The Antifa files: how a leaked ‘Antifa’ chatroom revealed guns, gangs, and grooming in the Palmetto State – Part II

The ‘Antifa Files’ were made possible in part by extremist Discord leaks published by our friends at the William McKinley Institute. The leaks in their entirety are now publicly available and can be accessed here.

Charleston, South Carolina – A private online chatroom, composed of a broad coalition of various antifascist organizations fighting for what they call “transgender liberation,” has suffered a catastrophic leak.

Thanks to a bombshell trove of compromised data and chatroom member logs—made publicly available by the anti-White hate monitor, the William McKinley Institute (WMKI)—the Justice Report was able to profile dozens of formerly “anonymous” antifascists and have composed our comprehensive findings into a series that we’re now calling: the Antifa Files.

The data, which originated from a Discord chatroom that had been scraped by an anonymous source, belongs to a transgender extremist group titled “Organize Against Transphobia (OAT).” While OAT portrays itself as a plucky youth movement dedicated to “fighting transphobic legislation” in the state of South Carolina, leaked communications revealed a stark contrast between the violent ideology of its members and OAT’s politically correct mission statement published online.

OAT stickers & promotional material offered at a “pride” event. Photo: Discord

In the previous installment of the Antifa Files, the Justice Report’s team of investigators, researchers, and citizen journalists used information made public through the WMKI to profile OAT’s chief activist and organizer, Matthew “Cyprus” Hartford of Charleston, South Carolina.

During the course of the report, it was revealed that Hartford—a Jewish Antifa street militant and male-to-female transsexual—is actually the wealthy son of a retired Brigadier General for the United States Air Force. Despite his anarchist views, it was discovered that Hartford graduated from a prestigious K-12 Christian school that costs parents upwards of $9,000 a year in tuition, and he even personally appeared inside multiple Christian music videos.

This time, we’ll plumb the depths of the leaked Discord chats to profile the other half of OAT’s leadership circle. Meet Robin Hill, the female-to-male daughter of a high-profile federal public defender, who, along with Hartford, represents the next generation of antifascist militancy.

The red (and black) flags of Robin Hill

The Justice Report first learned of Robin Hill after she was identified as part of a group of Antifa harassing a pro-White activist in the parking lot of Bartow County Courthouse back in May. In an 18-minute video published by WMKI, both Robin Hill and Matthew Hartford can be seen mocking, ridiculing, and harassing a man alongside three others, including Geoffery Parsons and Lee Ana-Gypsy, two antifascists previously charged with domestic terrorism for their alleged role in the ongoing “Stop Cop City” riots.

The video itself is long and uneventful, but the most notable part is when Hartford can be seen hurrying to sit on the back fender of a gray colored Toyota Tacoma in what appears to be an attempt to conceal the vehicle’s license plate. The move turned out to be more damning than helpful, however, as pictured to Harford’s left was a distinct magnet depicting OAT’s South Carolina-shaped mascot, a cartoon the group adoringly refers to as “Oatbert.”

Matthew “Cyprus” Hartford and Robin Hill outside of the Barstow County Courthouse during a May 15th incident published by WMKI. Collage: DIscord Leaks & WMKI.

In a Discord post dated May 11th—just four days prior to the Bartow County courthouse incident—user “Robin (they/it)” admits to owning the Tacoma by stating “Started an Oatbert magnet for my car.” Hill then publishes a picture of the exact same magnet over the same gray fender as the Tacoma in the video, confirming her title as chauffeur for alleged domestic terrorists.

A 19-year-old aspiring FtM transsexual, Robin Hill (they/it), is the other half of OAT’s leadership and Matthew Hartford’s more feminine counterpart. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and graduating from Decatur High School, Hill currently attends the University of South Carolina and moonlights as a theater sound technician when she isn’t organizing the itinerary of an antifascist cell online. Like many young women in modern America, Hill has taken up the social fad of transgenderism, arming herself, and others like her, with the tools necessary to coerce others into the fold.

Hill’s contributions to OAT are more clerical than Hartford’s and involve drafting email templates, scheduling protests, coordinating group strategy, composing to-do lists, and networking with other anti-White extremist groups in a bid for material support.

Robin Hill: moderator, founding member, and organizer for OAT. Collage: Discord Leaks.

While she may appear confident and full of “queer joy” in the few times she has appeared in public, leaked chats reveal that deep inside the de facto leader of OAT brews a troubling cocktail of self-confessed mental illness, suicidal tendencies, and violent anarchist extremism.

“It’s almost like a lot of politicians are nazi’s,” proclaimed Hill in a post dated March 24th in OAT’s general chat. While she attended a speech at an April 26th state legislature meeting by a Christian Senator, Hill commented, “There’s a sword in here for some reason, and I so desperately want someone to stab him” in OAT’s dedicated “on the ground / in-person protests” chatroom.

