‘Antifa’ and media are subverting democracy in Enid, Oklahoma

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Enid, Oklahoma – A group of “progressive” activists are attempting to recall a city commissioner due to his alleged ties to Charlottesville’s Unite the Right rally in 2017. While they claim to be “concerned citizens” fighting against “hate,” an independent Justice Report investigation has unearthed alarming social media posts and links to the anti-White extremism movement, commonly referred to as “Antifa.”

In 2023, Judd Blevins, a former marine and Oklahoma native, ran for the position of City Commissioner of Enid’s Ward 1. The election stirred controversy, however, after local leftists discovered a malicious online dox of Blevins, that claims he may have attended the 2017 Charlottesville protest. Despite this, Judd won the election and currently represents his community as a member of a six-man city council.

Commissioner Judd Blevins of Enid, Oklahoma’s Ward 1, is a veteran, father, and small business owner who won his election despite a targeted harassment campaign hatched by local antifascists. Now, the same group is committed to having him recalled and subverting the will of the people. Collage: Judd Blevins Website.

Outraged by the result, local leftists immediately began a campaign to undermine the election and recall Blevens. Their agitation, which takes the form of breathless fearmongering at an open mic during City Council meetings, has elevated the issue to a national level.

Known as the Enid Social Justice Committee (ESJC), the group is a coalition of Democrats, progressives, socialists, and other sympathetic groups rallying under one banner to harass Blevins and his supporters and, ultimately, unseat him from office. The group is run by a pair of local journalists, now-Reverend James Neal and Kristi Rice Balden, whose hard stance against Blevins and the conservative values held by a majority of Enidites, often result in outlandish displays.

Neal, a Navy veteran who currently ministers to an “all-inclusive” Orthodox Church, describes himself as an “open and affirming” man of faith. Like many left-wing, antifascist priests, Neal is paradoxically pro-Satan, pro-transsexual, a supporter of open borders, and believes in the idea of recreational abortion access. He also regularly derides mainline churchgoers and average GOP supporters as “Christofascists” and “White supremacists,” despite Enid’s 60% Republican voting base.

Father James Neal (left) and Kristi Rice Balden (right) are the two leaders of the Enid Social Justice Committee, a group of progressive activists mobilizing to unseat the duly elected Judd Blevins from office due to his political beliefs. Collage: Facebook.

Like a chameleon, Neal often uses his religion as a convenient vehicle to disseminate his left-wing extremist ideology. Sometimes, he is called out on it, with some on Facebook labeling him a “fake internet priest.” Still, Neal believes he has a “righteous obligation” to “oppose nazism,” calling it an “evil problem of humanity.” He even borrows words from the embattled Biden administration, claiming his ESJC is fighting to “reclaim the soul of the community” by fighting so-called “hate groups” operating in Enid.

Already receiving financial support from OK Progress Now—a Democrat NGO—Neal suggests his supporters contribute more by leveraging contacts with critically-panned groups like the terror-linked SPLC, and the Zionist Anti-Defamation League, to “bring to bear every ounce of every influence we can” to “oppose evil in the form of nazism and white supremacy.”

Hiding behind an American flag and a cross, Neal uses overtly patriotic themes to seduce centrists and neoliberals to his ESJC. While the scheme appears to have worked to some degree, with two normal-looking elderly White women featured as the group’s poster children—Neal’s extreme hatred of what he calls “Nazis” can be evidenced on his personal Facebook page, which hundreds follow.

On YouTube, James Neal holds sermons asking god to give him and his followers the strength to fight White supremacy in Enid, a town that is 68% White according to the latest US Census Report estimates. Video: Holy Cross Orthodox Catholic Church.

In a Facebook post discussing his favorite movies, Neal states,

“So I hear the billionaires who are destroying our planet, starving the vulnerable, and exploiting the working class are all building themselves doomsday bunkers,” he said in a post dated January 22nd, equating the deeds of Jewish oligarchs to White men. “I quite enjoy the scene in Dirty Dozen when they drop all the fuel and grenades from the air vents in the Nazi bunkers. Anywho.”

