Militant Antifa gunman outed as wealthy plastics tycoon and globetrotting war profiteer

This article was made possible in part by extremist Discord leaks published by our friends at the William McKinley Institute. The leaks in their entirety are now publicly available and can be accessed here.

Austin, Texas – A militant Antifa gunman—who once participated in a deadly BLM riot and spent cash to outfit other paramilitaries—has been positively identified. Thanks to information gleaned from a now-leaked antifascist Discord chat, the black bloc agitator has been unmasked as a globe-trotting war profiteer and wealthy co-founder of an Austin-based bioplastics company.

The Justice Report independently verified the information first obtained by the online activist groups Patriot Youth and the Appalachian Archive and identified 33-year-old Alex Blum of Austin, Texas, a millionaire CEO of Applied Bioplastics, a green recycling startup. Blum would admit to being an organizer and outfitter of Antifa street rioters and personally took part in a deadly march that culminated in the shooting death of left-wing extremist Garrett Foster.

Alex Blum, a globetrotting CEO and war profiteer, owns and operates an armed antifascist collective and bankrolls pieces of their kit, including ballistic armor. Collage: Facebook, AIF Discord

According to statements made in the now-leaked American Iron Front (AIF) chat logs, Blum confirms his role as the leader behind “Austin’s Armored Antifascists (@aaantifascists),” a heavily armored group of Antifa jackboots that serve as “armed protectors” for leftist extremists on the ground. Blum would ingratiate himself with AIF rather quickly and admit to purchasing “ballistic armor” and even “uniforms” for his troopers in Austin.

“Hey y’all, new member here,” says Blum in an introductory post made to American Iron Front’s Texas chatroom. “Been (Iron Front) ideologically for years and am active in organizing protests/protest security in Austin. Looking for help & to organize with other Texans from the Front.”

“I started a group (@aaantifascists on Insta) that act as armed protectors…We’re there to end the threat when it presents itself. Its self funded. I’ve bought ballistic armor (and a uniform) for all participants,” he continued.

The organization that Blum had willfully joined was, of course, the American Iron Front, a group of antifascists whose key recruitment tactic is to fool prospects by lacing their anti-White ideology in red, white, and blue Americana. Their logo, three “down arrows” representing the overthrow of the government by any means necessary, has been classified as a symbol linked to “anarchist violent extremism” in the United States, according to an FBI report on domestic terror. The group has been known to harbor federal informants and violent agitators, as revealed in previous Justice Report investigations,

Despite face coverings, Blum’s distinct set of eyes can be seen in multiple posts made to the @aaantifascist Instagram page, which showcases some of the armed action his group involves themselves in on the streets of Austin, Texas. Collage: Facebook, Instagram.

In addition to bankrolling his fellow terrorists’ combat gear, Blum claims he personally witnessed the death of Garrett Foster and laments that he was “too far away” to kill his shooter, Daniel Perry. “I was there for (Foster’s death),” he said. “Too far away to return fire. Sad shit.”

Foster, a left-wing libertarian demonstrator who was open-carrying an AK-47, was shot dead by Perry, an Uber driver who feared for his life after a mob of leftist demonstrators trapped his vehicle in a now infamous BLM riot on July 25th, 2020. While Perry would eventually be convicted of murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison for the shooting, the fiery riots held before and after Foster’s death would result in millions of dollars in damages as a result of personal injuries and destruction of city property.

“I started a group (@aaantifascists on Insta) that act as armed protectors…We’re there to end the threat when it presents itself. Its self funded. I’ve bought ballistic armor (and a uniform) for all participants”

Alex Blum of Austin Texas, American Iron Front

Evidence of Blum’s involvement in violent, on-the-ground antifascism, however, can be found on the official Instagram page for Blum’s “Austin Armored Antifascists.” Donning a bulletproof vest and ballistic shield while wielding a black baton, Blum’s face can be clearly spotted hidden underneath different face masks. On his armor, Blum proudly displays a patch that reads “Always Punch Nazis,” while his shield is adorned with dozens of Antifa-aligned stickers and other promotional materials.

