Elon Musk once again promises a doxxing ‘crackdown’ on X/Twitter

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San Francisco, California – Tech billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, and X, formerly Twitter, once again vowed to crackdown on accounts accused of doxxing on Tuesday.

In a post made to his personal @elonmusk account, the “aspirationally Jewish” tech billionaire clarified that under his watch, even mentioning the real name behind an anonymous account on X/Twitter would be met with an account suspension.

“Any doxxing, which includes revealing real names, will result in account suspension,” said Musk in a lengthy X/Twitter thread.

“Many would lose their job or worse if they posted under their real name. That is why we take real name doxxing very seriously,” he continued.

His apparent promise to suspend doxxing accounts would be the second time he has done so in recent years.

Doxxing, a strategy largely adopted by bad actors to smear, defame, or discourage political organizing out of fear of personal details becoming leaked, has always held a firm foothold on Twitter. Since its inception, anti-White extremists, journalists, and others have used the platform to maliciously dox hundreds, if not thousands of private citizens, with the sole intent of causing punishment in “revenge.”

Musk’s redefinition of what constitutes doxxing on X/Twitter was met with relief and skepticism, as the practice continues to run rampant on the platform. Photo: X/Twitter.

Elon’s words proved to be a welcome relief to many victims, hoping to see their doxxes expunged from the site, and their abusers suspended.

“That’s great. I’m gonna start reporting a lot of known doxxers on this app. Let’s see if they get suspended,” said one user in reply.

Many X/Twitter users, however, appeared to remain skeptical. According to them, Musk’s promises felt empty after valid reports to X’s moderation team were denied.

“Love the platform, but these concerns are real and it doesn’t seem like you are following through on your promise to remove doxxers. Is the process for removing people lengthy? How can you optimize the process?” asked one Twitter user.

“Please actually do what you say you’re doing to do for once. Many of us have been doxxed and @X and @Support have don(e) nothing about it,” pleaded one user.

Elon Musk and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, during a tour of a settlement near the front lines of Gaza. The customary trip to Israel came amid several antisemitism accusations hurled at Musk, who, in defense, later claimed he was “aspirationally Jewish.” Photo: CBS News.

“I’ve literally been doxxed with my name, address and phone number 300+ times in the last year. Every single report is rejected,” said another user. “I don’t believe it. I report far-left accounts (that) post people names, employers, pics, etc and they are never held accountable,” said another.

Musk’s recent statements constitute his latest effort to appease users disturbed by doxxing on the platform. In December of 2022, Musk drew international attention after he temporarily banned the accounts of several prominent journalists for promoting an account that provided live updates of his exact whereabouts.

“You dox, you get suspended. End of story. That’s it,” asserted Musk.

Despite many believing his comments at the time would result in a blanket suspension of malicious accounts, the ban waves users clamored for never came. Since the incident unfolded, doxxing as a phenomenon has only intensified on X/Twitter, with Musk's non-muscular response to the issue resulting in a safe space for abusers to victimize.

"Any doxxing, which includes revealing real names, will result in account suspension...Many would lose their job or worse if they posted under their real name. That is why we take real name doxxing very seriously"

Elon Musk, X/Twitter

To this day, many accounts—especially those belonging to members of the anti-White extremism movement, commonly referred to as "Antifa"—continue dox private individuals completely unabated. Some of these accounts include Canary Mission collaborator, Talia Jane, Late Night AFA, Sunlight Anti-fascist Action, PBDoxxer, UTR Research, and the Antifa gossip blog, Idavox, among dozens of others.

One of the only times an account did receive a permanent ban for "doxxing" from Elon Musk's Twitter—which includes a full ban on directly linking to its website—was the Justice Report. The heavy-handed moderation came immediately after a team of counter-extremism researchers revealed the identity of the person responsible for a lion's share of Twitter's malicious doxxing, the Anonymous Comrade Collective, in 2022.

Well-meaning users replying to Elon Musk in an attempt to force his hand against doxxing accounts that operate unopposed on his own platform. Photo: X/Twitter

Using publically available information, researchers and independent journalists unmasked disgraced Boston Globe journalist and Massassachusets-based private investigator, Hilary Elizabeth Sargent of Roslindale, as the woman behind the group's formation and social media posts. Just before the exposé was released, Sargent had scrubbed hundreds of posts from her public @lilsarg account and changed her profile picture to a black field, implying guilt.

In the aftermath of the discovery, the Justice Report was immediately shut out of public discourse and removed from Twitter, despite having never revealed the individual's residential information or exact location. The account is still active to this day.

While it is currently unknown if Musk plans to finally take action against doxxing, some, like nationalist influencer Keith Woods, have called on their sizable follower base to report as many Antifa doxxing accounts as possible. On Telegram, he boosted Musk's post, and urged others to "spread them around" and "get involved."

"Elon Musk says name doxxing will result in suspension," said Woods on his personal Telegram. "Now is the time to report as many antifa doxxing accounts as you can. Spread them around, get others involved."

Since his purchase of Twitter, the everyday comings, goings, and posts made by tech billionaire Elon Musk have generated countless headlines. In January, Musk—ironically—took to Twitter to call for the doxxing of the pro-White street activist group, Patriot Front, breathing air into the tired conspiracy that the group is composed of active federal agents.

The demand would be the second time in recent memory Musk called for Patriot Front's malicious doxxing, and came just before a highly publicized trip to Auschwitz with fellow Zionist conservative, Ben Shapiro.

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