Exclusive – Identity of leftist extremist arrested for assaulting female Turning Point USA photographer at SUNY Buffalo revealed

Buffalo, New York – A violent, leftist extremist that was arrested and charged for assaulting a female conservative during a Riley Gaines protest at the University of Buffalo last month has been positively identified.

After obtaining official police documents, the Justice Report—alongside research made available by the anti-White hate monitor, The William McKinley Institute (WMKI)—the individual in question was revealed to be a homosexual artist and celebrated high school actress, 22-year-old Katelin G. Capra, of Buffalo, New York.

22-year-old Katelin G. Capra. Photos: The William McKinley Institute.

According to the report, police observed Capra “yelling” and “walking aggressively” up to her target, now identified as Sofie Salmon, a former Campus Coordinator for Turning Point USA in Wisconsin and current Deputy Director of Studios for the Leadership Institute. After approaching Salmon, Police assert that Capra violently swung a protest sign, making contact with Salmon’s bare hands which nearly caused her to drop her camera.

Fearing further physical harm, Salmon then backed away, and Capra fled the scene. The suspect was pursued by University Police and arrested in the parking lot of SUNY Buffalo’s Center for Tomorrow. She was booked and charged with 2nd-degree harassment with physical contact and disorderly conduct for fighting/violent behavior.

While the identity of 22-year-old Katelin G. Capra has not been made public until now, the Justice Report was quickly able to uncover that the violent homosexual activist—currently living in an apartment in Buffalo—actually has deep family ties to the city of Oneonta, roughly four hours away. As it turns out, Katelin is the daughter of Ed Capra, owner and operator of several businesses, including a digital-based services company and Oneonta’s famous Wyckoff’s Florist, the oldest local business in Oneonta that’s still standing in its original location, per the website.

Katelin G. Capra during a rendition of the literary classic Our Town at Oneonta High School. Photo: Allotsego.

Katelin Capra is also a former drama club superstar, having been praised in local papers for appearing in several Oneonta high school plays, including Our Town, the Christmas Carol, and Clue, before graduating in 2019. According to publicly available photos online, Katelin appears to have preferred traditionally male-oriented roles over female ones and once acted out the iconic character Ebenezer Scrooge. During her time at Oneonta High School, Capra would go on to achieve the honor roll.

While Katelin was a talented overachiever in school, at home, the situation took a darker turn. With a history of enrollment to a local evangelical Christian church, the Capra family reached a spiritual boiling point after its matriarch, Shelly Capra-Snider, shepherded her children away from the fold due to feeling “alone in the struggle for equality.”

After High School, the family began attending a more liberal-oriented United Methodist Church, which, according to its website and social media posts, appears to have no issue with flying rainbow-colored LGBTQ flags inside—and outside—its walls. It even allows female pastors to ordain services, a wild divergence from the doctrinally traditional Baptist church the family fled from.

Sofie Salmon, Deputy Director of Studios for the Leadership Institute. Photo: Linkedin.

According to posts made on Facebook, the crisis of faith appears to stem from the budding homosexual identity of Katelin and her siblings. “My daughter Katie actually came with me and sang the songs,” said Shelly Capra Snider—Katelin’s mother—in a Facebook comment dated 2019. “All three of my children no longer attend church. They rightfully cited discrimination. But they are also teens and young adults and have to find their own way to Jesus.”

Now living a secular lifestyle, Katelin Capra began dabbling in art, more specifically, ceramics. According to one Facebook post by downtown Oneonta’s Autumn Café in 2019, Capra studied ceramics for a year before proudly displaying her work at a “pop-up artist event” inside the restaurant. “In the coming fall, Katelin will be attending Purchase College,” continued the post. “…where she hopes to hone her artistic style and explore new aspects of design.”

Facebook posts made by Shelly Capra Snider reveal spiritual and domestic struggles in the household. Photos: Facebook.

While Katelin Capra’s bout with political violence began and—thankfully—ended in the parking lot of SUNY Buffalo without loss of life, her actions tip-toed in the far more sinister footsteps of LGBTQ extremists that came before her. When Audrey Hale, the female-to-male transgender mass shooter, gunned down six innocent people in a Nashville Christian school earlier this year, she did so, leaving behind a political manifesto and a portfolio of artwork slathered in pro-homosexual themes.

Just days later, in faraway Colorado Springs, 19-year-old William “Lilly” Whitworth was arrested and charged with a foiled plot to turn his hometown into a veritable warzone. With a political manifesto of his own, writings by Karl Marx, and multiple churches and middle schools on his checklist, Police alleged that the pro-trans extremist was planning to use firearms and explosive devices to commit a heinous, anti-White massacre on the streets of a 78.8% White city.

While the media has attempted to downplay the obvious truth—that those who embrace transgenderism are far more likely to commit violence than become victims of it—reality continues to inform average working-class people in ways that resonate deeper than anything coming from mainstream reporting. In the case of Audrey Hale, the system actively prevents its own citizens from seeing the truth for themselves.

Anarchist protestors lined the sidewalk outside of a TPUSA / Riley Gaines event held at Buffalo University. Many in attendance were dressed in Black, donned masks, and harassed eventgoers. Photo: The William McKinley Institute.

According to Suny Buffalo’s Vice President for Communications, John Della, Capra had no affiliation with the school and was not enrolled as a student. Capra was released later and scheduled for an appearance at Amhurst Town Court on May 10th. The Justice Report will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Capra’s arrest in April came on the heels of a “Rally for Trans Liberation” protest attended by an alliance of several prominent anti-White extremist groups, including the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), which openly admits to serving as an organizational front for local anarchists, communists, and anti-fascist street thugs. While the number of extremists was reported to be “over 50,” sources on the ground have estimated a more realistic number of approximately 30. While the protest was billed as “peaceful,” some were spotted carrying knives.

Some of the leftist extremists attending the Rally for Trans Liberation” came armed, like this antifascist pictured with a pocket knife. Photo: The William McKinley Institute.

The protest was hastily organized in opposition to an event hosted by SUNY Buffalo’s chapter of TPUSA, which featured a speech by female championship swimmer Riley Gaines. Gaines has made headlines across the United States for her unapologetic views on male-to-female transexual participation in female sports leagues and even became the target of political violence herself during a similar event held at San Francisco University just days prior.

Anarchists, antifascists, and those who openly exude anti-White hate are often caught promoting or engaging in violent activities. In March, dozens of Antifa raided and set fire to the construction site of a police training center in Atlanta, Georgia, dubbed “cop city.” Using pipe bombs, stones, and other makeshift weapons, the “activists” dealt hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage before Police arrested over twenty of them, including a lawyer for the SPLC and the “transgendered daughter” of a millionaire executive.

In April, a Justice Report investigation revealed the identity of GothBotAlice, a prominent Antifa doxer, and columnist for the antifascist gossip blog, It’s Going Down. Under an anonymous pseudonym, GothBotAlice, aka Heidi K. Lightenburger, was identified as the daughter of a wealthy trust fund family who owned properties all over the state of Colorado. Using her platform, she regularly encouraged her readers to engage in “militant antifascism” to shut down the political expression of the White working class.

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