Black family subjected to SWAT raid tied to allegations of scamming and anti-White hate

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Allen, Texas – A Black mother was arrested in a daring SWAT raid after Police said she tortured her children with knives and attempted to put her 3-year-old inside of an oven. But newly unearthed social media posts allege that the family had been running a scam on White neighbors for up to a year prior to the arrest.

According to reports, police attempted to serve a warrant for the arrest of 36-year-old Lul Nyachua Top for multiple charges stemming from alleged child abuse. When police arrived on Feb 5th, they found Top—a Black immigrant—barricaded inside the attic of a home on Tanglewood Drive.

36-year-old Lul Nyachua Top was arrested after a 2-hour stand-off with a local SWAT team. Police say Top has a long history of child abuse and cut her 6 children with cleavers, leaving scars. Mugshot: Collin County Sheriff

After a two-hour standoff with Police—which required the use of an armored personnel carrier and chemical weapons—Top was finally taken into custody. An affidavit related to her arrest alleges that Top, a mother of six, attempted to bake her youngest 3-year-old child in a hot oven.

After interviews were conducted with the children, authorities learned that Top would regularly beat them and her husband. She would cut her children with knives, forcing them to “hide” the weapons somewhere inside the home when she wasn’t looking, per reports.

The kids also stated that Top was an alcoholic and would send her children out to “find her more alcohol” whenever she ran low. If the children refused, she would allegedly threaten them with cleavers and once held a knife to the tongue of a young boy.

Before Top’s arrest via SWAT team, reports indicate that police had been called to the home for domestic-related issues a total of 11 times since January 1st. Child Protective Services later removed Tops’ children from the home, observing numerous scars “resembling knife cuts” present on their flesh. One child even tested positive for cocaine.

For abhorrent acts of alleged child torture, Top was taken into custody and placed in Collin County Jail in lieu of a $600,000 bond. She currently faces six counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of assault causing bodily injury to a family member, one count of assault of a peace officer, and two counts of assault of a public servant.

While the alarming story appears to have ended with the safeguarding of Top’s children by CPS, bombshell new findings have revealed that the Top family may have been taking advantage of Allen’s White community for up to a year before her latest arrest.

Thanks to an unearthed Facebook thread, the Justice Report learned that in January of 2023, Top’s husband may have taken advantage of his White neighbors by falsely claiming his wife had died from cancer. Claiming he had no money, food, clothes, or furniture for the six children, Top’s husband would go on to grift over $4500 in crowdfunded aid despite his wife being very much alive.

“Can anyone help?? There is a man that just lost his wife to breast cancer who needs clothes for his 6 children,” said one Facebook post to a local mothers group last year. “He has no family support. The Army stopped sending his wife’s checks after she passed because after serving for 12 years, she still hadn’t applied for citizenship.”

“They are sleeping in a tent in the living room…Please comment if you are interested in helping. Any amount helps,” said the user in a different post.

In Jan. of 2023, local White mothers were allegedly scammed by Top’s husband, “Kenneth,” who claimed his wife had suddenly died of cancer. Together, the White community amassed over $4500 dollars in mutual aid for a Black immigrant family whose mother was alive and well. Collage: Facebook thread.

According to the Facebook posts, the call to action led by local White mothers for Black immigrants in need soon resulted in tons of donated clothing, furniture, outings, and cash. But later that year, in September, the community provided an update, worrying that they had been scammed.

“I have met another mom with whom we paid for the kids…She was actually the one who started investigating things because the story didn’t add up,” read the post. “She was able to find his wife (Top) Instagram and it appeared she was alive and well.”

“His wifes posts were horrible, racist and she was even posting videos of her son saying things like black power and how much she hates White people,” the post continued. “The irony is that only White people helped her in this whole process and a lot of these White folks brought furniture, gave them money, and filled the fridge with food.”

When that same Facebook user pressed the father, who was using the name "Kenneth," he apparently became "verbally abusive" and "angry" for being questioned.

"I started confronting Dad and ask(ed) him more questions and he started gaslighting me. He was also very verbally abusive, and I was totally shocked because he used to be so nice and grateful, he couldn't thank me enough for what I have done," read the post.

