White Ole’ Miss student kicked from frat after defending Israel on campus

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Oxford, Mississippi – A White “frat bro” who felt compelled to mock and heckle a female Black leftist to preserve Israel’s interests at the University of Mississippi last week has officially been expelled from his fraternity.

The young man—whose identity is being withheld by the Justice Report—now faces doxing, threats of violence, and possible expulsion from the school, even after Conservative influencers promoted his actions as a patriotic gesture in defiance of anti-Zionist rhetoric fomenting on college campuses.

The incident began last week during ongoing pro-Palestine demonstrations at the University of Mississippi, commonly referred to as Ole Miss. Labeled a “frat bro,” a viral video of the student—who can be seen wearing a blue shirt and making “racially-charged” gestures towards a visually obese Black woman—quickly sparked a national debate over campus confrontations.

On Sunday, however, the leadership of the student’s fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, announced in a statement that it had officially cut ties with the student over what it believes to be acts of overt racism.

“The racist actions in the video were those of an individual and are antithetical to the values of Phi Delta Theta and the Mississippi Alpha chapter. The responsible individual was removed from membership on Friday, May 3.”

Additionally, Ole Miss announced that it was launching a probe into the student’s behavior and is investigating at least one. Some say the student will likely be expelled for his reckless display if sufficient evidence is gathered.

Multiple students, including the individual wearing the blue shirt, were then doxed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on Instagram, which showcased photo collages of those believed to have made “racist comments” in the video. The controversial pro-Black organization demanded their expulsion from Ole Miss, threatening that all of the White students believed to be participating in “hateful acts” would be publically identified.

The institutional crack-down on White “Frat bros” confronting pro-Palestine demonstrators came amid a quick and concentrated effort by Republican politicians and social media influencers to lionize them for their ill-advised efforts.

“The ‘protests’ at Ole Miss today…Warms my heart. I love Mississippi!” Said Republican Governor of Mississippi Tate Reeves on X, formerly Twitter. “Ole Miss taking care of business,” added US House Rep Mike Collins (R-GA).

“This video from Ole Miss is beautiful, but guys, please put away the phones,” said Conservative influencer Richard Hanania, also on X/Twitter. “Be in the moment when you’re mocking the Hamas-loving fat girl.”

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“Anti-Israel protestors are having a ROUGH time at OleMiss,” said Conservative pundit Nick Sortor to an audience of 1.5 million views on X/Twitter. “Patriotic students responded by gathering and singing the Star Spangled Banner, I love this country.”

At the height of the short-lived pro-Israel “frat bro” craze, video clips of the incident at Ole Miss and another frat-related act of subservience at the University of North Carolina were featured in a Trump 2024 campaign ad.

The move, however, was dismissed by some as a cheap way to lull conservative fence-sitters into supporting Israel, namely by offering an avenue to rhetorically “own” their liberal counterparts. The reason? To shore up support during an “unprecedented domestic crisis,” for the regime in Tel Aviv.

“These ‘frat boy’ protests are all in the South at Universities that matter significantly less than the northeastern (schools,)” said anti-Zionist activist Mike Peinovich on X/Twitter. “They are spearheaded by Jewish fraternities and TPUSA activists. They’re there to give conservatives a vicarious sense of winning, so they’ll support Israel.”

“The ‘frat boy’ protests were not large; they only happened at a few colleges and were accompanied by a sustained media campaign from Con Inc. The idea that they represent ‘ordinary kids fed up with the left’ is just a lie. This was a media stunt,” he continued in another.

The Conservative push to make heroes out of White-presenting college kids attacking anti-war protestors took another reputational hit, after it was revealed that the fraternity behind a highly-publicized American flag stunt at UNC was actually a front for Jewish Zionism.

The NYU-based Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi), which was credited as having gone out to “defend the American flag,” lists “social awareness and support for Jewish communities and Israel” in its mission statement. Additionally, the exclusively pro-Jewish frat has enshrined policy supporting homosexuals, actively celebrates pride week, and encourages its members to “actively support their gay brothers so they feel included.”

The AEPi website states, “Throughout our history, the fraternity setting has served as a ‘learning laboratory,’ a testing ground for young men who later become leaders in business, education, government, religion, and science.” In an interview with Fox News, one of the AEPi frat students at UNC openly asserted he was there “first & foremost for our country of Israel.”

As Israel’s war on Gaza continues well into 2024, Palestinian casualties—many of them women and children—continue to mount. At the time of press, 34,683 have been killed via US-taxpayer-funded Israeli strikes, with an additional 78,018 wounded since the war began on October 7th.

Since then, public ire surrounding Israel and its abhorrent actions have been stoked internationally, with College campuses serving as the backdrop for the growing political war and its consequences. Those who have spoken out against Israel’s alleged genocide of Gaza largely come from those with leftist backgrounds. At the same time, those who champion the cause of Zionism in America appear to be Conservatives lulled into taking action on behalf of Jews or Jews themselves.

In April, militarized officers with the New York Police Department launched a sweeping raid of two universities long embroiled in pro-Palestine Dissent. Using “siege towers” and armored vehicles, police conducted mass arrests of over 300 peaceful demonstrators merely for critiquing Israel. The raids were said to have been in response to a recent site visit by ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, who demanded the NYPD or National Guard crackdown on anti-Zionist rhetoric across the board.

Similarly, raids by armed police officers—some on horseback—have rounded up and dispersed Israel’s critics at Universities all around the country. Over 2,000 people have been arrested so far, with many AIPAC-funded politicians applauding and encouraging law enforcement to silence so-called “antisemitic, pro-Hamas” mobs by force.

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