‘Anti-woke’ Israeli billionaire funded NGO that freed Black career criminal

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Bronx, New York – An Israeli billionaire, known as a darling of the “anti-woke” right, once funded a prison reform NGO responsible for releasing a convicted Black criminal out of prison. The same convict would be rearrested this month for shooting, killing, and chopping up another man.

On March 5th, police say known prison reform advocate, 48-year-old Sheldon Johnson, was arrested for shooting and killing a man in the Bronx. Police say Johnson—who is Black—severed the head and legs of his victim and kept them in a freezer at his apartment. A witness dialed 911 after they heard two gunshots from the Highbridge apartment building where the crime took place.

“Someone was pleading for their life,” said Building Superintendent Orlando Medina in a statement to ABC 7. “She said she heard two gunshots, someone said ‘please don’t kill me. I got family,’ something like that, and two more gunshots pretty quickly.”

Photo: Theodore Parisienne for New York Daily News

A torso and arms were discovered at the crime scene. The victim, later identified as 44-year-old Collin Small, was known to be a childhood friend of Johnson’s. He was quickly arrested and now faces charges of murder, manslaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon.

In an unsurprising twist, Johnson was highly regarded as a “champion of rehabilitation,” known for his prison reform advocacy. He was employed as a youth counselor for the Queens public defender’s office and had previously served 25 years behind bars for gang-related crime—including attempted murder—in 1999. He was released this May and was promoted as a key figure in prison reform advocacy.

In a now-infamous appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast, the alleged Black serial killer would go on to claim he was merely a victim of “systemic racism” for his arrest in 1999. He also claimed his attempted murder sentence was too hefty.

Sheldon Johnson’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience highlights Johnson’s grievances with the American criminal justice system, which he believes is too harsh on offenders like him. He would later go on to be rearrested for the gunshot murder and dismemberment of a childhood friend. Video: JRE Podcast.

Appearing alongside Johnson on the podcast was Josh Dubin, a lawyer who, at one point, advocated for him. On the podcast, Dubin—who is Jewish—appeared to praise Rogan for his forward-thinking analysis and boast about his own efforts to help release Johnson back into polite society. With Johnson now facing another hefty sentence, this begs the question, who is Josh Dubin?

Known as an expert in overturning so-called “wrongful convictions” for Black criminals, Dubin is currently the executive director of The Perlmutter Center For Legal Justice at Cardozo Law School at Yeshiva University. A regular guest on the Joe Rogan Experience, Dubin would previously boast about working with then-President Donald Trump to issue pardons for convicts, including Jawad Musa, a Baltimore-based Black drug dealer who had served a life sentence.

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A deeper look into Dubin’s legal outfit revealed a curious link to Israeli money. According to Cardozo Law’s website, its Perlmutter Center was “designed to train lawyers” to address what it calls “rampant abuse” of prosecutors seeking hefty convictions for American criminals. Cardozo Law claims to “draw inspiration from transcendent Jewish values.” It was founded through a $15 million philanthropic donation from Laura and Isaac Perlmutter, an Israeli billionaire who currently chairs Marvel Entertainment.

Additionally, Isaac Perlmutter maintains a close relationship with President Donald Trump and was once considered a darling in the “anti-woke” right scene for a perceived belief that he was working to remove anti-White messaging in Disney movies. Despite this, the “anti-gay” Perlmutter once donated $5 million in 2017—paradoxically—to NYU Langone Medical Health Center to endow a chair in gender-affirming plastic surgery for trans patients.

Activist lawyer Josh Dubin (left) and Israeli billionaire Issac Perlmutter (right). Both Jewish men are tied to the release of Sheldon Johnson, a prison reform “champion” turned suspected Black serial killer in the Bronx, New York. Collage: Justice Report.
  • Rachel Bluebond-Langner, MD, The Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Associate Professor of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, one of the country’s notable specialists in transgender surgery. Dr. Bluebond-Langner enjoys an outstanding reputation in this burgeoning field, and is highly admired and respected by colleagues and patients alike for her superior surgical outcomes and compassionate care. Dr. Bluebond-Langner works closely with NYU Langone’s growing team of talented physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare practitioners representing the many disciplines involved in providing comprehensive healthcare for individuals seeking gender-affirming care.” – PR Newswire

The curious link between an Israeli billionaire investor and a Black career criminal’s release from prison would prove to be yet another case of Israeli meddling in a rapidly destabilized American empire. In November, a leaked phone call with Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt highlighted his frustration over a growing wave of anti-Zionist rhetoric among Gen Z after Israel’s war on Gaza was poorly receptive.

Surveillance footage allegedly shows Sheldon Johnson in and out of an apartment in multiple outfits after shooting childhood friend Collin Small in the head. Police say Johnson cut up the body and had stored several body parts—including the victim’s head—in a freezer. Photo: New York Daily News.

In the phone call, Greenblatt blamed social media platforms like TikTok for causing particular aggravation. Many have tied these concerns to a recent push to federally “ban” the current form of TikTok by forcing a Chinese company to sell the app to Jewish investors in America, where it can be more easily censored in support of Israel.

In January, a sect of ultra-orthodox Israeli Jews rioted in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, after police moved to condemn a series of illegal tunnels dug underneath the Chabad world headquarters. The tunnels had been dug over an internecine religious dispute, which police say threatened the physical integrity of structures in the entire neighborhood.

Meanwhile, pro-Black, neoliberal activists like Sheldon Johnson often create uncomfortable moral hypocrisies through unspeakable acts of savage violence. In February of 2022, a "Black Lives Matter" activist and once candidate for Louisville, Kentucky's metro council was arrested for opening fire on a mayoral candidate, narrowly killing him, inside his campaign headquarters.

In December of 2023, a trans-identified Black male—who was highly regarded as a trans activist—allegedly raped multiple young boys in Philadelphia. For the abhorrent crime, Police would arrest 37-year-old Kendall Stephens on a slew of charges, including rape, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, and indecent assault against people less than 13 years of age.

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