“Get out there and rage, people. Our streets, not theirs,” read one Instagram post dated June of 2022. In others, Blum can be seen attending and even calling for others to join him in pro-abortion protests hatched after the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Blum’s echoing calls to violence would serve as a grim reminder of the end-game of anti-White hate. The same ideology was harbored by Audrey Hale, the transgendered mass shooter who gunned down six people, including three 9-year-old White children, in a Nashville Christian school. A series of writings by Hale revealed her “death day” was a premeditated and racially motivated attack to specifically kill White children.

Hatred of White people also spurned Connor James Sturgeon, an anti-White terrorist, to train the end of a high-powered assault rifle at White people inside a Louisville bank. A recent report indicated Sturgeon hoped that by killing as many wealthy White people as he could, he could effect political change in the realm of gun control, according to his manifesto. In the end, Sturgeon’s hate led to the murder of five innocent people and the injuring of seven others before being neutralized by police.

Alex Blum would regularly call his followers to violence on social media, and one time lamented that he was “too far away” to shoot and kill Daniel Perry, a US army veteran convicted for killing left-wing extremist Garret Foster. He is now a member of the American Iron Front, a group tied to “anarchist violent extremism,” according to the FBI. Photo: Facebook, AIF Discord.

While many would automatically associate street violence with leftist college students or the drug-addled, the life of Alex Blum would prove contrary to that common misconception. According to his personal LinkedIn page, the UT-educated Blum would descend from a long line of engineers, and Harvard matriculated lawyers. He would make his first millions in the tech industry selling goods for the capitalist megacorps of Thousandeyes, a Cisco company, and Jeff Bezos’ Union-busting flagship, Amazon. Later, he became a documentary filmmaker and even ran a philanthropic NGO, ala the Blum Family Foundation.

Identifying Blum as the individual behind the username @Alex011011011 on the AIF Discord server was a relatively easy task. The profile picture he chose to represent himself online was an un-obscured photo of his own face. Other versions of the same photo—including his telltale long, curly dark hair with red highlights—can be found online, proudly advertising him as the Chief Executive Officer of Applied Bioplastics.

As the frontman for this critically acclaimed company, Blum—who is Jewish—has been featured in numerous promotional interviews and articles, some as recent as 2023. In episode #11 of the Hard Tech Podcast, Blum candidly discusses topics about his personal life. He also outlines his years-long dedication to antifascist activism and recalls traveling to the war-torn regions of Ukraine and Myanmar in an attempt to profit from what many now believe to be Western-backed imperial projects.

“My grandmother and grandfather are Harvard-educated lawyers. She was the second Jewish woman to be matriculated out of Harvard Law next to Ruth Bader Ginsberg,” he explained. “Last year in sales…I made up to 1.4 million dollars. I was really, really good at what I did.”

Clips from a lengthy interview with Blum that highlight his business model, early life, admiration of the Jewish Talmud, and his connections to governments, NGO’s, and powerful private entities. Video: Hard Tech Podcast

Additionally, Blum would attest to his Jewish ethnicity as a significant source of inspiration and even quoted the Talmud while doing so. “I come from a Jewish family, but I’m not like, super religious, but I do like some Jewish philosophy…The Talmud says that the good deed that you do anonymously is the holiest or the best good deed you could do,” he remarked.

When asked what his motivations are, Blum revealed that his biggest drive for activism is the 2015 suicide of Sandra Bland. Bland—who is Black—hung herself while detained inside a Waller County jail cell. While an investigation handily ruled her death a routine suicide, leftist extremists and other anti-White ideologues demonstrated and attempted to libel the predominantly White police force as having been complicit in a racially motivated “lynching.”

“Get out there and rage, people. Our streets, not theirs.”

