Police Arrest Black Ex-convict for ‘anti-White’ stabbing near White House

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Washington, DC – A man was viciously stabbed in the neck at a McDonald’s restaurant located in our nation’s capitol on Tuesday. For the crime, Police arrested a Black ex-convict who reportedly shouted that he “hated White people” before the attack.

According to reports, authorities with the DC Metropolitan Police Department were called around 6:15 pm to a McDonald’s after several victims complained about a man brandishing a knife. Per witnesses, the suspect had yelled that he wanted to “kill everyone” in the restaurant and that he “hates White people,” specifically.

When one bystander attempted to intervene, police say the suspect, identified as 63-year-old Reginald Pickett, plunged a knife into the man’s neck, sending him to the hospital in an unknown condition.

The restaurant was located in the 1200 block of New York Avenue, only two blocks away from the White House.

The McDonalds—the alleged site of a horrific anti-White stabbing attack on Tuesday—is only four minutes from the White House. Documents state that the suspected stabber is a once-convicted Black felon who stabbed a man at a different McDonald’s in 1997. Collage: Google Maps.

Pickett—who is Black—was quickly arrested and now faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon. Due to the racial dynamics at play, the MPD confirmed that it is investigating the attack as an anti-White hate crime.

“The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating this offense as being motivated by hate or bias,” read a statement to the Department’s website. “The designation can be changed at any point as an investigation proceeds and more information is gathered…The Special Liaison Branch is assisting with this investigation.”

Due to local laws, the city of Washington, D.C., does not release mugshots of suspected criminals unless they are wanted or have already been convicted of a crime. While there are few details surrounding the suspect at this time, an independent Justice Report investigation has confirmed that Plinkett is a violent ex-convict who had already been released from prison following an attempted murder conviction in 1997.

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According to court documents, Plinkett was identified as the 35-year-old “leader” of a gang of teenage criminals who violently attacked Donell Hester on June 11th, 1996. The documents state that Plinkett had stabbed Hester—this time at a McDonald’s in Maryland—during a botched robbery attempt. For the crime, Plinkett was ultimately found guilty of numerous charges, which were merged into a single conviction of attempted second-degree murder.

In 1997, Plinkett was sentenced to thirty years in Maryland State Prison, with the first ten years to be served without the possibility of parole. Despite the hefty sentence, court documents convey that Plinkett successfully appealed his conviction, which called into question the witness testimony of his older sister, Wilhelmina Plinkett. A court determined that the evidence may have been tainted, earning Plinkett a new trial despite his horrific crimes.

“Donnell Hester was attacked, in an apparent robbery attempt, by a group of teenagers and an older man, their ‘leader,’ whom Hester identified as appellant, Reginald Pickett,” read the facts of Plinkett’s 1997 conviction. “Hester testified that appellant stabbed him once before Hester managed to flee to a nearby McDonald’s.”

“(Hester) stated that ‘it seemed like I was grabbed from a whole bunch of different sides.’ Hester was then beaten, stabbed repeatedly, and robbed,” it continued.

U.S. President Joe Biden once referred to “White supremacy” as “the most dangerous terrorist threat” to the American homeland. On Tuesday night, a White man believed he was stabbed in the neck for his race in walking distance of the White House. Photo: Al Drago, Reuters.

Years later, Plinkett would once again be implicated in violent crime, this time for the alleged stabbing of a White man for his race at the heart of neoliberal empire. The incident has once again raised questions about the overall effectiveness of the American criminal justice system, and to whose benefit it actually serves.

In Washington, DC, the foul odor of Black crime continues to linger year after bloody year. According to a report by the Washington Post, 2023 proved to be a particularly dark era for the nation’s capitol, as more homicides were recorded than any year since the late 90s. The statistics would rank D.C. as the 5th highest murder-producing city in the nation, whose 274 victims spanned anywhere from newborn babies to the elderly.

In August alone, D.C. grappled with a whopping 33 homicides, with racial demographics hinting at the root cause. According to the 2020 US Census Report, the White population of D.C ranks at only 38% White alone, compared to a growing minority-majority, which includes Blacks (41.4%), Hispanics (11.3%), and Asians (4.8%).

White people have increasingly become the unwitting targets of anti-White hatred, which often manifests in the form of savage, unrelenting Black violence. In April of 2023, two White men were killed execution-style by a Black man in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The perpetrator, 61-year-old Carlton Gilford, was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life imprisonment for what a jury agreed was a racially motivated hate crime against Whites.

In December of that same year, a deranged black man who was well-known to law enforcement was arrested for the brutal stabbing of two White teenage girls visiting New York City. Police believed the suspect, Black 36-year-old Steven Hutcherson, shouted, “I want all the White people dead,” as he attempted to butcher his young targets at a food court in NYC’s iconic Grand Central Station.

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