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Leaked ADL meeting reveals Zionist plan to prosecute pro-Palestine dissent

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Miami, Florida – Leaked audio from a closed-doors Anti-Defamation League (ADL) meeting has revealed plans to prosecute pro-Palestine activists through an intense legal campaign. The audio also highlights growing Jewish concerns over populist political views in America and provides strategies that fellow Jews can use to “stifle” and subvert them.

Leaked audio from an ADL meeting in Miami, Florida, originally released on WarStrike.

The leaked audio, obtained by an anonymous activist, is said to have come from a meeting held at an unidentified synagogue in the area of Miami, Florida. It features speakers ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt and Jacob Solomon, president of the Miami Jewish Federation, as keynote speakers.

Originally aired on the pro-White political podcast WarStrike on Tuesday, the audio contains CEO Greenblatt appearing to justify an intense legal crackdown on anti-Israel rhetoric, which, according to the ADL, has only skyrocketed since the onset of October 7th.

In regards to pro-Palestine protestors, Greenblatt can be heard saying he wants to “shine a light” on their “pro-Hamas” stance, equating their anti-Zionist activism as an alleged “breach of criminal code.”

“So I can tell you what we’re doing in response to this. Number 1: target bad actors and a handful of groups driving this,” said Greenblatt. “Hamas is a foreign terror organization. That’s not my opinion; that’s the State Department’s official position. Maybe it won’t surprise you, but you can’t do a bake sale for ISIS at U of Miami. ISIS is a foreign terror organization, you will be arrested.”

“Why do these groups get to promote Hamas propaganda? …We want to cast a bright light on these groups. I think what they’re doing is a breach of the criminal code,” he continued.

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. Photo: JP Yim, Getty Images

Further in the leaked audio, Greenblatt can be heard attempting to “redefine” the First Amendment, equating pro-Palestine demonstrations and rhetoric as an “incitement to violence” against Jews and deserving of state repression.

“Incitement is not covered by the First Amendment. Freedom of expression is not the freedom to incite violence,” said Greenblatt. Freedom of speech is not the freedom to slander. It’s not protected speech. So we’re trying to shine a bright light on these groups and get them treated appropriately.”

Following this, he then goes on to unveil a new campaign to attack federal funding for any University believed to be “discriminating” against Jewish or Israeli students on Title 6 Civil Rights grounds.

“Why do these groups get to promote Hamas propaganda? …We want to cast a bright light on these groups. I think what they’re doing is a breach of the criminal code.”

Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL CEO

“Next week, on the 9th, we are releasing our first-ever report card regarding major universities and anti-Semitism. Trying to get college administrators to find a spine is a useless exercise. But you know what they do respond to? Money.”

“The truth is the real money is federal funding…You can stop flowing to the school through something called Title 6. If these universities discriminate against Jewish or Israeli students, the federal government can take Title 6 action against them for violating students’ civil rights. If that happens, their federal funds stop like that,” Greenblatt continues, snapping his fingers for emphasis. “It will freeze existing grants and forfeit future ones.”

Greenblatt can then be heard name-dropping several law firms willing to carry out this coordinated attack and outlining an overall strategy that includes the use of “300+ lawyers” who can be employed at the beck and call of Jewish students on the ground.

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“The ADL, in partnership with Hillel and the law firms of Gibson Dunn, launched a platform to facilitate the ability of students to bring Title 6 cases,” he stated. “We trained up 300 plus lawyers. Students can text or email us if they thought they were discriminated against.”

“In four-plus months, we’ve had over 500 cases submitted to us. If it passes muster, we send it to lawyers to take legal action…It’s hard to get Claudine Gay at Harvard to pay attention, but you know what she will pay attention to? Hundreds of millions of dollars being jeopardized in her operation,” he continued. “We’re training hundreds of lawyers, we’re going to bring cases, and we’re going to do everything in our power to keep our kids safe.”

Some of the prestigious law firms named by Greenblatt in the audio are Morgan Lewis, Davis Polk, and Dechert, run by fellow Jew, James Lebovitz.

Jacob Solomon, president of the Miami Jewish Federation, is also present in the leaked audio. During his time on the microphone, Solomon speaks to Jewish racial solidarity as a means to fight back against so-called “antisemitism” using “smarts, strategy, and tactics” in lieu of manpower.