Alex Blum of Austin Texas, American Iron Front

“I remember (Sandra Bland’s death) very clearly,” he said. “I never really saw the point of protesting before, but that enraged me…I’m a White dude; I’m CIS and straight presenting. It really shocked me to my core.”

“I’ve been a street activist for the last decade or so. I’ve been consistently out at protests multiple times a year for the last decade or so and still do this at the age of 33,” he continued.

Instagram photos from Blum’s @aaantifascists, showcasing arms and armor purchased by Blum to terrorize the streets of Austin during several BLM and other far-left uprisings. Photo: Instagram

The interview would prove to be a treasure trove of self-admissions by the ostensibly antifascist Blum. According to him, he once risked a Russian airstrike on the front lines of Ukraine to close a deal that would grant his company lucrative rights to resell the Kiev regime’s agricultural biomatter to be processed and flipped inside the European Union. He also brags that, unlike most startup companies, Applied Bioplastics receives funding from the oft-criticized United Nations, and attributed his financial success to a myriad of enigmatic personal “relationships” with key “governments, N.G.Os and private entities.”

“I went to Ukraine recently and got a cruise missile shot in my direction,” he explained in the interview. “We want to buy the agricultural waste from Ukraine’s enormous wheat industry and export it to Poland, where it can be processed and sold in the EU. We actually literally, just a few days ago, just received our first purchase order from the United Nations.”

A photo of Blum in the war-torn nation of Ukraine, where he lobbied to take on the Kiev regime’s agricultural waste in hopes of flipping it for cash in the neighboring EU. Photo: Linkedin

“The best way to get this stuff deployed ahead of time is to have those relationships with government, NGO’s and private entities.” he continued.

In addition to the war-torn Ukraine, Blum has also cast his eyes on embattled Myanmar, a nation currently facing a bloody civil war that has affected vast swaths of people. The ongoing conflict, which has pitted the current government against a band of ethnic insurgencies, is widely believed to be backed by Western intelligence agencies based in neighboring Thailand, according to political analysts. Private military companies have used social media as a recruitment tool for the Myanmar conflict, openly advertising their operations as “death squads” to be used against pro-government forces. Western media, however, has simply framed the war as a fight to stop a so-called “genocide” of the Rohingya people and other minorities.

Blum and Applied Bioplastsics appear eager to capitalize on this imperial project and rake in profits despite foreign interference that has so far resulted in the deaths of over 42,000 people. The connection would be an easy one to make. The regions of Myanmar and Bangladesh are abundant in the low-maintenance indigenous plant known as jute, a fiber key to Applied Bioplastics “flagship” recycling product, Jutin. Blum has personally visited the region, shot a documentary there, and has called for people to act in defense of the revolutionaries.

“Jutin is the flagship product in our BTTR Board product line,” reads the Applied Bioplastics webpage. “It’s our plant-based alternative to traditional polyester resin, typically used in the construction, automotive, and aerospace industries. The structural integrity of the material is reinforced by jute.”

Indeed, the Western strategy is to turn Thailand into a staging post to destabilise the countries along China’s “soft underbelly” — Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Washington pinned high hopes on Pita who also possesses, curiously, the communication skills comparable to Ukraine’s Zelensky.

However, the Thai military is digging in, with support from the monarchy, to thwart the Western game plan to “lock in” their country as a base camp of the Indo-Pacific strategy to encircle China. The heart of the matter is that although the US-Thai alliance is decades-old and served mutual interests, times have changed, and today, the two countries share few strategic interests.”

M.K. Bhadrakumar, Eurasia Review

In his personal life, however, Blum has used his social media accounts to champion many anti-White causes. He refers to those on the right as “neckbeards,” handwaved the death of a White woman infamously shot dead by an immigrant cop in Minneapolis, and once referred to elderly J6 capitol protestors as “insurrectionists,” terrorists,” and “traitors.” He also advocates for stifling gun control measures in the US—ironic, given his penchant for armed antifascist action.

