Mixed-race gang charged for beating death of homeless White man

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Steven’s Point, Wisconsin – An elderly homeless White man who fell victim to a brutal assault by a multi-ethnic gang has now died, the Justice Report has learned. A criminal complaint tied to the incident asserts the beating was launched after the man tried to stop the group from stealing items out of unlocked cars.

According to reports, 61-year-old Donald G. Mitchell Jr was found face down on the concrete in city parking lot 16 after sustaining a violent attack by up to three men. Mitchell—who is believed to be living in a camper attached to his car—was transported by an ambulance to a local hospital for treatment. Due to a significant brain bleed, however, he was flown via helicopter to a different facility.

From left to right: Arlin Sangster, Christian J. Emerson, Daemon Kitzrow, and Brandon L. Boehm. 19-year-old Kritzrow would ultimately not be charged for the crime after a Police investigation determined he had no ties to the assault of Mitchell. Collage: Justice Report.

The next afternoon, Mitchell died from his injuries, with doctors noting that “every bone in his face” had been fractured, along with several ribs.

For the crime, police arrested three men aged 18-20, who were in the area after having been denied access to a local bar. A criminal complaint tied to the incident asserts that 18-year-old Christian J. Emerson, 19-year-old Arlin O. Sangster, and 20-year-old Brandon L. Boehm had beaten Mitchell after he confronted them stealing items out of unlocked cars.

The document alleges that after Mitchell had caught them rummaging through his truck, he asked them, “What are you doing in my truck? What did you take from my truck?” An eyewitness said she heard one of the men reply, “You got three big guys coming up on you. You want to mess with us?”

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Witnesses state that all three men had then begun to repeatedly punch Mitchell until he fell to the ground. Then, they were alleged to have kicked and even stomped the 61-year-old in the face, causing the worst of his injuries.

A sickening video taken by Emerson with a stolen cellphone appears to show Mitchell face down on the concrete as the gang drives away in a car. One suspect can even be heard cruelly mocking Mitchell, saying, “Have a good night, lil nigga, be smooth with it.”

Despite reports of stomping Mitchell in the head after he had fallen to the ground, all three men now face charges of first-degree reckless homicide, a felony, in connection to Mitchell’s death. If convicted, each member of the gang faces up to 66 years in Wisconsin state prison. Boehm—the gang’s only White member—faces an additional two years in prison due to a previous conviction.

A video taken on a stolen cellphone by Emerson shows Mitchell incapacitated after what Police say was a brutal attack during a string of car thefts in Steven’s Point. In it, a suspect can be heard cruelly mocking the victim, who would die from his injuries the following afternoon. Video: Emerson.

So far, Emerson—who is Black—posted a $50,000 cash bond and is currently walking as a free man pending trial. His first court appearance is scheduled for April 3rd.

The cruel beating death of Donald Mitchell represents a growing trend of non-White violence that targets America’s most vulnerable. Just this month, White 15-year-old Kaylee Gain was savagely beaten into a coma by a Black student near a high school in St. Louis, Missouri. A video of the brawl would later go viral on social media, sparking a national debate on racial violence in American schools. Black Americans, however, celebrated the attack, calling the suspect’s actions an example of “Black excellence.”

In February, a 73-year-old grandmother was stabbed 25 times and left for dead in Bel Air, Maryland. For the crime, police arrested the Black boyfriend of her White granddaughter, who had been raped immediately after the murder unfolded.

Incidents of Black-on-White murder have only increased since the race riots of the summer of 2020. In January alone, Black violence was believed to be responsible for the killings of 41 White people, including a Catholic Priest, and a grandfather shot dead over a parking space at Walmart.

Even in places like Steven’s Point, Wisconsin—where Donald Mitchell was alleged to have been beaten to death over valuables in his truck—the looming threat of Black violence persists despite its 85.6% White majority. According to City-Data, a municipal statistics aggregator, the crime rate of the sleepy college town is 2.8 times lower than the national average.

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