“Stand by Me, Raiders of the Lost Ark (even if it’s just the part where the Nazis’ faces melt), The Goonies… If they made a movie about a misfit band of kids who set out on a journey to see a dead nazi…I would definitely watch that,” he ghoulishly commented in another.

Neal’s hatred would not go unmatched. In fact, multiple associates of the ESJC openly promote their adherence to fringe, anti-White belief systems like communism and anarchism, with some showing reverence to pages that lionize armed militias.

Jacob McNew, an anarchist hydroponics major currently living in Stillwater, Oklahoma, is one of the ESJC’s largest mouthpieces. A visibly overweight McNew could be seen during the latest mainstream media push to capitalize on the Blevins story. He would proudly repurpose a screenshot of himself from an NBC television special for his Facebook profile picture, calling it his “nazi-fighting face.”

Avowed antifascist and “Nazi-fighter” Jacob McNew has endorsed multiple anti-White extremist organizations on Facebook, including the terror-linked John Brown Gun Club. Collage: Facebook.

An examination of McNeal’s Facebook page contains a trove of evidence that showcases his support for the anti-White extremist movement, commonly referred to as Antifa. Online, McNew has endorsed the Antifa-adjacent Socialist Rifle Association, the Black Flag Anarco-Syndaclist Cooperative, the Oklahoma branch of the terror-linked Anti-Racist Action, and the UK-based “Anarchism Research Group.”

Additionally, he has “liked” a page called the John Brown Brigades, an affinity group dedicated to “armed insurrectionary anti-racism.” It’s also a propaganda wing for the heavily armed and terror-linked John Brown Gun Club (JBGC). The anti-White paramilitary militia made national headlines in 2019 when one of its members, 69-year-old Willem van Spronsen, carried out a violent terrorist attack against an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington.

Police justifiably neutralized Spronsen over the course of a premeditated firebombing, and would later be hailed as a “martyr” by Antifa the world over. The JBGC has since been embroiled in acts of violence during protests in support of all-ages drag shows. Their members have called for the mass murder of pro-White activists, the destruction of private property, and even the assassination of politicians for their adherence to what they believe are “fascist” governance policies.

Jacob McNew and James Neal are close confidants, regularly liking and replying to each other’s posts on Facebook. Photo: James Neal Facebook.

McNeal’s dalliance with anti-White hate movements like the JBGC is not just an online gesture. He has the hammer and sickle of the former Soviet Union tattooed on his calf, evidenced in a photo uploaded by a sexual partner and fellow ESJC member, “Ben Clark.”

“Enid is doomed. At least there will be a recall,” said McNew in one Facebook post. “If you live in Ward 1 in Enid, get registered and VOTE THIS NAZI OUT OF OFFICE!”

Joining McNew in a vitriolic embrace of anti-White hate is 33-year-old Annamarie Baldwin, daughter of the ESJC’s chairwoman Kristi Rice and currently living in Chicago. On Facebook, the staunch enemy of Judd Blevins openly dons a Black facemask adorned with the “circle A” of the Antifa movement, calling herself “your friendly neighborhood anarchist.”

Annamarie Baldwin, of Chicago, pictured with an anarchist-extremist mask. Members of the Enid Social Justice Committee often deny or laugh off accusations of being “Antifa,” despite ample evidence which suggests many ascribe to its various ideologies. Photo: Facebook.

“No borders. No Cops. No Cages,” the post continued.

The iconic “circle A” symbol would later be classified as a symbol indicative of “anarchist violent extremism,” according to a domestic terror report issued by the federal government.

Balden’s father, Byron Balden, is one of two names to appear on a police report related to an incident in which Blevin’s brake lines had been cut following a Veteran’s Day event in 2023. The other name to appear is Jacob McNew. Although McNew has denied cutting Blevins’ brake lines, Byron appears to have remained silent on the matter.

Annamarie Balden is a Chicago-based antifascist, and member of the ESJC. She is the daughter of Kristi Rice Balden, the group’s chairwoman. Byron Balden, her father, was alleged to have attempted to cut Judd Blevin’s break lines in a police report from 2023. Collage: Facebook.

