Disclosure Quest, and could be the designer behind the company's proprietary software.

"These pigs need to die...More precincts need to burn, it's the only thing that's ever worked."

David J. Kneusel aka "SocialistStan" of Thornton, Colorado

With two failed businesses under his belt, the down-and-out anarchist appears to have fully embraced graphic design as a primary form of income. A lover of video games, historical miniatures, and firearms, Kneusel would also appear to be deeply obsessed with the Comedy Central television show, South Park, from where he derives his username SocialistStan.

Once again using the name Dajokn19—and currently the moniker "BannedInFlorida"—the openly bisexual Kneusel would go on to pen dozens of homoerotic fanfiction stories about young boys portrayed in the cartoon, with a special fixation on the two male characters Tweek and Craig.

According to the show's creators, both characters portrayed in Kneusel's gay romps are in the 4th grade and are only 10 years of age.

Antifascist paramilitary and John Brown Gun Club member, David J. Kneusel, is a power user on the pedophilia-linked website An Archive of Our Own (AO3), where he pens homoerotic fanfiction involving the young boys in Comedy Central's South Park. Other users in the community have used his stories as a springboard for cartoons and comics honoring his work. Photo: @Dakojn19 / BannedInFlorida

Most of David Kneusel's underage fanfiction is hosted on An Archive of Our Own (AO3), a kink website that allows users to explore pedophilia, incest, and necrophilia in an unmoderated space. Some of Kneusel's work contains titles like "Craig and Tweek's Getaway," "Tweek and Craig Get Snowed In," "Craig and Tweek's Gay Agenda," and at least one story where the two underage boys get married.

Currently, David J. Kneusel aka "SocialistStan" is believed to be living in Thornton, Colorado, but could have ties to Broomfield, Boulder, or Denver city proper. He is also listed as having lived in Salt Lake City Utah, has relatives in the Midwest, and currently owns a piece of land somewhere in South Park County, Colorado.

Kneusel once admitted on his SocialistStan account to having been involved in AO3 fanfiction stories and was once shown appreciation by a transgender "fan" of his. The positive feedback he received for his pedophilic smut made him feel "validated." Photo: SocialistStan Kolektiva

Due to the misanthropic nature of Kneusel's many social media postings, the Justice Report urges its readers to express the utmost caution when traveling through these areas, as Kneusel is armed and militarily trained. He should be considered extremely dangerous, especially to those who conduct pro-White activism or openly express ideas critical of immigration, Christianity, or LGBTQ values. According to admissions made on social media, Kneusel maintains a veritable arsenal of different long arms, weapons, and body armor, which include a Spanish-made CETME Rifle, among others.

The state of Colorado has long been an epicenter of antifascist militancy, anarchist extremism, and a hornet's nest of those who espouse anti-White hate. In September, an independent Justice Report investigation unmasked 23-year-old Nathan Edward Shelley, of Broomfield, as a cybersecurity expert and member of the Antifa org: American Iron Front. Using his company's proprietary technology, Shelley would look up American citizens and allegedly report them to the FBI if he believed they may have had a connection to the January 6th "Stop the Steal" protest in 2021.

In April, an independent Justice Report investigation revealed the identity of the infamous Antifa doxer "GothBotAlice" as Heidi K. Lightenburger of Denver, Colorado. Lightenburger, a member of Colorado's privileged landowning class, would be a prolific columnist for the Antifa blog site, It's Going Down. She would use her platform to spread the tenets of "Antifascist militancy," an ideology that appears to have been wholly adopted by people like David Kneusel.

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