Black Twitter celebrates viral assault of young White girl

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St. Louis, Missouri – Black Americans on social media are now celebrating the violent attack that sent White 15-year-old Kaylee Gain into critical condition last Friday. The ghoulish admissions come amid reports that young Kaylee is “fighting for her life” in an area hospital, suffering from a severe brain bleed and other trauma.

The brutal assault, which took place at Hazelwood East High School in minority-majority St. Louis, was captured on video where it quickly went viral. In it, a Black teenager—later identified as 15-year-old Maurnice Declue—threw Kaylee to the ground, pummelled her with closed fists, and slammed her head into the concrete numerous times.

15-year-old Kaylee Gain (pictured) is currently suffering from a traumatic brain injury after a Black teenager slammed her head into the concrete last week. According to reports, the young girl is now in a coma and “fighting to stay alive.” Photo: Dailymail.

The video also captured the harrowing moments when Kaylee began convulsing uncontrollably on the ground, leading many to believe she was dead. The savage ambush has since sparked demands for Declue to be tried as an adult, as well as hate crime charges for what some perceived to be a racially motivated attack.

The plight of Kaylee Gain has so far been met with a loud chorus of support. At the time of press, generous donors had crowdfunded over $250,000 dollars for Kaylee and her family through a widely successful GoFundMe page. The Black community, however, offered little sympathy for the battered teen. Instead, they overtly cast “disrespect” to the victim by taunting, mocking, and even lionizing juvenile suspect Maurnice Declue.

“Fuck Kaylee tbh,” said Black X/Twitter user @nyekim_ in a now-deleted post. “I’m tired of hearing about this shit. She shouldve(sic) kept her hands to herself.”

“Don’t start fights you can’t win. You should learn something from her,” said one Black user. “Disrespectfully, Fuck Kaylee,” read another.

Black X/Twitter users came out in force to support Maurnice Declue, a Black teenager accused of giving a White girl brain damage during an unhinged assault in Hazelwood East High School. The crime has sparked demands for hate crimes, and for the accused to be tried as a result. Collage: X/Twitter.

“😂😂White supremacy strikes again! I called it! I knew that once White people discovered Kaylee likes Black men (because the Black man is God) we’ll see her support wane! 😂Expect them to stop donating to her GoFundMe 😂,” read one comment by Black X/Twitter user Black Spock.

“Its a fight, bad shyt happens in fights. Trying to justify yall bullshyt cause the white girl lost is insane. Dnt start fights you cant win,” read yet another post.

One of the worst offenders was Black “conservative” user @MikeBaggz, who used the platform to deliver a string of posts laden with anti-White hate. Shockingly, he even referred to the Hazelwood attack as a byproduct of what he called “Black excellence.”

“😂😂I’m still laughing at her doing the Harlem shake,” he said in one ghoulish post. “The way she beat her ass, definetly(sic) black excellence.”

A series of video edits posted by Micah Brown, aka “MikeBaggz,” ghoulishly mock White teenager Kaylee Gain as she fell victim to a violent assault from a Black girl, resulting in brain damage. In the clips, Brown taunts by saying “special delivery,” and regards the attack as a product of “Black excellence.” Collage: X/Twitter/TikTok.

An independent Justice Report investigation determined that MikeBaggz—whose real name is Micah Lee Brown of Hope Mills, North Carolina—is a failed Soundcloud rapper and overt Black supremacist who regularly promotes merchandise linked to the anti-White bigot and historical revisionist Tariq Nasheed. Currently, Brown sells a promotional E-book of his own on Gumroad for a whopping $79 while discussing conspiracy theories regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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Brown drew ire for a video edit he made, which featured Kaylee convulsing on the ground while rap music played in the background. “Special delivery,” he commented. He would follow it up with another, showing Kaylee “drop rings” as she is brutally slammed into the concrete, a reference to the video game, Sonic the Hedgehog.

“The way she beat her ass, definetly black excellence.”

Micah Brown aka “MikeBaggz”, X/Twitter

Tariq Nasheed would end up retweeting one post made by Brown, which mocked White people for an alleged relationship Kaylee may have maintained with a Black man. The post would end up being seen by Nasheed’s 345,000+ followers.

Black Conservative X/Twitter user Micah Brown used his platform to mock and denigrate young Kaylee, question the sexual activity of a 15-year-old, and taunt her supporters through dozens of virulently anti-White posts. Collage: @MikeBaggz X/Twitter

Despite claims often parroted by Black supremacists—which promote the falsehood that all White women secretly or overtly fetishize Black men—White women remain the most discerning when it comes to interracial partners.

“😂😂I’m still laughing at (Kaylee) doing the Harlem shake.”

Micah Brown aka “MikeBaggz”, X/Twitter

According to data examined by the Pew Research Center, only 9.4% of Whites married a member of a different race in 2010, and even then, the largest percentage chose a Hispanic partner (43.3%) rather than a Black one (11.9%).

Between the years 2008 and 2016, less than 1% of White women married outside of their race, with Blacks representing only a sliver of that percentage, choosing a White partner instead.

Data suggests that White women are least likely to marry outside of their race, thwarting many Black supremacist conspiracy theories that tout the opposite. Graph: Cremieux Recueil.

Additionally, Black suspects have been attributed to an almost never-ending stream of headlines related to acts of hyperviolence which specifically target White women and children. Just last month, a 14-year-old White girl in Lima, Ohio, was shot to death in her own bedroom.

For the crime, Police arrested a Black man who they say climbed to the second story of the home before shooting her dead. When asked why he did it, he confessed that he simply “messed up.”

In January, a young White girl became the unwitting victim of an unhinged attack at an area shopping mall in Troy, Michigan. For the crime, police arrested and then released a 25-year-old Black woman who some believe should be charged with a hate crime.

That incident would pale in comparison, however, to a deadly mall shooting carried out by a Black suspect that would later claim the life of a pregnant 19-year-old. The victim—who was White—would be taken off life support nearly a week later in Kansas City, Missouri.

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