Four Germans arrested for ‘leaving flowers’ at Adolf Hitler’s birthplace

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Braunau am Inn, Austria – Four Germans were unceremoniously jailed this weekend after police alleged the group violated Austrian laws by honoring the birthday of Adolf Hitler. The arrests come amid increased political repression across the EU in an attempt to discourage the rise of pro-White political views.

On Saturday, four Germans in their 20s and 30s were arrested after police say the group laid White roses in the window recesses of Adolf Hitler’s childhood home. They were then said to have posed and taken photos in front of the historically significant building, where one of the group’s women delivered a Roman salute.

Officers quickly noticed the group of Germans and escorted them to a nearby area for questioning. During interrogation, the woman confessed that she “hadn’t meant the salute seriously,” but evidence scraped off the group’s phones found a chatroom where they supposedly shared “Nazi-themed messages and pictures,” according to reports.

Hitler’s birthplace at Braunau am Inn in Western Austria. The building was forcibly taken over by the Austrian government and converted into a police station in 2023, where recruits receive human rights indoctrination. Photo: Matthias Schrader, Associated Press File

For the alleged “crime,” all four Germans were reported to local prosecutors for allegedly violating Austrian antifascism laws, which ban the veneration and symbology of Nazism within its borders.

Adolf Hitler, the charismatic revolutionary who reversed Germany’s misfortunes following the end of the Great War, was born on April 20th, 1889, in Western Austria. His birth home at Braunnau am Inn has long been the center of controversy, and in 2023, it was converted into a police station to deter Nationalists from using it as a pilgrimage site.

The decision to convert the iconic home was made in 2019, which would then be used as a “district police headquarters” where Austrian police would receive additional “human rights training.” Prior to that, the question of the building’s ownership came to a close in 2017, when courts allowed the Austrian government to expropriate the home after the owner refused to sell it.

A drab stone now lies outside of Hitler’s birthplace, with an inscription that reads “for freedom, democracy, and liberty. Never again fascism. Millions of dead remind us.” The stone does not clarify if the “millions” it refers to include victims of allied terror bombing during the Second World War.

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The arrest of four Germans for merely leaving flowers at Hitler’s birthplace comes amid several other “outrageous” arrests of European citizens for their political views. In 2022, satirical pro-White rapper Philip Josef Hassler, aka “Mr. Bond,” was sentenced to a whopping ten years in prison for musical performances that merely referenced Adolf Hitler.

Authorities also jailed his younger brother for the non-violent, victimless crime of managing the Mr. Bond website, sentencing him to four years in Austrian prison that same year.

In January, British Nationalist Sam Melia was sentenced to years in UK prison for the production and placement of lawful, truthful stickers, which raised awareness of mass migration into Europe. During the trial, prosecutors alleged Melia’s ownership of National Socialist materials was somehow evidence of “attempting to stir up racial hatred,” and would be later be used to secure a conviction.

His oppression has since sparked worldwide discussions over free speech and even protests by Melia’s closest allies.

A drab stone warning visitors of the dangers of “fascism” rests outside the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. It alleges that millions died as a result of his rise to power, but seemingly ignores the untold millions dead as a result of capitalism, communism, and other approved forms of government. Photo: Kerstin Joensson, Associated Press

Meanwhile, even places that have been authorized for historical remembrance have come under attack by Western Governments, eager to control the dual narratives of Jewish victimhood and European villainy. In January, a public memorial in Dresden commemorating the victims of allied terror bombing was unexpectedly sanded away after the area was zoned for “redevelopment,” sparking outrage.

During the Second World War, allied forces were said to have dropped 3,900 tons of high-explosive and incendiary bombs onto predominantly civilian targets in Dresden, destroying over 1,600 acres of the historical city. At the time, Dresden was considered a German cultural hub with little industrial output.

The military necessity of the bombing is still a point of contention among historians to this day, and many have condemned the attack as a flagrant war crime. Despite this, German ‘Antifa’ have been known to chant “Bomber Harris, do it again,” referring to the infamous RAF commander responsible for the massacre.

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