Biden issues ‘mass amnesty’ to migrants while cracking down on illegals

Joe Biden at the border during an official site visit. Photo: Andrew Harnik, AP

US President Joe Biden has signed a new executive order to curb illegal border crossings. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has reportedly granted “mass amnesty” to hundreds of thousands of so-called “asylum-seekers” already inside the United States.

  • Since 2022, the federal government has closed more than 350,000 asylum cases filed by migrants deemed “safe” (i.e., without a criminal record).
  • This creates a legal gray area in which migrants are not granted or denied asylum but are removed from the system, and checking in with authorities is no longer mandatory.
  • Migrants whose claims are canceled in this manner are then allowed to indefinitely roam the US as if they were citizens.

The concession: While amnesty has been provided to scores of so-called “legal” migrants, Biden appears to also be “taking action” on illegals.

  • On Tuesday, Biden’s executive order temporarily suspended the processing of most asylum claims for those said to have entered the country “unlawfully.”
  • Under this order, migrants who cross the border illegally would not be eligible for asylum and would be subject to expedited removal.
  • The new rule also mandates that migrants must fear “prosecution or torture” in their native country or country of removal. The restrictions remain in place 14 days after the seven-day average of illegal crossings drops below 1,500., and will go back into effect once the number reaches 2,500.

By the numbers: Since the Biden administration took power in 2021, more than 7 million migrants have entered the United States, bringing with them a slew of violent crimes, a worsening housing crisis, and rapidly shifting racial demographics.

  • In the United States, 33% of all Hispanics and 45% of Hispanic adults are foreign-born and, therefore, already hold or are eligible for citizenship of another country.
  • In the state of Texas, Hispanics and Blacks are responsible for 71.4% of all rapes and 58% of all other sexual violence, 76.5% of all murders, and 72% of all Aggravated Assaults.
  • Simply enforcing immigration law and refusing to renew visas or green cards would see up to 5.2 million people depart Texas and increase the White Texan population from 39.7% to 47% of the state’s overall population—all without stripping a single person of their American citizenship.

In the Headlines: Migrants, illegal immigrants, and other non-White people entering the United States have so far created a laundry list of issues.

  • In August, it was revealed that migrants could qualify for a career in Illinois law enforcement, thanks to laws passed by Jewish Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker.
  • In New York, many long-term hotels moved to quickly evict their long-stay tenants in order to convert their businesses into lucrative migrant housing centers.
  • In May, migrant fears only worsened after the Biden administration unveiled a potential plan to bring about a “permanent safe haven” for thousands of Palestinians displaced during the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza.

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