“This stuff is a cesspool. We can’t fight it with numbers. It’s not our strength. We can fight it with smarts, strategy, and tactics that have a multiplier effect. We have to be smarter than them and continue the good fight. We need to study everything we can.”

“You know it’s illegal to make an anti-semitic statement in most of Europe? There are days I wake up and say, “Yeah, that should be illegal!” He continued.

Greater Miami Jewish Federation President and CEO Jacob Solomon. Photo: 7News Miami.

Solomon can then be heard stating that Jews should consider giving financially to both sides of the aisle in order to elevate their collective interests. He also says that while national politics might appear “sexy” to most Jews, local politics are being ignored “at their own peril.”

“One of the strategies I think we are ignoring at our own peril is the ‘non-sexy’ engagement at the lowest level of American democracy. Low as in grassroots,” he said. “I met a woman running for the Miami Dade school board; there’s no Jew on the school board, none. Do you know where the decisions are being made in regards to curriculum?

“It’s at the lowest level of American democracy that we are losing…Because we love the sexy stuff, we love going to Washington, we love the congresspeople,” he continued. “Yes, give politically to both sides of the aisle, it’s really important. But do it at the county commission levels, do it at the school board levels, and get involved. Those kinds of interventions are important.”

“You know it’s illegal to make an anti-semitic statement in most of Europe? There are days I wake up and say, “Yeah, that should be illegal!”

Jacob Solomon, president of the Miami Jewish Federation.

Independent journalist and host of WarStrike, Joseph Jordan, referred to the audio as a scheme to manipulate US law to shut down discussion surrounding Israeli war crimes in Gaza, and called the meeting a “war cabinet” of top American Jews, scurrying to shore up their position.

“Nothing Hamas is doing is illegal under international law. The United Nations makes it clear that a people have a right to armed resistance if they’re occupied. Under the definition that Greenblatt is putting out, any defensive force is terrorism,” he said. “They are using a combination of the Civil Rights Act and the various post-911 laws regulating the support of terrorism (to stifle free speech). This is the ultimate goal that they’re discussing.”

“Jewish people do not believe in free speech. They don’t say this as loudly in public because they know it looks bad, but here we have Jonathan Greenblatt redefining free speech inside a synagogue,” he continued. “Sounds more like a war cabinet than a democracy. Is this what we, the majority, want? Look at how frightened they are by White majority rule.”

Warren Balogh (left) and Joseph Jordan, aka Eric Striker (right), on Tuesday night’s episode of WarStrike. Screenshot: WarStrike.

Warren Balogh, the other half of WarStrike and long-time critic of Israel, commented on how the meeting appeared to confirm many common accusations levied against Jews—such as plotting behind closed doors to manipulate public discourse—which are then often dismissed as “antisemitic tropes” or conspiracy theories.

“It’s incomprehensible to us how much they sit down and talk about (Jewish interests). A bunch of Jews get together and they discuss how they are going to achieve this,” he said. “This isn’t being done by genetic instinct or habit or culture or custom. They are getting together and literally conspiring in a room.”

The damning audio would prove to be just the latest piece of evidence linking the ADL to schemes aimed at stifling free speech in America. In 2023, a leaked conference call with Jonathan Greenblatt highlighted the CEO’s concern over a rising tide of antisemitism latent in American youth. In the call, he blamed social media apps like TikTok for the proliferation of anti-Israeli rhetoric.

He would later be blamed for a sudden Federal push to force the sale of the app to American investors where it could be more furiously censored.

In September, a high-ranking ADL employee was unmasked as a member of the anti-White extremism movement, commonly referred to as “Antifa.” In a series of leaked chats, counter-extremism researchers confirmed that an intelligence asset for the terror-linked American Iron Front was none other than John Zack Ortiz, a Regional Coordinator for the ADL’s Central Pacific branch.

Ortiz would provide ADL-branded “hate” reports to fellow Antifa, helping them dox and identify pro-White activists in a private workspace, raising major questions as to the motivations behind the Jewish power group.

*Eric Striker and Warren Balogh host WarStrike, a pro-White political analysis podcast that focuses on the origins and mechanisms of Jewish power and its financial manipulation of global empires. They go live on Rumble and Odysee every Tuesday and Thursday evening and can be followed on Telegram.

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