“The Alt-Right is right… they huddle in their internet forums and call people like me “shitlibs” and slander my Jewish heritage,” wrote Blum in a provocative Facebook post dated July 2017. “I’d like to invite these grubby basement dwellers to come and take it. There are many more of us decent folk than there are of the neckbeards. #SmashtheFash.”

One of Blum’s primary motivators in spreading anti-White extremism is the Holocaust, and uses the specter of 20th-century events to justify riots, protests, and other antifascist street actions in the modern day. Photo: Facebook.

Like many venture capitalists, Blum would also be a huge proponent of the “LGBTQ” advocacy movement and has shared pro-homosexual memes and sentiments online. According to the corporate networking website, TheOrg, Blum’s bio is written as having non-binary “they/them” pronouns, but further research into Blum’s digital footprint unearthed a shocking discovery.

According to facial recognition software, which has positively matched all of the publically available samples of Blum’s face, his visage appears to be inseparably linked to an actor on the Internet Adult Film Database (IAFD), a pornography information website that chronicles porn stars, films, and the companies that produce them. Using the porn pseudonym “Aaron,” Blum has apparently starred in multiple homosexual porn flicks, including “Campus Boys Of Texas 3,” “Rodeo Rookies 15,” “Young Hung and Full of C*m 10,” among others.

According to facial recognition tools, Blum was linked to the IAFD, and under the pseudonym “Aaron,” appears to have starred in several gay-for-pay masturbation films shot in 2008-2014. The timespan would correlate with Blum’s enrollment at the University of Texas at Austin, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree. Collage: Facebook, Linkedin, IAFD

A young actor with the same eyes and brow as Blum can be seen on the front cover of the aforementioned “Campus Boys,” which allegedly features male students plucked from Texas colleges. Per the IADF, “Aaron,” began starring in films between 2008 and 2011, a time span that directly correlates with Blum’s enrollment at the University of Texas in Austin, according to his Linkedin. A vomit-inducing summary of one of Blum’s films claims “Aaron” is a “typical fratboy” who explores masturbation on camera with the help of female sex toys.

In the current day, Blum’s romp with both antifascist street rioting and alleged stint in the adult entertainment industry appear numbered. According to statements made on Facebook and other interviews found online, he currently suffers from psoriatic arthritis, a pain-inducing degenerative bone disease. The illness has forced him to undertake multiple hip replacement surgeries and, as of October, has left him primarily wheelchair-bound.

“The Alt-Right is right. They huddle in their internet forums and call people like me “shitlibs” and slander my Jewish heritage…I’d like to invite these grubby basement dwellers to come and take it. There are many more of us decent folk than there are of the neckbeards. #SmashtheFash.”

Alex Blum of Austin Texas, American Iron Front

Blum’s outing as an Austin, Texas-based organizer, supplier, and anti-White paramilitary comes amid a litany of high-profile exposes featuring members of the American Iron Front. In September, an antifascist researcher who provided AIF with intel dossiers on pro-White activists was outed as John Zack Ortiz, a Central Pacific Regional Coordinator for the Anti-Defamation League. Leaked chats also led to the identity of AIF’s chief administrator and graphic artist “Eightman,” a prolific anti-White bigot unmasked as Adam Matthew MacIntyre-Ross, a middle-school art teacher out of Rochester, New York.

Blum’s connection to wealth, power, and prestige is a trait common to members of the anti-White extremism movement, more commonly referred to as Antifa. In 2022, it was revealed that disgraced Boston Globe journalist, the blue-blooded Hilary Sargent, played a formative role behind the “Anonymous Comrade Collective,” an antifascist doxing ring still active on X, formerly Twitter. In April of 2023, trust fund beneficiary Heidi Lightenburger was outed as “GothBotAlice,” a serial doxer and columnist for the Antifa gossip blog “It’s Going Down.”

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