While the ESJC constantly fearmongers over the lawful activities of duly elected politicians, it appears to turn a blind eye to the overtly criminal acts of its own supporters. 42-year-old Sarah Marie “Miller” Jeffries, a vocal opponent of Blevins and ESJC associate, holds an alarming criminal history in the state of Oklahoma.

Having been arrested on numerous charges related to drunk driving, petty larceny, shoplifting, and public intoxication, Jeffries’ most serious crime was in 2015, when she pled guilty to assault and battery of a police officer. At the time, she was given a sweetheart deal by the state of Oklahoma, with charges amended to misdemeanor resisting arrest.

Additionally, Jeffries was also alleged to have hurled her “bodily fluids” on a government employee, but the charge was ultimately dismissed with costs. For these crimes, Jeffries walked away with a suspended license and a mental health assessment. Since then, the ESJC advocate has been picked up numerous times for shoplifting, with her latest infraction as early as 2019 in Woods County.

ESJC associate and current nun in James Neal’s church holds a lengthy criminal history in the state of Oklahoma, with dozens of charges of drunk driving, drugs, shoplifting, assault, and even throwing bodily fluids on a government employee. Collage: Facebook, Enid News, Oklahoma State Courts Network.

Jeffries currently serves as a nun in James Neals’ Holy Cross Orthodox Catholic church, with her turn to progressive religion coming about through an undisclosed “near-death experience” in 2019, according to an interview with Enid News.

Despite these alarming contradictions, the ESJC continues its campaign of targeted harassment against Blevins, enjoying full-spectrum support from the mainstream media. While NBC may paint these “progressive” activists as good-hearted Democrats fighting against a “spoiled, conservative elite,” a cursory glance into the activities of its most prominent members reveals the complete opposite.

Outlets like HuffPo and NBC have devoted precious airtime to a small-town council race that many coastal liberals would consider “fly-over country.” The apparent moral hypocrisy of the situation beggars belief, but the recent push to criminalize attendees of 2017’s Unite the Right protest may shed more light on the overarching political situation.

ESJC activist Pierce Jones wavers as he reads a canned statement before the Enid City Council in opposition to Judd Blevins. Video: Enid City Youtube

Under the auspices of a Klan-era law that prohibits the burning of an object “with the intent to intimidate,” many Cville attendees are now facing hefty charges in Virginia years after the protest unfolded. These “hate-based” charges have no statute of limitations, leaving many in the Antifa movement to capitalize on easy wins against their perceived enemies by—ironically—using state power. So far, several men have been convicted over these constitutionally dubious charges, with some having quit or denounced right-wing politics years prior.

This recent push to oppress Cville attendees has so far faced a litany of setbacks; however, mostly due in part to blatant corruption on display in Charlottesville courts. An opportunity to deny Judd Blevins his council seat appears to be a spiritual extension of this battle. The media machine has spent an untold amount of time and resources to villainize Charlottesville and its White male attendees as the greatest existential threat to American democracy since the Civil War.

By now, the fight for Judd Blevin’s Ward 1 Commissioner seat appears to be much larger than Enid, Oklahoma, when examined under a bird’s-eye view. Even a small political victory for one of its alleged participants could be interpreted by some to prove damaging to this ongoing narrative.

To learn more about Judd Blevin’s fight to remain Commissioner of Enid, Oklahoma’s Ward 1, you can visit his Website HERE.

Enid Oklahoma’s Commissioner of Ward 1, Judd Blevins. Blevvins was duly elected in 2023 despite a concerted effort by antifascist activists to upset his campaign. Now, they have forced a recall vote. Photo: Judd Blevins Website.

Right-wingers, Christians, Nationalists, and other political dissidents have often come under institutional fire, resulting in draconian oppression and sometimes death. In February, Active Club founder and political prisoner Robert Rundo was freed from jail and then swiftly rearrested after federal prosecutors manipulated an appeals court to detain an innocent man. Despite not facing any charges, prosecutors judged Rundo was a flight risk in the face of a potential future appeal.

Also in February, Patriot Front’s Thomas Rousseau was arrested over charges of “burning with intent to intimidate” stemming from his role in the 2017 Unite the Right protest. Despite being a minor during the now famous tiki march, prosecutors hope to incur jail time for the pro-White activist, who has so far garnered support from many in the nationalist community.

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