Black man arrested for the violent rape of a White mother

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Lee’s Summit, Missouri – A White mother survived the unthinkable last week after police say a Black man broke into her home and forcibly raped her. The harrowing assault lasted nearly fifteen minutes and took place just a few rooms away from where her daughter and friends took shelter

On Monday, May 6th, police were called to the home of Sarah Bommarito, a young mother who reported a suspicious person. Bommarito—who is White—said the incident began when a strange person followed her and her children inside their home.

An interview with Sarah Bommarito, a survivor of a violent rape that she says was a Black man breaking into her home in broad daylight. Video: FOX4 KC

“’Hey, I think you’re in the wrong house.’ That’s what I said to him… you’re in the wrong house,” Bommarito said in an interview with Fox 4 KC.

Bommarito chased that person, later identified as Black 20-year-old Khalil Malik Cooper, out of the residence and immediately dialed 911. But moments later, Cooper broke inside once again, this time through a different exterior door.

“He went to my front door and incessantly rang the bell – just over and over and over again – just pounding,” she described.

But by then, it was too late, and according to reports, the Black suspect did the unthinkable by sexually assaulting Bommarito while her children took shelter upstairs. After fifteen agonizing minutes, Police finally arrived on the scene.

Bommarito, who had been in touch with a 911 dispatcher over the course of the rape, believes that had the lone responding officer waited any longer for additional backup, she and her children may not have survived the assault. Police say the entire rape was recorded during the 911 call, and will be used as evidence against Cooper.

“The outcome of what happened to me is so different because of the officer that came in that side door and didn’t wait – he didn’t wait for backup,” she said.

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The officer then wrestled with Cooper, pulling him off of Bommarito until he was eventually placed into custody with the help of responding officers. For the crime, Cooper now faces three felony charges, including two counts of sodomy or attempted sodomy, as well as burglary. He currently sits in the Johnson County Jail and is being held without bond.

In the aftermath of the assault, Bommarito bravely stepped forward, recalling her experience. She hopes her story will help other women forced to deal with the grim eventualities of Black predation whenever and wherever they might occur.

“Before you do anything to destroy evidence, do not wash your hands, do not wash your body,” she said in a tearful interview. “I wanted to set myself on fire, I wanted to be clean, I wanted all of those things, and you have to fight because you will destroy your evidence, so fight back.”

20-year-old Khalil Malik Cooper (left) and Sarah Bommarito (right). Collage: Justice Report.

Despite Lee’s Summit’s dominant White population—which currently sits at 78.64% according to the latest US Census Report—crime still manages to strike deep inside this Western Missouri town. Just last week, a gang of thieves driving stolen cars made off with an additional seven vehicles after police said they drove their original rides out of fuel.

While no suspects have been apprehended so far, local police urged residents to merely “lock their doors.”

The brazen sexual assault of a White mother in broad daylight, however, is just the latest story tying Black Americans to abhorrent interracial sex crimes. According to data maintained by the US Department of Justice, over 100 White women are raped or sexually assaulted by Black men every day in the United States. Despite making up less than 12% of the US population, Blacks are believed to commit 1 in every 3 rapes, per the FBI.

“I wanted to set myself on fire, I wanted to be clean, I wanted all of those things, and you have to fight because you will destroy your evidence, so fight back.”

Sarah Bommarito,

In 2013, a study conducted by John Gaski, an associate professor at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College, concluded that 90% of interracial violent crimes in America were committed by Blacks against Whites. The data also alleged that Black men were over a hundred times more likely to rape a White woman than vice versa.

Further studies into racial and ethnic differences also concluded that Black youth—like 20-year-old Khalil Cooper—are two and a half times as likely as White youth to have raped someone.

Just this month, a Black man was arrested for the January knife-point rape and murder of a White woman on a nature trail in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. In that case, a lethargic police department drew ire from residents for its apparent lack of suspects until one was finally apprehended one month later.

In Aurora, Colorado, a Black sex offender was arrested for trying to kidnap a young boy from the confines of his majority White Elementary school. A follow-up investigation by the Justice Report revealed that the suspect, 33-year-old Solomon Tyler Galligan, had identified as “transgender.” In April, a Minneapolis Police Officer was arrested after he confessed to having sex with numerous victims of crimes he had personally responded to.

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