Leftist teacher doxed, harassed, and smeared for criticizing Israel

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Seattle, Washington – The First Amendment rights of a left-wing Seattle public school teacher were flagrantly violated after he was placed on administrative leave for taking a principled stance against the ongoing Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

According to reports, the teacher—identified as “radical communist” Ian Golash—was ousted from Chief Stealth International High School after a series of social media posts were unearthed that merely questioned the veracity of Israeli claims of Hamas-led killings of Jewish women on October 7th.

The constitutionally dubious investigation into Golash’s political speech highlights the growing divide between Jews and American leftists as the war in Gaza rages into its 6th month.

A Facebook post by Ian Golash highlights his anti-Zionist beliefs, which rightly calls out scurrilous claims made by Israel during the onset of the October 7th war on Gaza. Photo: Ian Golash Facebook.

On social media accounts owned by Golash, the Ethnic Studies World History teacher questioned the now-debunked “40 beheaded babies” narrative, demanded clear evidence of rapes against Israeli women, and doubted photos purporting to show burnt bodies on October 7th.

“This is what I understand. Correct me if I’m wrong… With evidence, please…On October 7-9…Hamas didn’t behead anyone. Hamas didn’t rape anyone,” Golash said on Facebook.

“The bodies found charred beyond recognition were made that way either by Israeli tanks, missiles or helicopter gunships…,” he said. “Hamas soldiers were not carrying weapons that could do that kind of damage to human bodies.”

Accuracy in Media journalist Adam Guillette confronted Ian Golash over his anti-Israel stance. The Zionist news outlet has since painted Golash as a “rape denier” and “terrorist supporter” for his 1st amendment protected political views. Photo: AIM.

“A body looks very different once it’s been vaporized by a Hellfire missile or an explosive tank round as opposed to being set on fire with, say gasoline, for example,” he continued.

Instead, Golash believes that Israel may have killed its own citizens under the Hannibal Directive, a ghastly Israeli military doctrine that allows for the killing of its own citizens to prevent them from being captured by hostile actors. The outcome is said to be preferable to inconvenient and costly prisoner exchanges, which sometimes favor their enemies.

“Fuck Israel. Free Palestine. Ceasefire now. End the genocide. Imperialism is a death cult,” said Golash on Facebook.

Golash gained renewed notoriety after he was maliciously targeted by the Zionist media outlet Accuracy in Media (AIM). The now-viral interview shows AIM journalist Adam Guillette demanding that Golash clarify his statements. In response, Golash stayed firm.

“Was what happened to Israel on October 7th justified?” Guillette asked. Golash responded, “Yes….resistance against Israel is justified.”

AIM also deployed mobile billboards, aka “doxing vans” around Seattle, which showed Golash’s face and social media posts, and directed viewers to the website iangolash.com where one can contact his employer. On Facebook, however, Golash merely doubled down, evoking the common leftist trope that Israel is merely an “oppressive settler-colonial state” despite evidence that suggests Israel’s desires are purely genocidal in nature, not colonial.

AIM and other institutional conservatives have since painted Golash as a “terrorist supporter” and “rape denier” for his views.

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“Yes, I believe that Palestinians are people who deserve to live free from an oppressive occupation…Israel is currently committing genocide in Gaza,” he said. “Yes, I believe that resistance against colonialism–and yes, I believe Israel is a settler colonial state – and all forms of oppression are justified. People who are being oppressed get to decide what forms of resistance works best for them, not me or anyone else — especially not the oppressors.”

The Seattle Public School system claimed it opened an “immediate, appropriate investigation to determine the facts” behind Golash’s anti-Israeli sentiments. It further stated that the district does not “tolerate antisemitism in our schools or offices.”

Accuracy in Media journalist Adam Guillette confronts students of Ian Golash in Seattle, Washington. He is pictured standing in front of a mobile” doxing van,” which contains Golash’s face and directs people to a website where they can submit complaints to the Seattle Public School System. Photo: Golash Facebook.

As a teacher, Golash has a documented history of injecting anti-White extremism into his lesson plan. Golash is alleged to have once failed a student who said that men couldn’t get pregnant and chastised another for using the word “straight” to refer to heterosexual people. He’s also parroted the term “ACAB,” and signaled support for the dismantling of perceived “systems of power like racism, patriarchy, and capitalism” on social media.

He has also personally attended riots during the 2020 summer of racial reckoning, appearing as a plaintiff in a BLM lawsuit against the city of Seattle. His involvement stems from an incident when one Black racial activist was killed attempting to shut down a highway in protest of police brutality.

“People who are being oppressed get to decide what forms of resistance works best for them, not me or anyone else — especially not the oppressors.”

Ian Golash, Facebook

Despite his anti-fascist and left-wing political views, Golash’s principled stance against the Israeli genocide of Gazans presents a growing problem for Zionists, who are increasingly losing influence with Western liberals. In December, calls for ending or restricting free speech soundly intensified, after Jews felt uncomfortable in the face of a growing storm of so-called “antisemitic” rhetoric now prevalent in American youth and elite liberal colleges.

A few months later, Zionists once again faced issues after a card-carrying anarchist set himself on fire in Washington DC in a symbolic act of protest against the Israeli regime.

Anti-Zionist self-immolator Aaron Bushnell became a pro-Palestine martyr, whose likeness continues to be used by resistance demonstrators around the world. Photo: John Rudoff/Sipa USA, AP Images.

The man, later identified as Aaron Bushnell, introduced himself to a crowd as “an active duty member of the U.S. Air Force” who refused to be complicit in genocide. He then proceeded to shout “Free Palestine” after dousing himself in a combustible liquid and setting himself on fire.

In November, a pair of Zionist-aligned “Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice” violently squared off against pro-Palestine ‘Antifa’ on the streets of Los Angeles, California. The unexpected brawl took place outside of a Holocaust Museum that screened “Bearing Witness,” an Israeli-propaganda film that claims to showcase evidence of so-called “Hamas atrocities” carried out on October 7th.

Despite the “damning evidence” said to be offered by the film, the Israeli government refuses to make the film publically available, sowing further doubts into the regime’s overall victim narrative.

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