“When I was a child my mom made me watch shows that other parents deemed queer and bad for children. Like Teletubbies,” said Hill in a post dated December 24th. Saying the quiet part out loud, she continued, “And here I am queer. so I think watching those shows does make you gay.”

In an April discussion about an emergency bill passed in the state of Missouri that would limit so-called “gender-affirming care,” Hill absurdly likened the legislation to “trans genocide” stating,“…meets 3 of the 5 parts of the definition of genocide, and meeting only one is what constitutes genocide.”

Youtube video timestamped with the moment Robin Hill attempts to heckle Laura Loomer via Q&A.

While OAT tends to pontificate on their various extremist ideologies online, occasionally they do go into the real world to harass, and even physically assault, their political opponents. At a speaking event at the University of South Carolina, hosted by the conservative group, Uncensored America (UA), Robin Hill—along with Hartford—led a small contingent of OAT to heckle a speech delivered by Republican pundit, Laura Loomer.

Wearing a trans-colored flag as a cape and holding up a sign that read, “Nazis R Bad” Hill—ironically—showed antisemitism herself by timidly speaking into the mic, and asking an unfazed Loomer “is your only form of charisma having big tits and Ashkenazi intellect?”

The event, while small, ultimately escalated into politically-motivated violence after a member of OAT allegedly assaulted a conservative eventgoer. The revelation was laid bare by none other than James Harley—a Black trans woman and self-confessed “bi metalhead”—who felt compelled to speak up about the assault that they personally witnessed. Ironically, Hartford and other Antifa then quickly stepped in, completely abandoning intersectionality to play cover up by gaslighting and tone policing the actions of a person of color.

“James, I need to remind you also that diversity of tactics is one of our points of unity,” said Discord moderator Seb (it/they) in a post dated April 19th, just hours after the event. “I saw someone from our side punch one of the people who attended…it’s not going to look good on us if they film us doing what I saw at the end,” replied James.

James Harley of Organize Against Transphobia confesses to witnessing an assault during an Uncensored America event at the University of South Carolina on 4/18/23.

According to a post by Hartford, a police report was filed against the OAT member accused of the assault, but no arrests were ever made. As it turns out, the statement was truthful. The Justice Report obtained a copy of the police report, which confirms an assault having taken place, but the identity of the suspect was fully redacted. Instead, we discovered that authorities worked with a cooperating individual and interviewed an eyewitness to the attack by telephone later in the night. There were no injuries reported.

“I saw someone from our side punch one of the people who attended…it’s not going to look good on us if they film us doing what I saw at the end,”

James Harley, OAT member and witness to a politically motivated assault

In what can only be considered a direct response to the violent conclusion of the UA event, Robin Hill declared her intention of bulk-purchasing handcuff keys from a retail website called Handcuff Warehouse, offering fellow Antifa a way to escape police custody should the need arise. “I think I’m going to buy like 20 and hand them out till I run out,” she said in a follow-up post. “they are a dollar a piece.”

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Instances of Hill’s generosity and support for her fellow comrades repeatedly appear in the leaked chats. When her co-leader, Hartford, once put out a call for OAT members to attend a “mass mobilization” of Antifa in front of Atlanta’s City Hall on June 5th, Hill was eager to assist in any way she could, even offering up her family home in Atlanta as a temporary anarchist flophouse. “I can potentially house people,” she swiftly replied.

Robin Hill’s largest contribution to OAT, however, comes in the form of legal support from her high-profile mother. “My mama is a federal public defender and v supportive,” Hill proudly proclaimed in a post-dated December 22nd in OAT’s org-building chat. “I can ask her stuff if yall want / get some of yall in contact with her. She works in ga but she has a lot of contacts around the us and if she can’t directly help with a situation she could help find the right people who can.”

“Last night evil robin decided it was going to point its rage into further radicalizing my parents…now my mom is asking how she can support oat,” said Robin Hill in an eerie post dated March 24th. “Evil Robin suggested she could give legal advice and insight (shes a federal public defender but she practices mainly in ga) i think she feels like this is not a space for her but still wants to be supportive.”

Hill’s mother, confirmed through social media and other publicly available information is Rebecca Shepard, a prominent staff lawyer for the Georgia-based Federal Defender Program—a multi-million-dollar non-profit seeking to “vigorously defend individuals accused of a variety of federal offenses.” Shepard once represented her employers on a national stage, appearing before the U.S Senate Committee on Homeland Security and testifying on alleged corruption and poor conditions at Atlanta’s infamous Federal Penitentiary.

“My name is Rebecca Shepard, she said before Congress. “I am a trial attorney with the Federal Defender Program, Inc. of the Northern District of Georgia, a federal community defender office based in Atlanta.”

Youtube video timestamped to the moment Rebecca Shepard provides testimony to Congress.

Hill’s guarantee of her mother’s valuable pro bono legal work and commitment to aid Antifa appeared genuine after Discord leaks revealed that Rebecca Shepherd was an active member of the Discord herself! Under the profile name @YoBecca, Shepard actively posted several times, including once on March 24th when she inquired how she could learn more about a “Stop Cop City” Antifa march organized by the “Atlanta Justice Alliance.”