"The same mom found out that (Kenneth) has an extensive criminal history and his wife was in prison for assaulting a police officer. The more questions I asked the more he got madder and angry at me so I stepped away," it continued.

Local White mothers found out they had been scammed by "Kenneth" after one curious neighbor found out his wife was alive, and maintained a social media account rife with anti-White racial commentary. When confronted about the scam, Top's husband became agitated, according to the Facebook thread. Collage: Facebook.

The claims would not be entirely baseless. According to the public crime records database, Busted Newspaper, a Lul Nyachua Top was listed as having been arrested multiple times, each relating to the assault of a public servant. Arrests such as these go back as far as 2019. The mugshots of "Lul Top" featured on the website visually match the most recent mugshot of the "Lul Top" taken after the SWAT raid.

If true, then "Kenneth," Lul Top's husband, would have successfully stolen over $4500 in cash and other material goods out of Colin County's marginalized White community.

"His wifes posts were horrible, racist and she was even posting videos of her son saying things like black power and how much she hates White people. The irony is that only White people helped her in this whole process and a lot of these White folks brought furniture, gave them money, and filled the fridge with food."

White mother, Facebook

Her latest arrest in 2024, however, would breathe new life into these scamming allegations. In the comment section of a different Facebook thread now discussing the SWAT raid on the same family, residents harkened back to the situation, outraged they had been taken for a ride.

"Wondered how long it would take for him to get caught," commented one user.

Lul Nyachua Top, an alleged anti-White bigot by the local community, has been previously arrested numerous times for assaulting a peace officer in Collin County. Now, she's facing aggravated assault charges related to slicing children with knives and allegedly trying to bake her 3-year-old in an oven. Photo: Busted Newspaper, Fox.

The Justice Report made contact with one local who had intimate knowledge of the situation, who out of fear for personal safety, commented anonymously. According to them, the allegations of scamming and arrests were unsurprising and indicative of an increasingly diverse state of Texas.

"This family is a scam artist family," they said. "The community is so sick of violent foreign scammers taking advantage of our people."

"The northern Dallas suburbs are increasingly diverse and Whites, especially women, need to sharpen their discernment," they continued, adding that everyone should remain vigilant against scammers.

The assault on the home Top had barricaded herself in required the use of a tax-payer-funded armored personnel carrier, chemical weapons, and a highly trained SWAT team. Photo: DailyMail

Chaos along America's southern border, which has so far seen thousands of non-White migrants enter the country by way of "asylum" claims, has been described as a "massacre" in the Lone Star state. According to the pro-White policy institute, White-Papers, non-White peoples officially make up 71.4% of all rapes, 58% of sexual violence cases, 76.5% of all murders, and 72% of all aggravated assaults.

In places like Allen, Texas, White residents make up only 51.3% of the population, down 6% from 2020, according to the most recent US Census report estimates. The number would be a sharp decline when in 2010, Whites made up 64.92% of the population. Currently, they are being eclipsed by a growing Black (11.5%), Hispanic (11.9%), and Asian (19%) community with no sign of it slowing down.

According to data analyzed by the White Papers Policy Institute, Whites continue to be a mainstay for charitable giving and volunteer work in their communities. For each 10-point increase in diversity, charities lose 106 dollars in donations per adult. Infographic:

Despite their relatively low percentage of the population, Black Americans continue to shock the nation with violent acts carried out against vulnerable people in their care. In the same week that Lul Top was arrested for allegedly trying to bake her 3-year-old alive, a different Black mother—this time in Missouri—was arrested after Police said she was guilty of the same crime.

Unlike Top, however, the culprit in Missouri succeeded in cooking her newborn baby to death. According to reports, 26-year-old Mariah Thomas confessed to Police, claiming she mistook the oven for her child's crib.

In 2022, the infamous Black Serial killer, Billy Chemirmir, was convicted for a string of merciless killings throughout the Metro Dallas area, including Collin County. A court found Chemirmir—a Kenyan immigrant—guilty of murdering elderly women, a majority of them White, by pretending to be a repairman or healthcare professional to gain access to their rooms.

Despite the convictions, a Collin County DA refused to pursue the death penalty, sparking outrage and a call-in campaign to demand justice for the dead women. Chemirmir would ultimately be killed himself after a fellow inmate allegedly stabbed him to death with an improvised blade.

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