Brutal cell phone video depicts Black gang celebrating attack on White teenager

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Greenwich, Connecticut – A young White girl was savagely beaten inside a local park this week by up to two different Black females. A gruesome cell phone video of the incident depicts a gang of Black people ghoulishly celebrating as a young girl is beaten senseless.

The racially charged ambush is said to have taken place inside Greenwich’s Byram Park at approximately 8:30 pm on April 9th. A series of graphic videos uploaded to social media shows a young White female of high school age falling victim to a beating by up to two Black females.

While it is currently unclear what prompted the initial attack, one video depicts the White girl on the ground after already having been hit off-camera. The White victim can be seen sitting up in the face of numerous Black people and can then be heard asking, “Are you gonna hit me again, n*gga?”

After that, the crowd erupts, and the White girl can be seen sustaining numerous kicks and punches to the face and body. At one point, she can even be seen getting dragged on the ground by her hair as her body falls limp.

As the attack unfolds, numerous Black bystanders appear to cheer, laugh, and encourage the savage attack, with some shouting things like “Oh my god,” and “That’s right!”

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One bystander can be heard giddly stating, “that bitch got knocked the f*ck out.” Eventually, the victim is left motionless on the ground, where an unidentified individual can be heard saying, “Chill, chill, chill,” until the video abruptly stops.

According to reports, the group scattered not long after the attack, and the victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment. An anonymous source close to the incident said the victim may have sustained bite wounds, foot and ankle injuries, and a condition that may have impacted the young girl’s hearing.

Detectives from the Greenwich Police Department’s Community Impact Section stated they had identified all the suspects involved in the fight, arresting two with three warrants still pending. They were then referred to Stamford Superior Court.

While the identities of the victim and the attackers are currently unknown, the Justice Report will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Byram Park in Greenwich, Connecticut. Photo:

The town of Greenwich, Connecticut, is considered a fairly affluent area, positioned on the Constitution state’s desirable Gold Coast. Black violence still found a way to creep inside Greenwich, however, despite the town’s hefty White population of 72.8%, according to the 2020 US Census report.

Young White people, particularly females, continue to fall victim to savage acts of Black brutality. In March, White teenager Kaylee Gain was brutalized on camera by a 15-year-old Black girl, later identified as Maurnice Declue. The viral beatdown resulted in a brain bleed and numerous other injuries, which sent Gain into a coma. At the time of press, Gain is said to still be fighting for her life in an area hospital, while Declue faces charges of assault.

Much like the attack in Greenwich, Black Americans celebrated the viral attack on Kaylee Gain. On X, formerly Twitter, dozens of Black supremacists would come out to “cast disrespect” on Kaylee, blaming her for the fight, and shockingly referring to the actions of Declue as “Black excellence.”

In January, a 10-year-old White girl’s head was mercilessly slammed into a plate glass display at a shopping mall in Troy, Michigan. For the crime, police arrested a 25-year-old Black woman, who was said to have laughed after she walked away from the attack. Alarmingly, the same woman was released on bond, sparking outrage and demands that the incident be treated as an anti-White hate crime.

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