In a series of advisory posts made on April 26th in OAT’s in-person protests chat, Rebecca Shepard aka @YoBecca, openly strategized and promised to “track down some resources” for future Antifa street actions. At the request of her daughter, Shepard recommended that OAT obtain a dedicated legal observer or other “non-lawyer people” to maliciously “run interference” with cops as a distraction.

Rebecca Shepard aka @YoBecca, a lawyer for the Federal Defender Program, offering strategies for Antifa street protests 4/19/2023.

“You might also consider strategies that they are less able to target…We used to do banner drops,” she admitted. “If there are allies or members who could actually as(sic) legal observers, it’s worth discussing, I think…A non-lawyer person running interference w/ the LEOs can be helpful. And that way everyone else can focus on the action.”

“Last night evil robin decided it was going to point its rage into further radicalizing my parents…My mama is a federal public defender and v supportive”

Robin Hill

As a lead organizer for OAT, Robin—along with her embedded lawyer mother—offer any budding extremist cell a powerful advantage in the often-dangerous world of modern American politics. With great power, however, comes great mental and emotional toll, and Robin Hill makes it clear repeatedly throughout the chat that she’s already at a critical breaking point.

“My mental problems are too hard to solve, and they are done trying,” said Robin Hill in an alarming admission dated February 23rd in OAT’s “venting” chatroom. “I’ve gone to a psychiatrist before, but I had to stop going to him because I told him I was suicidal…Each time I get put on medication, the medication does not work…The situation I’m in mentally is not sustainable long term, and I don’t know if doctors get that.”

Robin Hill’s self-confessed history of mental illness and suicidal depression is not a unique development in the trans community. In fact, the transgender lifestyle that OAT openly advocates for has been directly linked to elevated rates of suicide, according to a new study conducted in Denmark. Among survey participants who identified as transgender, there were 92 suicide attempts and 12 actual suicides. While the data painted a grim picture of the endgame of gender reassignment, researchers claimed the number was likely skewed low, and results may have been far higher than originally reported.

“I’m in my depression hole being suicidal in my best friend’s signal messages again,” she admitted in a more recent post dated May 11th. “…knowing this is how i got in trouble before and almost got sent to the ward.”

With untreated mental health issues permeating throughout OAT, one can only speculate as to the solution for many of their gender identity woes. What isn’t for debate is when—not if—one of OAT’s members were to lash out in an act of dysphoria-fueled desperation if left untreated. According to reports sourcing data from the United Kingdom, transsexuals were actually 58% more likely to commit murder than be murder victims themselves, devastating the ongoing trans myth of violent bigots and murderous “transphobes” hiding behind every corner.

Robin Hill describes a time when she was once reported to UofSC mental health “cops” for a suicidal episode in class.

Still, Hill’s cries for help and admission of severe mental illness come at a time when public opinion of the transgender phenomena in the United States is more controversial than ever. But judging by recent bloody headlines, who could blame them? When the transgendered mass killer, Audrey Hale, trained the sights of a high-powered assault rifle and slaughtered six innocent people inside a Christian school—including three 9-year-old children—it was Hale’s history of mental illness and status as a female-to-male transsexual that left the largest imprint in public memory.

When the neoliberal system moves mountains to ensure that pride parades are allowed to continue, even in the middle of natural disasters that cut power for thousands of working-class families, who is left to believe OAT’s attempts at outreach whenever they advocate for “trans liberation?” In an era where bourgeois gender identity issues and homosexual indecencies are constantly pressed upon children in public schools, social media apps, and city streets, it’s disenfranchised working-class people—many of them White—who are the only ones left appearing sympathetic in the ongoing top-down war on American family values.

The Justice Report urges all those who may be experiencing a mental health episode, or feeling thoughts of suicide or self-harm, to contact medical professionals and seek help immediately. If you are in crisis, please call, text or chat with the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988, or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.

Robin Hill and Rebecca Shepard’s deep involvement in anti-White extremism—despite their lives of privilege and social prestige in the flickering twilight of American empire—is part of an all too familiar trend. In December, a Justice Report investigation revealed the infamous Antifa doxing blog and Twitter account, the Anonymous Comrade Collective, was operated in part by the disgraced journalist and member of the blue-blooded elite, Hilary Sargent of Roslindale, Massachusetts. In March, the transgendered “daughter” of a millionaire corporate executive, along with the millionaire son of a wealthy Italian designer, were both arrested and charged with domestic terrorism for their alleged role in the ongoing “Stop Cop City” movement.

Stay tuned for part III of the Antifa Files, where the Justice Report—alongside our friends at the William McKinley Institute—highlights key players in Organize Against Transphobia’s most activated on-the-ground footsoldiers, militants, and rank-and-file fighters.

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