Homosexual doctor arrested for CSAM as FBI alleges he planned to molest his newborn son

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Elburn, Illinois – A homosexual veterinarian and famous Midwest dog show judge was arrested for the possession of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on Friday. Federal prosecutors asserted the man had bragged in chats about drugging and raping multiple children and even planned to molest his yet-to-be-delivered newborn son.

According to reports, 38-year-old Adam Stafford King of Elburn, is charged with one count of knowingly distributing child sexual abuse material.

Federal prosecutors allege that 38-year-old Adam Stafford King, a veterinarian and dog show judge, possessed CSAM and had bragged about drugging and raping his nieces and nephews. He is also said to have looked forward to molesting his newborn son. Photo: FBI

King—who is expecting a child via surrogate alongside his husband—is an ophthalmologist at MedVet Chicago, a veterinary facility in nearby Avondale. He is known for his work as a dog show judge and had been selected to judge the iconic Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show in 2024.

According to a criminal complaint, FBI agents first learned of King’s alleged involvement with CSAM after they investigated a different suspect in New York. Once that suspect admitted that he had received CSAM videos from King in the past, agents assumed control of that suspect’s devices and re-opened communications with King.

Using the handle “pervchiguy,” King admitted to agents that he “prefers children under age 10,” and while he liked both girls and boys, he admitted he preferred boys, according to the complaint.

“0-9 [years old] my fav…B[oy] and g[irl], though prefer b[oy],” stated the user believed to be King in the chats.

Agents also revealed that King had sent the New York suspect several explicit CSAM videos, with at least three of them featuring men raping preteen boys. He is alleged to have communicated with the fellow pedophile using the social media apps Telegram and Scruff, an “international social application for men seeking men.”

Additionally, it was alleged in documents that King bragged about drugging and raping his own nieces and nephews at an unspecified date.

Adam Stafford King (left) pictured with fellow alleged pedophile Jacob Boudreau (right). Boudreau was charged last week with a dozen counts of CSAM possession and was alleged to have recorded a video of an accomplice having sex with a dog. Photo: Facebook

“I generally use Benadryl,” King allegedly wrote in texts to federal agents, noting the pain medication provides a “wide safety margin.”

“(It’s) easy…it generally takes 30-45 min(utes)…I usually double an adult dose,” he allegedly said.

The charging document further alleged that King and his husband were expecting the birth of a child via surrogate sometime around March 29th. King planned to sexually assault the newborn, and had allegedly sent the New York suspect an ultrasound image and a photo of baby clothes. He was even said to have explored the idea of gang rape.

“I do love the idea of inviting a buddy over when I have my boy … just has to be someone I can trust, obviously,” read one post allegedly made by King.

King was alone in the shower with his cell phone when the FBI executed a search warrant of his home in March. During a digital forensic search of that phone, agents discovered numerous files containing CSAM, the ultrasound photo he had shared, and the same baby clothes pictured in the photo sent to the suspect in New York.

King was then placed into custody and sent to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. The arrest came days before King and his husband were planned to celebrate the arrival of their son later this week in California. During his initial court appearance on Friday, federal prosecutors asked him to be held without bond. A detention hearing is scheduled for today.

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“Because he’s so well-known, especially in the Midwest, that’s why it’s such a shock,” said fellow dog shower Jessica Deardorff to CBSNews. “You can’t keep ignoring it. This isn’t the good old boys club anymore…you can’t sweep things under the rug.”

King’s arrest on suspicion of CSAM possession, child rape, and other acts of predation against minors is just the latest headline implicating American homosexuals and their advocates. In 2022, a married homosexual couple was indicted for the molestation and prostitution of their two young sons. In that case, police alleged that 33-year-old William Dale Zulock, and 35-year-old Zachary Jacoby Zulock, used social media apps to arrange for local pedophiles to rape their boys on film.

The two men were known as “LGBTQ” activists, painting themselves as a picture-perfect example of a family with “two dads.”

In December of 2023, a prominent Black LGBTQ Trans activist was criminally charged with the violent rape of two young boys. In that case, 37-year-old Kendall Stephens of Philadelphia was arrested for numerous counts including rape, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, indecent assault against people less than 13 years of age, and obscenity to minors.

33-year-old William Dale Zulock and 35-year-old Zachary Jacoby Zulock were arrested for prostituting their two young sons (pictured) out to local pedophiles, among other charges. Photo: Facebook.

While catching pedophiles and other online predators is an objectively good thing, the FBI itself has often faced controversy for its unorthodox methods in fighting CSAM. According to a bombshell report by TheNextWeb, the FBI likely ran nearly half of all child porn sites on the dark web in 2016.

Investigators believed the FBI hosted CSAM websites on government servers, infested them with tracking malware, and gave pedophiles access to child sexual abuse material in exchange for data which would be later used to ensnare them with federal charges. The ethical and moral conundrum presented by this strategy would later come under question by those who believed it was merely perpetuating child sex abuse.

Despite their efforts, FBI agents themselves have faced numerous charges related to the consumption of CSAM. In June of 2023, 57-year-old John Magri—a veteran FBI special agent working as a real estate lawyer in Queens, New York—was arraigned in court for 18 counts of possessing and disseminating child sexual abuse material.

According to reports, Magri’s home had been searched by NYPD detectives, who uncovered a vile trove of toddler and infant rape videos that were shared with others. Despite ample grounds for federal prosecution, the agent was charged locally, sparing him more severe penalties that are typical with a federal conviction.

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