The National Justice Party holds protests to demand justice for doctor killed in anti-White attack in Southern California

Orange County, California – In February and March, pro-White activists and supporters of the National Justice Party held two protests over a White doctor killed in what appears to have been a racially motivated attack. The group, led by Will Iron, demanded justice for Dr. Michael John Mammone, who was struck by a car as he rode his bicycle and was subsequently stabbed to death in Dana Point on the first day of Black History Month.

The protests were conducted on two separate occasions, including a demonstration on February 15th in conjunction with Ryan Sanchez of the Nationalist Network, and another led on March 2nd. According to reports on the ground, over a dozen activists carrying signs, banners, and megaphones participated on both occasions, and were well received by the public, with many expressing interest in learning more about Mammone’s tragic killing.

National Justice Party activists with signs and banners protesting the anti-White murder of Dr. Michael Mammone. Photo: Justice Report.

“At both demonstrations, the atmosphere was receptive and the local response was overwhelmingly positive,” said Iron at the conclusion of the planned events, “At the demonstration on February 15th, we were able to distribute dozens of fliers detailing information on the case that is currently being obfuscated by the local and national media.”

“At the demonstration on March 2nd, I could see dozens of motorists listening intently to our address on the megaphone. Many were nodding along in agreement with us,” he continued. “We even had a member of the local community bravely volunteer to take up a sign and join along with us, which is a first and really heartening to see.”

During his speech, Iron primarily called out District Attorney Todd Spitzer—who is Jewish—and dared him to file hate crime charges against Smith—who is Black. California, which typically trends liberal in its politics across the state, still has leeway when it comes to issuing hate crimes. “In May 2021, Todd Spitzer, the district attorney of this county, created a new hate crime prosecution unit,” Iron pointed out.

Informational flyer distributed by NJP activists in Dana Point.

Iron took aim at several of Spitzer’s pronouncements. On occasion, Spitzer declared, “I have made the prosecution of hate crimes a centerpiece of my administration.” Again, “I will prosecute haters to the fullest extent of the law.”

Iron shot back against the glaring hypocrisy. “Mr. Spitzer,” he said, “we would ask this: where is that bold rhetoric now? Where is the accountability for this hate crime? For the past several years, his office has leaped into action at every report of a hate incident involving a non-White victim. Now that the victim is White, the sheriff’s department and the local media are ignoring the clear racial motive present in this case.”

National Justice Party activists by the roadside in Dana Point. Photo: Justice Report.

Iron continued to explain the justification for activism, stating, “Michael could have just as easily been any of us: one of our fathers, one of our brothers, one of our sons,” in Iron’s view, protestors needed to demand accountability for Orange County government to act. Sarcastically referring to the local GOP as “the party of law and order,” Iron posed a question for the passersby: “Do you feel safe seeing how [Spitzer] has chosen to completely disregard the racially motivated murder of a beloved member of your community? Do you want justice?!”

At his most steadfast, he concluded the speech: “We, the National Justice Party, demand hate crimes charges be applied to [Smith’s] sentence! We demand justice!”

National Justice Party activists performing a banner drop. Photo: Justice Report.

The anti-White murder of Dr. Michael John Mammone has drawn the attention of multiple pro-White activist groups hoping to spread awareness of White racial issues in America. In a separate protest led by the director of the Nationalist Network, Ryan Sanchez, activists marched and spoke by a roadside memorial erected to honor the late doctor.

“Despite claiming to be a Conservative, the lives and safety of his [Spitzer’s] predominately White, Christian, and Republican voter base don’t seem to matter to him,” said Sanchez during a filmed speech. “Yes, Vanroy Smith murdered Dr. Mammone because he was White, but Dr. Mammone’s blood is on more hands than just Vanroy’s. It is also on Todd Spitzer, whose soft stance on leftist terrorism only encourages it.”

The alleged murderer, Vanroy Evan Smith, a man of mixed-race Black Caribbean ancestry, was reported to have shouted anti-White racial epithets at Mammone as he stabbed him in the street. Witnesses heard Smith ranting about “White privilege.” One witness, Sam, who claims he helped restrain Smith, heard him say, “This is just the first. You do it to us, so we do it to you. This will happen again.”

“We, the National Justice Party, demand hate crimes charges be applied to [Smith’s] sentence! We demand justice!”

National Justice Party Activist, Will Iron

According to social media profiles, Smith appears to have an eclectic mix of pro-Black religious views. However, he is an open supporter of the Rastafarian movement, Black Lives Matter, and holds some sympathies with former President Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden. Despite the clear anti-White bile being propagated on his Facebook account, he was never banned and was allowed to maintain a platform for his hate.

The National Justice Party has upped its street activism in recent weeks. In January, NJP activists protested an all-ages drag performance in Cookeville, Tennessee. The political pressure generated by street activists forced the venue, Hix Farm Brewery, to change its event to an adults-only activity, but local police were also motivated to cite the bar for serving alcohol to a minor. Subsequently, Hix Farm was evicted by its landlord and is set to close.

Dr. Mammone, in Pink, with his wife, Julie. PHOTO: Facebook

In February, National Justice Party Central Committee members Joseph Jordan and Michael McKevitt, along with other pro-White activists, attended a local town hall and donated supplies for those affected by the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment. Ohio Congressman, Bill Johnson, did a political about-face when confronted by the NJP, demanding FEMA aid for the beleaguered East Palestinians the following day. The NJP also protested outside Gov. DeWine’s mansions in Colombus, as well as outside Norfolk Southern Railway’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

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